Oh Monday.. Lackluster..

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So I woke up this morning at 6:30, got dressed, made breakfast and left for work.  I’m slightly sore, but okay.  I’ve been given a clean bill of health on my hip, knee, foot, from the ortho, and I had no cavities at my dentist visit.  Everything is coming up Bethany apparently! Now I feel a bit in a lull. What’s next? I want to do the Virginia Beach Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in September.  That’s what’s next. It’s $85.00 for entering the race.  Then you also have to get there.  Decisions.  Decisions.  I look at it as a beach weekend.  I’m sure Jason will just think I am insane.  So because I am sure it will be harder to convince him of letting me travel to VA beach then say other races near by, I should come up with a better race plan for the remainder of the year…

Just some ideas.  Some hopes.  We’ll see.

Before you ask, yes, I have my medal with me.


This, here post, is my 1000 post.


One Thousand? Really? Do I really have that much to say? Have I really said that much? Has it been enjoyable? Meaningful? Worth it? Have I made you smile, even just once? Have I made you see things through my crazy goggles? Have you seen things from a different perspective?

I know I have.

I’ve learned so much from writing things out here, and living the advice I’ve been given. I’m thankful for those of you who still read this random collection of my craziness, and still haven’t banded together to have my committed, just yet. May be in the next 1000.

I have learned a few things… Interesting things:

  1. I am my own worst enemy. I used to think mentally punishing myself would help me, but I’ve realized (Albeit, recently) that this is not the case. Good and bad days happen.
  2. I spend entirely too much time “Window Shopping” online
  3. I will never get published if I don’t continue to put myself out there
  4. Some of the best friends I will ever have, I have not met in person yet
  5. I can run races. As long as I finish I’m winning.
  6. Top 10 lists are annoying when that’s all you post
  7. “Starting over” posts lose their impact when you do this once a week
  8. My Husband is without a doubt, my biggest fan. The next two are my dogs.
  9. I can’t take a self portrait picture that looks good to save my life
  10. Instagram has taken me over.
  11. iPhone Photos sometimes really suck.
  12. Social Networks + Family =/= Awesometimes (all the time)
  13. I have a love/hate relationship with running
  14. I’m a food addict
  16. I secretly love my job and the fake power I’ve derived from it.
  17. People who I don’t know who comment on my site fill me with such joy
  18. Seeing my blog pulled up on a Macbook Air in Tyson’s Corner Mall Apple Store was the third best moment of my life
  19. Realizing the story I’ve been trying to right has been, here, in this blog, all along – Second best moment of my life
  20. Being able to use my voice, freely, in this forum as well as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, 20 Something Bloggers, StumbleIt, Tumblr, Posterous, and all of the other mediums, without the persecution from higher authorities is, and will continue to be the best moment, never ceasing, of my life. God Bless Uh-Merica.

thank you for giving me stuff to say

Jason*Blarney*Moody, Mom, Dad, Meag-Sister, Cece-Sister, Brian, Shortski, Turtle, The herd at McCracken’s pub, Jason’s family for sometimes providing interesting scenarios that end up being content on here, and the book (ha ha), Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, DC, The US Navy, People at work, Night shift, Honda, Weight Watchers, LTE/STE, Tawnya (I swear I’m moving), RAINN, Apple Products, the guy in security who still chuckles at the tampons in my purse, The cashier at Whole Foods who always comments on how much salad I am buying, My office mate for being an jerk in one breath and a saint in the next, The Cast of Grey’s Anatomy, Courtney from the Bachelor, Hyperbole and a Half, The Blogess and all you stand for.

There are more.. Vastly more. But I am only thanking you for being hilarious, evil or frankly topic worthy for the past 1000 posts. When I get published, I plan on including a section of the book completely dedicated to Thank You’s. By name. In varying fonts.

(Publisher Willing)

#WEverb11 – Prompt 31 – Foresee – @WEverb11

#31: Foresee

Where do you hope to be on Jan 1, 2013?

I honestly am not exactly sure.  I know I hope to be healthy, employed, still running, and happy.

Things I want:

  • To be celebrating some length of time (Even if it’s just a day) at Goal Weight
  • To be training for another Half Marathon in some capacity – or possibly a full marathon
  • To be able to make fudge and have it be the right consistency (Kate I must have effed up something in the recipe you sent me, or it wasn’t BeBe Proof)
  • To have finished writing/editing/finalizing a book and have it sent off for consideration to someone.  ANYONE.
  • To be able to do the downward Dog position with my feet FLAT on the ground.
  • Make Pizza From Scratch – and not have it explode.
  • Get up early on the weekends, not out of obligation, but to not lose hours in the day.

Stupid, or insignificant they may seem, but these things would make me so incredibly satisfied.


Happy New Year Loves.  I hope you have a safe, fun, and rewarding end to 2011, and a great start and hope for 2012.  It’s been an awesome year with you all, and I’ve learned a lot about myself because of it.

Keep the lessons/comments coming.

#WEverb11 – Prompt 30 – Meditate – @WEverb11

#30: Meditate

Were you happy with who you were in 2011? Who do you want to be in 2012 and beyond?

2011 me became stronger at times, but showed weakness at others. I understand this is part of the game, but I could have been more mature about things.

I want 2012 to be the year that I not only accomplish my goals of health, but also my goals in my career. I want to be not only a better person, but an example as well.

#WEverb11 – Prompt 29 – Gush – @WEverb11

#29: Gush

Begin to create a plan for “My friends day out 2012″ – tell us what you envision.

Meet for coffee mid morning. Chat about whatever in a very casual low key fashion. Let silent moments wrap us, as they can’t be awkward. Not with us.

Move on to touristy actions in D.C. – monuments, museums, lunch at a Bistro in Dupont. All the things that describe swanky.

We’d finish out the day with dinner and drinks with possibly dancing, all the while creating a memory that will last a lifetime.

Cliche? I’m sure.

#WEverb11- Prompt 28 – Pay It Forward – @WEverb11

#28: Pay It Forward

Describe a random act of kindness that you benefited from in 2011. How will you pay it forward in 2012?

There are really a lot to count, but one that happened recently was that on my running route I pass a house that a woman leaves water out for me.

This came to pass when on a long run one Sunday, my water bottles leaked and failed me leaving me without water, 3 miles into my 7 mile course. It was oddly warm ( around 60 ) and with running it felt more like 80. I could already tell I was dehydrating myself – poor planning on my part, I never drink before a run. I saw a man doing yard work and he had a hose in the yard.

I meekly walked up to his yard and pulled my earbuds out.
“excuse me? Can I borrow your hose?”
(that’s what she said)
“sure,” he replied before getting a closer look at me, which made him concerned. “are you alright?”. At this point his wife had come outside. I guess I looked worse then usual.

She ran back in and got me ice water and orange slices (so soccer momish) and they let me sit for a while in their yard.

It was like the nicest thing ever.

The following weekend I ran past their house and saw a pitcher of water and red solo cups. It made me tear up a little, but what makes me even more emotional is that she puts fresh water out, every. Single. Week.

I am not sure how I will pay it forward in 2012. I know that I will though.

#WEverb11 – Prompt 27 – Spend – @WEverb11

Prompt #27 – Spend

Where did your money go this year? Where do you want it to go in 2012?

This year we spent our money on a bunch of things.  Other than normal bills, we took a weekend getaway in November to Williamsburg, VA.  We donated money to various charities.  We had some improvements done to the house (Hello Fixed Chimney).

In 2012 I think we’ll be spending a good amount of money on our 5 year anniversary vacation to England and Paris.  We’ll be donating a good amount of money as well to the SPCA where we adopted Blarney from.  We’ll also, I’m sure be doing something to the house… May be a bathroom?  May be a kitchen?

We’ll see.