Vacation Recap – ROME Day 1/2 and 1

So I decided that I should do some recaps, because i like talking about myself and the things I do.

We got to Rome, Italy Friday (May 16) at around 10 pm.  We got to our hotel (The Hearth Hotel in Rome… Can’t Recommend This Place Enough!) and after dropping off our bags we walked to the closest open restaurant.

Francisco I. (sadly I can’t find the website).

So good.  Especially after being delayed forever and then not eating on the plane and being exhausted.  It was good to put food in our bellies, and it didn’t hurt that it was by far the best pizza I’ve ever had.

We went to sleep rather quickly and woke to find the Vatican bustling.

Yes, that is the Vatican, right outside our window.  YES THAT IS THE LINE TO GET IN.

Because Jason is uber smart, he booked a skip the line tour of the Vatican and it’s grounds so we didn’t have to wait!

This is behind glass because some psycho tried to throw a hammer at it.

Our Awesome Tour Guide Valentina!

I would have taken pictures inside the Sistine Chapel, but because it is a holy sacred place, no photographs are allowed.  A Japanese company came recently to restore the ceiling by meticulously cleaning and repainting portions to bring it back to it’s original (or as much as it can be) state.

Here is a picture that doesn’t do it justice at all:

The Vatican only took like half the day, so we set out to see other things…

The Pantheon

A Pretend Roman Guard

Something Important? Jason? What was this?

We then decided to walk around a bit, find food, and go about our day.  We met this guy…

He was kind of broken up that we wouldn’t stay and chat…

We were then swindled.  This always freaking happens.  We were walking through a court yard, this guy gave me roses, and then told Jason to give him money.  I tried to give them back and it didn’t work.  Then another guy came up did the same thing, and then took more money.  We spent 30 Euros on crappy roses.

After this lesson, anyone who approached me got a “NO.  GO AWAY.”  Jason would laugh because I went from nice American to “YOU’RE NOT TAKING MORE MONEY FROM ME.”

This lasted the rest of the trip…

We had an amazing dinner from the Restaurant down the street (Crap… what was the name… I suck at this).

Gnocchi and Clams for Jason

Gnocchi and Ricotta with Black Truffle for Me

Braised Veal Cheek for Jason (Apparently the best cut of meat he has ever had)

The Best Meatballs I have Ever Had

Wine soaked sweet cake with whipped cream and custard

Of Course Coffee

Two very happy diners…

We went back to the hotel, tucked ourselves in and went to sleep happily.

Tomorrow we go to the Colosseum!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside



So everyone here in the DC area was braced for this Polar Vortex crap that was coming today.  Last night the weather was getting colder, the wind picked up, and we knew as we pulled on our extremely large, fluffy, warm comforter (reserved for such occasions) that we were in for the cold the next morning.  When we woke up this morning the temperature was 4 degrees.  FOUR.

I decided last night to not shower this morning and simply blow dry my hair from its frizzy state this morning.  It worked well, which is nice, but now I feel groggy and weird because I didn’t have my wake up as I usually do.  The minute I left the house, my car, much like myself, was not ready for the commute in.  Since all of the schools were closed, I hit no traffic, but I still felt like my car was shaking a bit more than usual, and refusing to heat up.  I got to work about 20 minutes later (SHORTEST COMMUTE EVER) or 16 miles, and it still had not heated up.


I ran last night, or afternoon rather, and it was a good 3.1 miles.  I am getting used to running faster, or at least I keep telling myself that, and putting the treadmill at a consistent speed so that I can’t really waiver or slow down due to exhaustion is helping.  This doesn’t mean I don’t jump off at times and curse at the machine, but I figure that as long as I keep doing this my endurance with surely gain strength and I will be able to push through my time at the race in February (Where I currently hold my official PR.).

Today is:

3.1 Miles + Weight training


I was given this site’s information after a lengthy discussion with the founder of Eat More to Weigh Less.  I commented on a pinterest post stating that I felt their program was only geared toward lifting and that I also felt at times that they “condemned” runners and cardio lovers a like.  She explained that this is not true and then gave me some information on where to find good workouts.  I am bored with NROLFW and kind of gave up on Drop 2 Sizes because I am dumb.  I plan on picking up D2S after my half marathon and 10 miler races this spring.  But I feel, also, that adding strength training whilst running is still a beneficial idea.  So I am planning the following schedule of workouts that I will aspire to:

  • Monday: Strength Training @ Lunch / Running in the afternoon
  • Tuesday: Running
  • Wednesday: Strength Training @ Lunch
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Strength Training @ Lunch / Running in the afternoon
  • Saturday: Active Rest
  • Sunday: Longer Run

This way I get three days of strength training and 4 days of running.  I like the two a day approach because at lunch at work I have a hard time running because I get drenched in sweat and then showering takes too long and bam I have to stay a lot later than I want to.  This way I still get a sweat session but it’s not horrible and I won’t feel bad simply using body wipes to clean up.  I can pull my hair into a pony tail for the rest of the day and add some nice smelling body spray and I’m good (or so I hope, I don’t care if I smell really bad frankly.).

Next week will be kind of an abbreviated schedule as Wednesday I have an all day meeting, and it can possibly roll into Thursday.  I plan on simply playing it by ear and hoping to at least get a strength session in at home one of those days.

With regards to eating:  I am trying to focus more on getting protein and veggies in over anything else.  I am gearing all dinners to protein and veggies with only a little starch.  I am thinking that my incessant hunger is attributed to the constant reliance on carbs that then turn into drops in sugar.  Frankly I only want to binge on carbs before and during a race.  That is the only time I really NEED them.

I am doing well so far with the Shakeology, the upping of my activity, and drinking water like I’ve just come from the desert.

This will be my year.

MCM Race Review – I’m Back! – Monday

MCM 10k Recap

Yesterday I laced up my running shoes at 4:00 am and headed down to the DC National Mall for the Marine Corps Marathon 10k!

It’s a great course, mostly flat, and it’s filled with marines – very attractive marines – ALL CHEERING FOR YOU.  I don’t trust my balance with my camera phone whilst running so I didn’t bother trying to take it out and snap any pictures.  May be next year…



Here is the course map.  It starts on the National Mall and then weaves through DC to the Memorial Bridge.  You “BEAT THE BRIDGE” and then wind into Crystal City.  I didn’t think the Bridge was a big deal, gradual incline and then decline, but then I realized that the bridge was the middle of mile 20 and the beginning of mile 21 for the marathon… so for them, those runners it was beating the bridge.  For us, 10Ker’s it was mile 2… no biggie.  Once in Crystal city we wove around the “downtown” area of it and then under an over pass and then over the same over pass we just went under – if that makes sense.  Then we hit Washington Blvd.  MY FAVORITE part of the race because you pass 3 sides of the Pentagon.  It’s beautiful, and the sun was right behind it so it almost glowed.  This is also where the concentration of Marines were Screaming for us.  I had a group of marines see what my shirt said, and they broke through the crowd to run with me for a few minutes -Scaring me that I was about to get tackled for some reason – but really they just wanted to pat me on the back and say that Jesus was pushing me, and that he would get me through to the end.  This was around mile 5, and my lack of running over the past few weeks was eating at my hamstrings, so I needed that.  Once they were done ‘lifting me up’ symbolically, they jumped off the course and continued to scream for me until their screams melding in with everyone else.  For those of you who couldn’t read my shirt in the above photo – I found these images online to show you what it says.

This is the front


This is the back

I knew what was coming as I saw the mile 6 poster.  I knew that this god forsaken hill would be there in just mere moments.  What I didn’t remember from the previous year, was how long it was.  I remember it being steep, but not long.  I was gunning it but everyone else was slowing down which made for me sprinting to the finish impossible.  Oh well.

After crossing the finish line another woman came up to me and said that my shirt got her through the last mile.  This happens at every race I wear it to – which means I will wear it at every race now.

We muddled through the finish area, where really all I wanted was my medal and my new cold water that they had – I’ve gotten over the whole finish line picture thing – and then I wanted to find Jason.

Jason is amazing. He got up at 4:00 am with me, drove me to the metro, went with me to the race to stand in the freezing cold for like 2 hours and then hung around until my slow butt got across the finish line.

Never complained once.

We left and then once we got home I showered, we got Jimmy Johns for lunch, and then went grocery shopping for the week.  We dropped everything at home and then headed to Barrel Oak Winery for a few hours with my parents for a Belated Celebration of Jason’s Birthday.  Tipsy off wine and the high of racing, we headed home where we didn’t eat dinner, and just had a beer before heading to bed at 9:15 pm.

All in all it was a great day.  Getting up at 4:00 am seems like nothing in comparison to what those Marines go through.  Running 6.2 miles was a trip in the park – almost literally – compared to what they have to endure.  All the men and women who serve our country on a daily basis and put their lives on the line so that I can run free in these races should be held on a higher stage than any of us civilians.  The soldiers I saw throughout the race, running with prosthetic limbs and battle scars were so incredibly heartbreaking and inspirational.

MCM 10K 2013 – 1:07:46 (PR of 9 seconds from last year, but not my fastest 10k time ever)

I’m Back!!

After much discussion, thought, and failures, I’ve rejoined Weight Watchers as of this morning.  The number on the scale is terrifying and I am done playing games.  I’ve pre-tracked today and tomorrow, giving me an advantage to simply look at what I have planned and go from there.  I’m incorporating the Drop 2 Sizes Workouts and my running with this, and I think – I KNOW – this time I will be successful.

I’m looking forward to seeing the changes and feeling the effects of taking care of myself.  I dropped my old username and started new.  I don’t think I’ll jump back on the message boards, because they don’t serve a purpose to me anymore, but I have my group of ladies who keep me supported and inspired.


It’s Monday.  What more needs to be said?  I’m working then heading home to work out and then heading to Ikea.  Fun times.

Give It To Me:

1.) Did you Race this Weekend?

2.) Do you have inspirational shirts you wear to race in?

3.) Ikea?

Friday Things – Giveaway Winner Announced!

  • Wow I am tired this morning.  That’s what not falling asleep till way after midnight will do to you.  Luckily it is Friday!  I’m running – or going to attempt to run – 12 miles this afternoon.  It’s my last viciously long run before my next race – The Perfect 10 Miler by Potomac River Running.  I’ve run that course before, earlier this year in fact for the Reston 10 Miler, and it’s a great, not really crazy hilly course.  I was running with a friend last time, which made it amazing, but this time I am solo, with my music, and my thoughts.  Scary Eh?  I feel bad for Jason as he will just be hanging out at the finish line for like almost 2 hours waiting for me, but he doesn’t seem to mind that.  I also feel bad for anyone who has to see me that day, because I am sure to be hunched over and crying in pain.  Oh yeah.  I’ll be covered in Compression Clothing and sucking down water I’m sure. 
  • I’m thinking I’m going to start Paleo again on Monday for 30 days.  I think I need a reset.  My energy level has plummeted, my body is reacting in weird ways, and I just want a reset.  I also want to get rid of all the yuckiness I am sure that is in my body at this point.  So I’m figuring Meat and Veggies will be an awesome venture for the next few weeks.  We’ll see if I stick to it. 

photo (9)


  • There are some big meetings coming up at work that I am in the midst of prepping for.  While I am super excited to once again prove my amazing abilities with meeting logistics and development, the fact that they are back to back is annoying.  I am tired and don’t really want to spend two days in a conference room. 
  • Like I said before – today is my 12 miler.  I am super nervous about it, because of a various amount of reasons.  I am just always anxious about everything with it.  I am promising myself that I will stretch for 10 minutes afterward and then shower and then Ice everything to make sure I’m good to go.  I’m just being dumb, I realize.  I did 11 last week, I can add one more to that.  I just now wish I had decided to go for one more mile last week, instead of this week.  Stupid hindsight. 

Give It To Me:

  • What are you doing this weekend?
  • Are you running any races anytime soon?
  • What are your feelings on Meat?

News Worthy:


Amanda Bowen @MiLadyBowen 

Amanda, please email me at with your address and any flavors of LaraBar you DON’T want. Thanks love!  

Thank you to all who entered!  I’ll have another tasty giveaway in October!

Recipe Review: Skinny Fish and Chips

As seen on The Londoner – I was dying to try this recipe, because when we were in London I pretty much gorged myself on Fish and Chips (The best place that I had on holiday was at The Swan in Paddington – I am sure there are ‘better’ versions, but that one stuck out to me for some reason).

Well if you look at the nutritional information for Fish and Chips anywhere, it will make you cry.  I think the lowest I found – just for the fish, no chips allowed – was 700 calories.  HOW CAN THEY MAKE FISH SO BAD FOR YOU?

Oh… right.

So when I was browsing through the recipe section of my favorite London Blogger and saw that she had a LIGHT version… I about cried.  Then I added it to my menu for this week.

Original Recipe

There might be a difference in my recipe with hers.  She’s in London and I am in the States, so there is bound to be a conversion factor :-)

Ingredients (for two people – or one really hungry runner):

  • 2 Fillets of Halibut or any white fish (I used halibut) – I also bought this fresh – but you can buy flash frozen fish.  Fresh fish is expensive yo’ – especially for my Midwest readers.. buy what you can… I suspect Frozen would work just as well.
  • 2 Cups of Breadcrumbs
  • 1 Tbsp Dried Chili Flakes
  • 1 large Egg
  • Oil

For the “Fries”

  • 2 Sweet Potatoes (She calls for 5, but I’m on a diet, and I could eat 5 pounds if I tried)
  • 2 Tbsp of Chili Flakes
  • Rock Salt
  • Oil

She makes her own Tartar sauce – because she’s perfect.  I, however, am  not.  So i bought mine from a store… but for those who are talented and patient enough:

For the sauce:
(The sauce makes enough for about 4-6 people, so just pop the extra in the fridge)
3tbsp skinny mayonaise
1/2 cup Crème fraiche
3 sprigs of fresh dill
2tbsp capers
1/2 a fist full of fresh chives
3 or 4 cornichons (little gerkhins) & a tbsp of the juice from the jar
Juice of half a lemon
IMG_3106 IMG_3109
Preheat your oven to 350 Degrees F (180 degrees C – What??? Turns out I have readers in Europe!)
Line a cookie sheet with foil.  Throw your peeled and chopped potatoes in to the pan and drizzle with about 3 TBSP of oil, top with the chili flakes and salt to taste.
Use your hands to spread the oil and toppings over all of the potatoes – realllllllllly cover those babies.
These will need to cook for at least 25 – 30 minutes (longer if you like them burned like me)
While you are waiting you can make the sauce…
Or stare at the Tartar sauce you bought at the store?
This is a mighty fine bottle of Tartar Sauce.

This is a mighty fine bottle of Tartar Sauce.

Now for the Fish!
Mix the breadcrumbs and chili flakes together in a bowl.  Crack your egg and whisk it into another bowl.  Cut the fish into strips, if you haven’t done so already, and then submerge each strip into the egg.  Then, roll the egg fish in the breadcrumbs.  Lay to rest on a clean plate at the end of your assembly line.
IMG_3111 IMG_3113 IMG_3114
Soon you will have the beginnings of a fish mountain.  Bask in its glory.
Check your fries.  If they look done, remove from oven, turn oven off, and add them to a bowl.  Put the bowl back into the oven that is off and cooling down to keep the fries warm.
Put a frying pan on the stove and heat it up.  When it’s just about to smoke, add enough Olive Oil to coat the bottom of the pan, and swirl it around.
Turn the heat down to medium, and add the fish strips.
When you see the fish turn white and the crumbs start to brown, flip them.  When the fish are done they should be white all the way through, no pink or translucent fish here.
I like mine kind of burnt... yeah, that's it.

I like mine kind of burnt… yeah, that’s it.

Add them to a clean plate and scrape the excess breadcrumbs from the pan on to the fish.  Get allllllllll the crunchies you can.
Plate this amazing dinner and enjoy!
Man Approved!

Man Approved!

I suggest drinking a beer with this while watching Broadchurch or Law and Order UK to get the full effect.
(Which is exactly what we did.)
Nutrition Info – Recipe Builder in MyFitnessPal (not including tartar sauce, and I used 2 TBSP of Canola oil, and 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs total – I measured what was left over after breading the fish… so I guess… just use less the begin with… as to not waste)
  • Calories – 570
  • Carbs – 46 g
  • Fat – 22 g
  • Protein – 44 g
  • Fiber 5 g

Not the most healthy meal, but a darn good substitute when you are craving the bad stuff!

Recipe Review : Guilt Free Egg Fried Rice

I must seem like an obsessive fan, but here is another recipe from The Londoner.  She’s most likely black listed my name from most London Venues so there is no chance we’ll ever bump into each other (OH MY GOD I WOULD JUST DIE).  I kid I kid.  She doesn’t know I exist, and that’s cool too.  JUST KEEP POSTING RECIPES.


So here is my recipe review on her Guilt Free Egg Fried Rice.

In her recipe she added Prawns, which would be fine, but I wanted to use the chicken I bought, so this is Chicken Fried Rice :-)

(It is not necessary to call and gloat to your local Chinese takeout place that you don’t need them anymore.. because frankly, You can’t quit them.  Not even with this recipe.  Don’t burn bridges.)

Original Recipe

To Feed 3 or 4 people (OR LUNCHES FOR THE WEEK!)  (Or if you are having one of those days… 2 people):


  • 2 TBSP Coconut oil
  • 2 TBSP sesame oil
  • 2 Cloves of garlic, crushed
  • 2 or 3 chilies, chopped
  • 1 head of cauliflower
  • 2 Chicken Breasts, skinless boneless, cooked and cut into strips
  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 Spring Onions, chopped
  • 1 handful of fresh coriander (cilantro), chopped
  • 1/4 cup of peanuts, chopped
  • soy sauce
  • Sweet Chili sauce for serving (optional)


Grab the cauliflower and tear off the leaves.  Chop the head into smaller sections.  You’ll want to grate these pretty finely.  I used my food processor.

photo (12) photo (13)

If your pile of ‘rice’ is damp wring it out in a tea towel and let it sit out to dry out a bit.

photo (11)

Get a wok nice and hot and add your oils.  Crush the garlic and fry it up until it’s a golden brown.

Next add your chilies.

Followed by your ‘rice’ which you will need to stir thoroughly to get all the flavors mixed in evenly.  After about  a minute, add your spring onions and then 2 TBSP of soy sauce.  Stir well.  Once the rice starts to look golden, you know you’re on the right path.

photo (14) photo (15)

Throw your chicken (or protein of choice) in.  Stir for about another minute or so.  Then make a well in the middle of your rice.

Crack your egg into it.

photo (16)

Let it fry a little.

Then break it up with you spatula and just as it’s starting to look cooked, stir it through the ‘rice’.

Repeat that process with the second egg, and you are done.

photo (17) photo (18)

Sprinkle your chopped peanuts on top, and enjoy.

Or eat it out of the wok.  That works too.

photo (10)

Nutritional Information – From My Fitness Pal Website (Nutrition based on a two serving recipe)

  • Calories – 535
  • Carbs – 26 g
  • Fat – 31 g (but they are all GOOD fats)
  • Protein – 43 g
  • Fiber – 12 g

Recipe Tuesday – Mexican Stuffed Zucchini

So I found this recipe on Skinny Taste and I tweaked it a bit, mainly because I didn’t have all the ingredients and I threw out some of the stuff while cooking, so, I had to make it ‘my own’ because I never know how to read ahead in instructions.

So here we go!

Serves 2 People


  • 2 Medium Zucchinis – cut in half
  • 1/2 pound of 99% fat free ground turkey
  • taco seasoning
  • 1/2 an onion
  • salsa
  • sour cream
  • cheese – coarse grating
  • 1 tbsp of canola oil



  1. Bring a large pot of salted water to boil.  Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Cut the zucchinis in half and using a small spoon scoop out the inside seedy area.


  1. Once the water is boiling, boil the zucchini’s for about a minute.
  2. Place the zucchini halves in a cooking dish inside facing up
  3. Brown the turkey meat in a skillet with 1 tbsp of oil (I used canola, but feel free to use your oil of choice).


  1. Chop the half of an onion and add to skillet with turkey.
  2. Once the turkey is cooked through, add the taco seasoning to 1/2 a cup of water and then to the skillet.   Simmer until the liquid cooks off.
  3. Spoon the turkey mixture into the halves of the zucchini and top with the coarse grated cheese.  Cover in foil and cook in the oven for about 30 minutes – until cheese is melty and the zucchini is cooked through.


  1. After it’s done cooking add salsa, sour cream, etc toppings you desire!


Transformation Tuesday! {Bachelorette Finale}

June 23 2007

June 23 2007

That was me more than 6 years ago.  I think the only time I ran before this point was from the cops! (Haha… er..ah.)

I was squeezed into that dress, and felt like I was a stuffed sausage.  I was uncomfortable.  I was in pain (There are bones in the bodice of the dress that were pinching me to no end.)

I know the point of the wedding night is to get out of your wedding dress as fast as possible, but I think the Husband was a little shocked at how fast I ripped that thing off when I got to the apartment.

and “OH YES” came out of my mouth the minute that zipper went down and I could put my jeans and tank top on.  Fat needs room y’all.  That dress didn’t provide room.

It provided room when I bought it, of course.  It was the 18 months between the time I bought it to the time I had to wear it that I decided to gain 15 pounds.

July 5, 2013

July 5, 2013

Obviously not the same dress – BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE WEIRD! – But I think it’s obvious the changes that have occurred (or we can say it – the 40ish pounds that are no longer on my body).  I’ve got a little be longer to go, but I am happy at this point when I think about how now that dress doesn’t even stay up.  It literally falls down when I try it on.

Now on to more important news…

Who watched The Bachelorette Finale?

I KNOW.  What the crap.

Okay so we start off from last week, where Des is still crying and wondering what she is going to do.  She talks to Chris Harrison and he’s like “Well what do you want to do?” and she is all like “I just want to go home.”  Then like 5 seconds later she is like “I want to continue on.”

So she has her little “It doesn’t matter” Rose Ceremony where she has two roses and two guys left.  Both Drew and Chris are like “OMG IS SHE GOING TO PICK ME?” and I’m like “This is math I can do, you’re both safe.”

She then decides that before she lets the guys meet her family she wants one more date with them.  Pretty much from the point her and Drew are on screen together, she’s like “Yeah no.”

She takes him to the beach via horseback – which frankly no one seems to be enjoying, including the horses – and then they sit down on the beach and she’s like “I can’t.” and then apologizes, and Drew is all sad and walks away along the surf to the limo waiting to take him away from Rejection Island.

The next date with Chris seems to go a bit better, as there is no poetry throughout the entire date – which we are all THANKFUL FOR.  They take a boat ride around the water and the island and she feels comfortable with him.  Okay, well that’s not love.

They then have dinner, where Chris gives her a journal for her to write in, and in the back of the journal are all of the ‘poems’ he ever wrote her.  GAG.

She then decides he can meet her family.  So they do, and her father and him talk and a blessing is given for him to propose to Des.  YAY.

Des and her brother sit down – I swear this is the only voice of reason in the entire show – and he’s like “Well like a week ago you were so upset about Brooks leaving, and blah blah blah… Rushing into this? blah blah blah.  I have lots of tattoos…. blah blah blah… Are you sure?”

And Des is all like “YES I AM.”  In a tone that screams that she is trying to convince herself.

Well…. Scan to the last rose ceremony.

Oh yeah and Chris has NO IDEA Drew has been sent home.

Chris goes into this whole lecture about how he loves her, and poetry is great, and then just as he is about to drop to one knee, Des says “No, wait.” and that she has some things to say.

She explains that Drew was sent home, and that she had really strong feelings for Brooks, and that because of those feelings she wasn’t able to see what was in front of her this whole time (I’m guessing she means Chris?) and that she loves him.


and then he drops to one knee, proposes with the most beautiful ring that someone would chop off her hand for (My husband’s words) and she says yes.


I am literally on the edge of the couch screaming “WHERE IS BROOKS?”

Fly to the After The Rose ceremony…

Brooks comes out, nothing has changed, he still doesn’t love her, and she is all like “Well I’m engaged.”

This is where I decided to go to bed.  I have also decided to never read spoilers again, because I was always Team Brooks.  I was sure that he would have gone back to his villa, added more gel to his hair and realized that Des and him should be together, and then run up during Chris’ proposal and be like


But that didn’t happen.  Reality Steve was all like “WHOOOPS” on twitter (I got my info from him originally) and I’m like “THAT’S ALL YOU GOT?  WHOOPS?”

Here are my problems with this:

  • She obviously settled.  I mean you don’t go from being gung ho about some guy to being in love with someone else that quick.  I think she likes Chris, may be even cares about him a lot, but to go from all sobbing over Brooks to being engaged to Chris, is kind of bullcrap.
  • It looked more manufactured by the franchise than ever before.  With all the other seasons there was always a front runner, we always kind of knew.  This time it was the lesser of two evils that she chose.
  • She seemed vastly uncomfortable the entire time Chris was next to her at the After the Rose ceremony (I watched it this morning).  She didn’t seem in love, where Sean and Catherine were all like cute and stuff, it seemed forced with her.
  • I give it three months.

The best thing to come out of last night?

JUAN PABLO IS THE NEXT BACHELOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If I wasn’t married… I would TOTALLY BE APPLYING.


Today’s Plan:

Meals – Pretty much same as yesterday – Check out my Recipe Review from last night’s dinner – Beef and Broccoli over Brown Rice – except dinner tonight is Zucchini Taco Boats (Recipe on the blog tomorrow!)

My run yesterday was an awesome 4 miles – so I am repeating it today!

Holy Weekend of Success

I have had a great 3 days.  Not just on plan, but pretty much perfect.


After feeling a bit vulnerable from my completely honest and scary post on Friday (which I’ve since hidden, because I’m still reeling from some responses I got.) I came home from work and got my Jillian Michaels on.  I decided to do her “Extreme Shed & Shred level 2″ workout, because I had done level 1 before, but never tried level 2.

Holy Ouch.

471 Calories later…

Somehow I am still smiling

Somehow I am still smiling

I then showered and got ready for my Friday night of going out with the Husband and pretty much just hanging out.

This led us to Jackson’s Might Fine Food in Reston Town Center – The service which is usually amazing, was HORRIBLE.  They kept clearing our plates before we were done.  I’m like uh.. there goes your tip.

Still smiling... must be the beer.

Still smiling… must be the beer.

We then came home and watched some TV before bed.


I awoke at around 8 am knowing I had to run 6 miles that day.  It was the last thing I wanted to do, so instead I threw on my running shoes and clothes and jumped on the treadmill before I could think anymore about it.  It was a hard run – not just because it was on the treadmill – but because my shoulder and neck are still messed up and apparently those parts of your body are used frequently when running.  My butt and legs also hurt from the 1000 lunges Jillian made me do the day before.  I wasn’t expecting a great run…



But it wasn’t half bad!

6 miles in 1:02:41

That afternoon we ventured to Arlington for Dinner at Chop’t….

Spinach, bell pepper, tomato, onion, chicken, goat cheese, cucumber, lite basamic

Spinach, bell pepper, tomato, onion, chicken, goat cheese, cucumber, lite basamic

and I wore my Birthday Present from the husband out for the first time that I wasn’t just going to work…

Kate Spade :-)

Kate Spade :-)

We then decided to be bold, and spontaneous, and get coffee and dessert at La Pain Quotdien in Clarendon.  We normally don’t venture out of our comfort zones because it makes my anxiety twitchy, but I really wanted coffee that wasn’t from Starbucks.

When we arrived, the Husband wanted the Lemon Tart, but I wanted to stick to my on plan-ness so I ordered the Fruit Bowl with Whipped Cream and a skim latte.



It was perfect.


Sunday was a rest day.  I bargained with myself on this, and reaffirmed that you need to take days to heal so you don’t get injured, and you can just relax.

We got up, made breakfast, and then went to an Antique store, Michael’s Crafts (School project stuff), and then Tyson’s Corner Mall, because why not?  We wanted lunch at Cava Mezze Grill because we are obsessed, and I had it in my mind that I would find something that is only available in the Winter time there.  No such luck.

We ventured to the top floor of Nordstroms and I held Manolo’s in my hands and it was glorious.  One day I will actually put them on my feet and shell out the $685 bucks to own them… or not.

The reason why we were shopping was because part of the gift that the Husband gave me for my birthday didn’t work out well so I returned it and was looking for a replacement.  No such luck in stores.  So I decided to order this…

Classy Sheffield

Daniel Wellington – Classy Shefield

AND I GOT IT ON SALE!  I am excited.  It’s being shipped via Swedish Post (random) so it’s kind of like getting really classy mail from Lisa.  :-)

In other news, the Husband and I are planning a weekend getaway to NYC this October to see Twelfth Night on Broadway with STEPHEN FRY.

I love Stephen Fry, if for no other reason than this quote:

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Ahh, I know he is gay, but I would love to marry him just to be around his wit and simplistic hilarity on a daily basis.

Well that’s all I got folks!  Happy Monday!



p.s. I am writing again… like an actual story… like one that might actually get published.  I’m scared at how good it is so far.  Totally tooting my own horn.

Tuesday Things

  • Woke up this morning after the first night back with A/C working in the house.  It was a beautiful restful sleep.  I was only doing 2 miles on the treadmill because it’s technically not a run day, but because of the Run Streak and the fact I am not lifting this week, I had to do at least 1 mile, and decided to actually get a workout in so I did 2 miles.  2.0 Miles – 20’18”  (Not too shabby).
  • First day of Class 1 was yesterday, and my teacher is hilarious.  HILARIOUS.  He is eccentric, different, brilliant, and amazing.  He also co-wrote  a book I just purchased, as I am sure it will come in handy with research I need to do this fall.  And because of my Amazon Prime free trial, I am getting it on Thursday!
  • I’ve decided next week (Which starts for me on Friday’s after I weigh in) I will have an Activity Point Goal. On Weight Watchers, you earn Activity Points for working out.  These can be measured by going to your tracker, finding the activity you did, and entering the duration you did it.  A lot of people find this way to be a bit misleading, as they don’t think the points calculated are accurate.  For instance:
    • On Saturday I ran 4 Miles and burned 564 calories.  Punching in “Running” and 40 minutes to the tracker I get 9 Activity Points, where as on My Fitness Pal I would just simply get 564 more calories a day.  If you aren’t familiar with Weight Watchers, 9 APs is a lot.  It’s more than I usually eat for lunch.  So a lot of people don’t trust simply entering it into the tracker.
  • So then Weight Watchers unveiled “ActiveLink”.  They jumped on the FitBit bandwagon (among others) and fashioned a clip that you wear all the time and it measures your activity expenditure.  You then plug it into you computer (I think) and it uploads (?) your activity to the WW website and spits out your points for the week.  I think this is a lot more reliable, because even though me and So and So weigh the same and run for the same amount of time, it doesn’t mean I burn the same as her.  I run a lot so it takes a lot for my Heart Rate to get high.  Everyone is different.  But I elect for option C, because I don’t want to pay for an ActiveLink:
    • I take my Calories and divide them by 75 (an arbitrary number that a good portion of WWer’s use on Twitter to figure out APs) and that is my AP for that exercise.  So this morning I burned 302 calories running / 75 = ~4.  So I earned 4 APs for this morning’s run.
  • Now you know more than you ever wanted to know about APs.  You are welcome.  Go conquer the world.
  • I’m selling stuff on Ebay.  Because I am poor, and I have a ton of stuff I don’t use anymore, that I need to get rid of.  Old HRMs, Purses, etc.  Here I go!  Anyone want a used but still perfect Polar FT4? 


  • I am still upset over Game of Thrones – if you don’t watch, you won’t get it, so I won’t go into detail, but man.  I AM JUST BROKEN.  AND DESTROYED.
  • Bachelorette – lordy.  What is wrong with this bitch?  THIS IS NOT A FAIRYTALE.  CINDERELLA NEVER HAD TO CHOOSE BETWEEN 25 MEN.  THAT IS WHAT WE CALL A SLUT TALE.  GEEZE.  Anyhoodle, last nights episode affirmed my thought that she is three sheets to crazy.  First one on one date with her first choice – Brooks.  Okay he’s cute, I get it.  He has a great jawline, hairline, butt line.  I see the package.  I see why he was her first choice.  But their date is going to a Bridal Gown Shop (WHAT IN THE LOVING EFF?) and they dress up like a bride and groom, go to a cupcake truck, get surrounded by fans (Fans?  Really?) and then they go to the Hollywood sign and have a little cuddletime as “Newlyweds.”  Um.   First date.. and this is what you choose?  This is like when Coutrney was like “I planned a fake wedding!”  And Ben was all like “durrrrrrrr.”

Sound it out… you almost got it…

  • Then the group date was a rap video with “Souja Boy”.  Right.  Which was called “All the Right Reasons”.  When the guys had private time with Des, Ben (The guy who used his Kid as a pawn in this game on night one – not the dumbass above) was like I wanna kiss you – and then they did, and he was like “This will be our little secret.”  Um Idiot… she already kissed Brooks.  So then he gets a rose, obviously.
  • The second one on one date was with Bryden (?) and he got all emotional because he almost died in a truck accident, and that’s why he’s all deep and introspective.  He even happened to be carrying pictures of his mangled truck and face.  So OF COURSE he gets a rose.  He also got her into a bikini and in a hot tub.  BUT he lacks moves.  There was the awkwardness of them staring at each other, and she is like come on… make a move and he just looks away.  So she says “Oh just kiss me already.”  And he still doesn’t move.  So she kind of pathetically lunged at him.  Poor Des.  Poor Mangled Bryden.  Poor Chris Harrison having to still host this show.
  • So then at the cocktail party, everyone is vying for time with her before she makes her final decision, and this guy (I can’t remember his name) comes up and is like “I need to tell her I have type 1 diabetes.”  I’ll call him Diabeetus.  I get that all the guys without abusive or sordid pasts need to pretty much play whatever hand they are dealt, and use any medical issue to their advantage as why they need her to love and heal them, but seriously dude.  If you got that shit under control, that is not something you need to bring up and be like “Yeah… it’s been really hard dealing with this.”  You’ve been good for 16 years.  It’s not like you just found out.  That is like a 3rd date convo (yeah I’m a bitch, but this is a game.. and he is playing with a wonky defense.) Well while he is pouring his heart out, who should come in but Ben!  BUT HE ALREADY HAS A ROSE.  HE IS SAFE THIS WEEK.  WHAT THE HELL.  He and Des sneak off and kiss again (Secretly!) and Diabeetus gets his panties in a twist about it.  He confronts Ben and is like “that’s not cool” and all the other guys say the same thing.  He’s like “I’m here for Des!”
  • Guy Drama.
  • She sends home the token Black Guy who can’t dance, and 2 other white dudes that I don’t remember being there.

Food For Thought Tuesday: