French Press

Our coffee machine broke like a week ago, so we – in our broke state (THANKS TUITION AND CARS) are saving some cash and using the French Press(es) we have already.  It’s actually kind of nice.  The coffee tastes cleaner, and smoother, and even sweeter.  It’s a nice change from the normal way of things.

I was going to run yesterday but that didn’t happen.  My legs were really bad yesterday afternoon so instead I soaked in scalding water and Epsom salt.

Run To The Finish gives the low down with a comparison to Ice Baths (WHICH I HATE):

The ice bath…it’s one of the most dreaded and most loved long run recovery tools.  I will admit to having tried it a few times, but that was back when I lived in Kansas City and it was like 32 degrees outside to start with…so yes I really, really hated it.

At that point, I turned to Epsom salt baths after my long runs and for the most part I haven’t looked back (except after that 19 miler in 100 degree temps here).  It’s very likely that I will embark on more ice baths next year when the temps rise with my distance, but for now I am going to stick to the Epsom salt.

icecubeCauses muscles to tighten and drains the blood, once you step out blood starts flowing and in theory this flushes lactic acid and speeds recovery.

icecubeReduces swelling and tissue break down

icecubeNo major studies can agree on whether or not this works…but if you think it works well with running that’s generally all that matters.

saltBody more easily absorbs magnesium through the skin than in a pill this results in a number of benefits.

saltReduces inflammation
Eliminates toxins which helps to easy muscle pain

saltImproved nerve functions by regulating electrolytes

Helps your adrenaline glands ensure they have enough magnesium, which they likely do not after a run because it causes so much stress on the body.


101 Running Tips also has an article on this!

Who’d a thunk?

So this whole Government Shutdown thing – I know it’s the big elephant screwing up people’s lives, but I really don’t want to hash through it here.  There are people on both sides and frankly, I am not gonna drum up anymore drama here than I already have (you are more than welcome to find me on Facebook and see my rants there :-) )

Today’s Plan:

  • Breakfast: Yogurt, Blueberries, Coffee
  • Snack: Banana
  • Lunch: Salad, Yogurt, apple, Turkey Muffins
  • Snack: Protein Shake w/ Water
  • Dinner: Ezekiel Bread w/ Peanut Butter & Iced Coffee
  • Activity: 3 Mile Run

There is a chance that race might be cancelled for Sunday… :-(

From Wilson Bridge Half Marathon: WE WILL BE MAKING AN ANNOUNCEMENT ON WEDNESDAY MORNING ON THE STATUS OF THE 2013 WWBH. At this time, we are in full preparation for a race on October 6.

I hope it still happens.  Worked too darn hard for this!

  • Is your job furloughed because of the shutdown?
  • Do you French Press your coffee?
  • What are you doing to be active today?


Friday Things – Giveaway Winner Announced!

  • Wow I am tired this morning.  That’s what not falling asleep till way after midnight will do to you.  Luckily it is Friday!  I’m running – or going to attempt to run – 12 miles this afternoon.  It’s my last viciously long run before my next race – The Perfect 10 Miler by Potomac River Running.  I’ve run that course before, earlier this year in fact for the Reston 10 Miler, and it’s a great, not really crazy hilly course.  I was running with a friend last time, which made it amazing, but this time I am solo, with my music, and my thoughts.  Scary Eh?  I feel bad for Jason as he will just be hanging out at the finish line for like almost 2 hours waiting for me, but he doesn’t seem to mind that.  I also feel bad for anyone who has to see me that day, because I am sure to be hunched over and crying in pain.  Oh yeah.  I’ll be covered in Compression Clothing and sucking down water I’m sure. 
  • I’m thinking I’m going to start Paleo again on Monday for 30 days.  I think I need a reset.  My energy level has plummeted, my body is reacting in weird ways, and I just want a reset.  I also want to get rid of all the yuckiness I am sure that is in my body at this point.  So I’m figuring Meat and Veggies will be an awesome venture for the next few weeks.  We’ll see if I stick to it. 

photo (9)


  • There are some big meetings coming up at work that I am in the midst of prepping for.  While I am super excited to once again prove my amazing abilities with meeting logistics and development, the fact that they are back to back is annoying.  I am tired and don’t really want to spend two days in a conference room. 
  • Like I said before – today is my 12 miler.  I am super nervous about it, because of a various amount of reasons.  I am just always anxious about everything with it.  I am promising myself that I will stretch for 10 minutes afterward and then shower and then Ice everything to make sure I’m good to go.  I’m just being dumb, I realize.  I did 11 last week, I can add one more to that.  I just now wish I had decided to go for one more mile last week, instead of this week.  Stupid hindsight. 

Give It To Me:

  • What are you doing this weekend?
  • Are you running any races anytime soon?
  • What are your feelings on Meat?

News Worthy:


Amanda Bowen @MiLadyBowen 

Amanda, please email me at with your address and any flavors of LaraBar you DON’T want. Thanks love!  

Thank you to all who entered!  I’ll have another tasty giveaway in October!

Workout Recap: September 9 – September 15

WAHOOO Another Week of Training down! 21 Days till the Half Marathon!

Monday September 9 – 4 Mile Run – 42’30″ (471 calories)

It was a good run! I thought about just making it 5 miles but, I’m trying to not burn out. My legs thanked me. My mind and body are tired so this is what I call giving myself a break.  I felt good throughout, and wore my second new pair of Brooks Ghost 5s – I was told once by another running to buy two pairs of running shoes so you can switch them out periodically so they wear evenly and then they last longer.  I will see if this is in fact true!

Tuesday September 10 – Strength Training & HIIT (1 -2 Miles) – Upper Body / Abs (227 Calories)

3 Sets of 12 Reps:

  • Shoulder Press
  • Crunches
  • Tricep Dips
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Side Lateral Raise
  • Back Extension
  • Single Arm Row (Each Side)
  • 20 Minutes of HIIT

It was really nice to lift again.  Oh it was nice.  I was to tired to lift a camera to my face for an after workout picture, so I simply just took one of me overly excited at school:



Wednesday September 11 – 5 Mile Run – 52’57″ –  (588 Calories)


So I decided I would run outside on the hottest day of the week.  Go me.  After 2.3 miles I was like “NOPE.  DONE.”  So I turned around to head home (which was about 1/2 a mile away at this point if I cut through a side street) and then something happened.  Something inside of me was like “EFF THIS.” I reached down and pulled my tank top off that was glued to my skin with sweat.  I ran the last 1/2 mile home in my sports bra and capris.  THIS NEVER HAS EVER HAPPENED.  I don’t even let Jason watch me run on the treadmill when I take my tank top off.  I make him leave.  I really do. I finished up the last 2.2 miles at home on the treadmill with Grey’s Anatomy.  I decided to reward myself with this:

Pimm's and Ginger Ale

Pimm’s and Ginger Ale

Thursday September 12 – Rest Day

I went back and forth on whether or not this would be a rest day – but after I charted out my runs for the rest of the month, I decided yes.  I am running 11 miles tomorrow – WHICH I AM GOING OUTSIDE FOR – so I figure resting today can’t hurt.  Plus this means I can go home and blow out my hair and continue to read the smut I bought on my Kindle.  Yes that’s right.  I am finally reading 50 Shades of Grey.  I’m 9 chapters in and I am like embarrassed.  I’m also really confused as to how they are going to make this into a movie that you can go and see in public… like with other people.  This seems like the type of story that should be, like under the counter of some Video Connection that you have to have a passcode for. *shivers*

Friday September 13 – 11 Mile Run – 1:57:01 – (1169 Calories)



This was a hard run.  It’s my fault.  I did it on the treadmill because the anxiety of trying to find 11 miles on non-repeatable streets in my neighborhood proved daunting.  Plus the fact that it was a weird day in that I only got 4 hours of sleep, and I wanted so desperately to nap more than anything else I figured if I got to the point of where I couldn’t finish on the treadmill I could stop.  I was yelling at the treadmill as the distance mounted.  I never ran 11 miles for training for a half before.  It’s making me second guess my 12 miler this Friday.  Thoughts?  Should I scale back this week?  Next week is the 10 miler race and then it’s the half – so i am in the 3 week time period at this point.  Is that a taper time period?  I have no idea.  I just run.  I don’t follow adequate training plans that make sense.

Saturday September 14 – Rest Day

Bubble & Sqeak

Bubble & Squeak

I ate this on my rest day.  It was glorious.  It was positively the most delicious breakfast I have ever encountered.  I want it always.  More than always.  I want it to be constantly fed into my body.  It was food porn at it’s best.

Oh Look, my hair isn't always sweaty and in a bun

Oh Look, my hair isn’t always sweaty and in a bun

I tried a blow out tutorial for my hair, and I obviously need more practice.  Boy is it getting long…

Sunday September 15 – Strength Training & HIIT (1-2 Miles) – Lower Body (371 Calories)

I'm screaming on the inside

I’m screaming on the inside

3 Sets of 12 Reps:

  • Squats
  • Backwards Lunge (Each Side)
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Table to Donkey Kick (Each Side)
  • Deadlifts
  • 30 Second Wall Sit
  • Sumo Squats
  • 15 Minutes of HIIT


  • Weekly Mileage: 22.9 Miles
  • Weekly Caloric Burn: 2881 Calories
  • September Mileage: 51.9/100 (51.9% to Goal!)
  • Yearly Mileage: 608 Miles


Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone – The Right Way ( @Larabar Giveaway )

I think there should be a commercial with a Sloth Bear asking what day it is and having everyone jump around saying it’s Friday!  It doesn’t have to be for a particular product, it could just be for the mental well being of humanity.  We need to celebrate Fridays.

With that said – today is my 11 mile run.  I’ve been worried about this run for a while, because even though I’ve obviously gone longer in my half marathon races, I’ve yet to do a training run of 11 miles for a half.  I always stopped at 10 miles telling myself the last 3.1 would take care of themselves.  Well, the last 3.1 usually are where I am crying, in pain, or vomiting near spectators, so I am going to go for the gusto and hopefully train myself to be okay with a lonely 11 miles.  Oh so lonely runner.

After yesterdays post, I am hesitant to post anything that could be seen as ‘demotivational’ in anyway, but this quote in and of itself has always been something I think of when I am in that moment of giving up:

How Far Can You Go?

See that there?  It’s my favorite author/poet and it’s a quote that I can purpose for my running.  This is true in all aspects of life.  You find the beauty, the real true amazing wonder of it all, when you push past your comfort zone.  This might be going to a gym for the first time – I was terrified.  I was in some sort of sweat pant, t-shirt ensemble with my not good for running shoes and I walked into Freedom Center Gym in Manassas.  I was terrified as I walked past sweaty Under Armor clad men and women who honestly looked like Greek gods and goddesses.  I didn’t have a water bottle, iPod, or any idea what to do.  That was out of my comfort zone.

I decided while working for a medical education company that I wanted to do something more.  I signed up for the Breast Cancer 3-Day as a individual walker.  I had no team, no one to walk the 60 miles with, and no idea how I would raise the $2300 to actually walk.  I threw myself into Fundraising.  I threw myself into walking.  I walked and walked and walked.  I found out there was a message board you could sign up with for the 3-Day to help pair walkers with teams.  So I signed up.  I was contacted by a lovely lady, Mei Li, who invited me to join “Individuals United” and walk with them.  I was welcomed instantly, invited to the pre-walk dinner in DC, and have made life long friends from it.

That was REALLY pushing out of my comfort zone, and I am so thankful I did it.

May be you aren’t comfortable trying a spin class – I can see that. It’s scary.  Sign up for a course midday on a Saturday – it’s less likely to be crowded – and sit in the back.  Take your time, and do your best.  You are only competing with yourself, as frankly, no one is going to be watching you.

Scared of going to the weight room at the gym?  Try a Body Pump class first!  You use weights, and body weight exercises.  This is a great – usually all female – class to nail down the form and moves, and then when you are ready you can go to the squat rack and feel good about yourself.  One thing I have noticed in weight rooms is that no one is really looking at each other, they are looking at themselves, trying to perfect form or check out new muscle definition.  I’m serious.  The few times I entered a weight room (I don’t have a gym membership, but if I did, I would live in there) random people offered to help me – women and men.  I had a guy who could have easily been my Dad’s age showing me how to use a squat rack – yes, it’s true.  I had no clue just by looking at it on what it’s purpose was.

May be you want to go for a new job, or ask that guy/girl out, or try a new weird food, or hike a trail, or travel to Europe, or go back to school, or whatever.  Life is short.  Life is very short.  Take the leap – no matter how big or small.  Take the chance.  If it doesn’t work out, then so be it.  You’ve grown.  If it does work out then imagine the possibilities.  Oh the places you will go, and oh the things you will discover.  Give Life A Chance To Love You Back.

Not a sermon, just a thought.


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Good Luck!

Can Fitspo Boards Backfire?

While cooling down from my run yesterday (more on that later) I was browsing facebook and saw a link my sister had posted.

6 Most Shockingly Irresponsible “Fitsipration” Photos

And I was like “WHAT?”

I clicked on the link and immediately saw photos I had once used to motivate myself and the reasons for the negativity behind them.  The guy who wrote the post has valid points.  I agree with him on most of it. In fact I saw some of my self loathing coming out from these pictures.  Here’s one that hit home from the post:

” 1.) Your Body Is The Enemy


“Don’t give up! You may think you’ve given all you have, but you have so much more! You can make it if you just grit your teeth and push!”


Getting mad at your own limbs sounds less like the behavior of an Olympian and more like the crazy-eyed hobo who lives behind my building’s dumpster.

It is absolutely true that, if your muscles finally reach the point of failure, an emotional response like fear or anger triggers the release of adrenaline, which can keep you going. It’s called the fight or flight response and it’s been attributed to everything from moms lifting cars off kids to soldiers who refuse to lay down and die.

It’s also not something to f*ck around with.

Pushing your body’s limits just because you want bigger biceps is sort of like setting your house on fire because you’re cold.

Central heating is for quitters! FITNESS!!

Central heating is for quitters! FITNESS!!

Routinely stressing your body’s physical capacity is called overtraining, and it’s a massive problem in the fitness industry. It is linked to everything from joint degeneration, ligament tears and bone spurs to depression and—no joke—post traumatic stress disorder.

The fight or flight response only kicks during moments of impending danger precisely because the response itself is potentially dangerous. It’s a calculated risk on the part of your own biochemistry: turn it up to 11 and risk the joint damage or become food for a cave bear. When invoking that kind of biochemical gambit becomes less of a do-or-die, last-ditch effort to survive and more of a “Tuesday-at-the-gym-is-chest-day” scenario, you’re inviting in a whole mess of future problems.”

The post goes on to address other topics like: You Should Be Ashamed – using the popular phrase “Don’t Stop Until You’re Proud”, and so on.

But the part that really got me was this one:

The fitness industry—from gyms to clothing manufacturers—collectively produces more propaganda than North Korea, a lot of it just as crazy. This particular class of ads is almost comically absurd because what’s written on the picture directly contradicts the picture. It would be like if Oscar Meyer produced an ad saying “vegetables are awesome, eat those instead of hot dogs!” printed over images of freckled Normal Rockwell kids happily stuffing their faces with hot dogs. It shows just how little credit advertisers give the public: they assume that if they tell you what you’re looking at you wont actually see what you’re looking at.

“But Kevin”, you might argue, “the women in those images have great muscle tone! They’re totally strong!” They certainly are. So is she:

Kristin Rhodes, folks . . .

Kristin Rhodes, folks . . .

And you’re not going to find her in a Nike ad, even though she’s a stone-cold badass who probably deadlifts the combined body weight of those other three ladies as a damn warm up.”


He goes on to state that:

“Now, before I get bombarded with angry comments from skinny people, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being skinny. I’m also not suggesting that being skinny and strong are mutually exclusive. I’m only pointing out that strength onlysells when it’s sexy and, make no mistake, advertisers want very badly to make you feel like you are currently failing at both.

Strong isn’t really replacing skinny; being skinny is no longer enough. Now, ladies, you need to be skinny and ripped. It’s an additional layer of self-loathing  (perfectly suited for hypergymnasiacs), just in case people had started to get desensitized to the omnipresent and psychologically crippling display of corpse-thin women in the media.”

I have to say, that I am SUPER GUILTY of using these photos to somehow motivate me to push myself harder in my workouts, and when I realize I am not getting to those physiques and I’m sore, tired, and injured – I get very discouraged, which for me is where I turn to binge eating – which pushes me farther away from where my goals are.  So for me, these pictures are actually a bad and very prominent part of my spiral of doom (or really my inability to control my emotions without eating – which is my fault, not the pictures, but the pictures play a role.).

So what am I saying?

If you get a umph in the gym thinking these phrases and you don’t get discouraged because you don’t look like these people (Who are arguably not real but aliens from Planet Hot) then great! PLASTER YOUR WALLS WITH THEM.

But if you are like me, even slightly and you look at these pictures and just simply start looking negatively at yourself thinking you don’t measure up because there is no WAY NO HOW you will ever look like these people, or be able to accomplish some of the incredible feats they can, and you suddenly look at your (Run, Long walk, Shoulder press of 20 pounds, Crunches, Yoga Session, Bike Ride, etc) and think that you didn’t do “enough” or you didn’t work “As Hard as them” – ESSENTIALLY – If you start comparing yourself to these people, you need to take a step back and say “No.”

I’m doing that today, because I am doing what I enjoy, and while I may never be able to do CrossFit or power lift, or bounce a quarter off my ass, I am still going.  I haven’t given up.

Yesterday’s Run: So I started running outside, in like 100 degree heat, and after 2.3 miles I was like “No.” So I started on my way home, and then with about 1/2 mile left, I said eff it, and took off my shirt.  It was so hot, and it was sticking to me, and I was so tired, and I said eff it.

I ran outside, in public, in a sports bra and capris.

While I might have blinded small children, woodland animals, and made a few men vomit in their mouths with my stomach being so pale, and lets face it – jiggly – I didn’t care.

It was liberating, and I will never do it again.  :-)

Today: Should be a rest day, I am debating a run – just 3 miles – but I don’t know yet.  Keep you posted Loves.


GIVEAWAY – Will Be Posted Tomorrow!


Current State Of Mind #1

One of my favorite blogs to read is one I found not too long ago – Olive To Run is inspirational, hilarious, and a really great read.  I always want to go run like 20 miles after reading one of her posts.  Today she posted her “Current State of Mind” and I decided to play along and fill out her little survey as well.


I feel… like I am starting over.  It’s as if every struggle from before is gone, erased, and I am left with this clean slate.  While daunting, and scary, I feel somewhat at peace.

I want… to focus on the important things, the stuff that matters, not the fluff, window dressing, and drama that seems to take up my time.

I need… to find joy in the people around me, not the things.  I need to center myself with those who care about me, and forget those who don’t.

I have… little to no patience, and I have to make this change.  I have to sit and know that in time things will work out as they should.

I am thankful for… My family, my friends, this blog, my job, my schooling, my legs for letting me run, the things in life I seem to forget when something goes wrong. Those things don’t go away, and I shouldn’t let the negativity shroud them.

I would like to… Give back everything that my parents, and my husband have given me.  Their support in every way is why I am here, and I will spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to them.

I dream about… How things will be when I am accepting of myself.

I prefer… to think of life as a weekend separated by work weeks.

I listen… not enough to God.  But I need to step back, shut up, and wait for his direction.

I appreciate… those quiet moments when I can stop thinking and just breathe it all in.

I know… that where I am now, is not where I will always be.  I know that with time, I will find my footing and my path and it will be glorious.

Can you believe it’s been 12 years since the 9/11 attacks?  I am still emotional about the subject, and this morning on the radio it seemed every station was playing some rendition of a sad song with clips intermixed from the news that day.  While I am sure I could fill an entire weeks worth of posts about how I felt, where I was, and the aftermath in my life, I’ve decided to simply state that I am proud to be an American.  Regardless of where politically you stand, we all stand under the same flag.  I am united in the thought that I am – as you are – lucky to be in this great land, and we are living in the best time of our history.  It might not seem as such with all of the negativity swirling around, but really, in comparison, we are not going backwards.  We are moving forward, and there will be more good days ahead.

I’m excited about my run this afternoon.  I am planning on 5 miles, and with the weather the way it is it will be on the treadmill.  I am just resigning myself to being a treadmill runner until it snows.  Okay, maybe not that long, but for a while at least.  Bring on Grey’s Season 3 on DVD!

It’s Wednesday and we are having Fish Tacos!  I am so excited about this.  SO SO SO excited about this.  I love me some fish tacos.  Just had to get that out there.

  • What are you doing today to be active?
  • Whats for dinner?
  • What’s your current state of mind?


24 Days till the Half Marathon!

Not Liking Yourself

I am guilty of being entirely negative about myself on a minute by minute basis.  I need (or at least I think I need) constant reassurance, and affirmation on myself in pretty much every aspect of life.  I know this is annoying to everyone who comes in contact with me, and I know it makes me hard to be around.  I sense my neediness is the number one reason why I didn’t have many friends in High School or College and why the few I did have are no longer in my life.  I get anxious when planning get together’s with people because I instantly feel uncomfortable walking out of my house, driving to a location, and then having to make conversation for a indefinite amount of time.

While I am outgoing, it’s all forced and awkward.  I have to tell myself to shut up at times because I know my topics are usually inappropriate or not interesting.

I find this happens a lot with my husbands coworkers.  We will be in a situation where I am ‘forced’ to converse and I bring up things like Credit Limits, or how I got alcohol poisoning on Jason’s 21st Birthday Weekend.

I feel awkward in 99% of clothes (the 1% being my PJs).  This summer My husband and I went to the beach, and I didn’t even get in the water because I was so self conscious about how I looked in my bathing suit.  I know that made him sad.  I know all he wanted was for me to be at ease and comfortable in one of his favorite places, but I couldn’t make myself.

I am 100% content being a shut in and watching TV or Movies and living vicariously through the other people in my life who are off gallivanting the world doing amazing, beautiful, amazing things.  I’m comfortable at home singing along to Sara Bareilles while thinking up story lines, and writing in my journals, this blog, or just on scrap paper.  The deck in my backyard is my largest venture out that I can still feel at ease in.

There are times where the anxiety builds so much, I come across as a selfish bitch that turns to her husband and says “I need to leave.”  I get the sweats, and shakes, and a headache.  Yesterday, at my Dad’s birthday dinner, I had chest pains through the majority of the outing because of the closeness of our group at the small table.  I was against the wall, and the screaming child behind me through 80% of the meal just became almost too much.

I can be okay, I can be safe, I can be in control in my house.

But I’m really not.  It’s obvious I am not.  This is why there are so many things we want to do, but we don’t.  I want to go to Africa next summer for a missions trip, and while now, with it millions of days away, I am at ease with the choice to go, I am thinking of the months leading up to it, and how flying across the Atlantic Ocean – Alone – will be terrifying.  How the irrational fears jump up inside me and that voice in my head – The one that sounds like Morgan Freeman (Because he narrates my life, even the bad parts) – says “Don’t do it.  You know better.  You leave these walls, you leave your shelter.”

So what do I do?

Do I go back to my doctor, and tell her the crazy pills she put me on aren’t working – in fact they have made me worse to the point of where I have stopped taking them completely, and now the paranoia, depression, and anxiety is crushing?

Do I just run more? and harder?

Do I wallow?

Jason wants me to go back to the doctor.  I think he is right, but at the same time taking those meds is like putting in ear plugs at a concert.  You can still hear the music, but it’s muffled  and the moment isn’t the same.  I don’t want to lose bits and pieces of myself because of this condition.

I barely slept last night – like I can tell you exactly every time I looked at the clock and I saw every hour of my sleepless night shown in red glowing numbers.  I barely slept knowing I would write this post, and all the people from my past that still read this blog to snicker, or write hateful, hurtful comments (which is why I approve every comment now, because I was deleting upwards of 10-15 a day from people.. I know who they are because they have IP addresses that give their secrets away), or those who tell other people in their lives how horrible I am, and then it gets back to my husband.

He is the real victim in this.  He wasn’t made privy to my carelessness for my own existence.  He wasn’t given the full scope of what he was legally binding himself to.  He says he doesn’t care, and that he loves me anyway, but I can see the draining tiredness in his eyes when I say – for the millionth time – I’m just sad.

So I am trying something new, today, in fact.

photoI love this shirt I am wearing.  It’s a great color, comfortable fabric, looks good with jeans or dress pants (and most likely a skirt too, but I’m covered in mosquito bites, so until tights can be worn, I’ll never know).  I think it fits me well, and judging by this forced smile in my picture, I like how I look in it.

I ran 10 miles on Friday.  10 miles.  Depending on who is reading this, 10 miles might be a warm up for you, or something you never think you will accomplish.  But I did it anyways.

I’m in my last semester before my internship starts in the Spring.  As long as I pass the Praxis II in October – I will be venturing into a new career – which is both terrifying and amazing at the same time.

Today is my Dad’s 61st Birthday.  He is truly a rock on which I lean a lot.  I need to remember his strength and faith when I forget my own.

I am loved, even if only by few, those people count – and in talent, personality, and character they outweigh the negative people that are no longer in my life.

It’s a process, one I am trying to get the hang of.


Workout Recap : September 2 – September 8

Another week down!

Monday September 2 : 5 Mile Run – 53’06″ (495 Calories)

I ran 5 miles on Sunday and this was more of a “I need to keep my mileage up” run, so I wasn’t aiming for speed – which is pretty much my mentality always and forever – I felt good through most of the run, towards the end my ankle started to complain but I stuck it out. Thank you Grey’s Anatomy!

Tuesday September 3 – REST DAY

So with the first day of schools being back in session, it took me FOREVER and a day to get to work this morning, meaning I can’t jet out early to get my workout done. I still have to go home and take care of the dogs, but with my lack of sleep last night the most I am going to do is wash my hair and blow it out before leaving for class tonight. I know I know. I could get in a quick workout, but when you need a rest day, you need a rest day. The rest of the week will be filled with running fun – because after one day of strength training I fell off that wagon again… After the half marathon, I’ll be more apt to abuse my body in that way, but for now, I gotta keep my mileage up.

Wednesday September 4 – 5 Mile Run – 52’45″ (535 Calories)

This run was interesting. My legs felt like lead. I am not sure why they are feeling heavier as opposed to more efficient. But it could have just been a bad day, these things happen – they happen often – but it makes the really good runs REALLY GOOD.

Thursday September 5 – 3 Mile Shakeout Run – 30’56″ (399 Calories)


My legs felt pretty good during this run. I was just not feeling it. I got home and was like “NO. I DON’T WANT TO.” Then I realized that I just needed to put my shoes on. So I got dressed, got my shoes on, and then like a light switch I became a machine that just went through the motions, and then – it was done. Fancy how that works. I was drained by the time I got to class, and I think I yawned like 6 times in 2 minutes. I am sure my group felt great having me around, not really.

Friday September 6 – 10 Mile Run – 1:45:55 (1008 Calories)


I effing did it. Wow, I forgot how long that took to accomplish. I need to be faster. If I was faster I would get it done quicker and then I’d not be running for so long. I’m sure that’s how the other runners are so happy, because they are faster so they don’t have to do it as long. It’s the longness that bothers me. But it’s all good. Next week will be amazing.

Saturday September 7 – Rest Day (Stretch, ice, hydrate)

I felt massive all day.  I hate how that happens on rest days.  I hate how I feel like I am automatically back at my starting weight 6 years ago just because I take a day off.  I am also hitting that point in the month that every girl loathes, so that is not helping.  BUT I must say my day – food wise – could have been worse.

Sunday September 8 – Strength & 1 mile Run (341 calories)


Oh between the hangover and my body just not wanting to run, this is the best I could do!  I wanted to run, but I also didn’t.  I think I am hitting that point where I am getting burned out.  So I decided to strength train instead of forcing myself to run, and it helped so much.  I also miss strength training. So I think I am bouncing back to 2 times a week:

  • Run Days: M, W, F
  • Strength Days: Th, Sun

We’ll see how this goes.  I’ll be doing HIIT on the days that I strength train too, so I’ll still get some running done in there, but it won’t be how I have been – so my weekly mileage will drop :-(


  • Weekly Miles: 24 Miles
  • Weekly Calorie Burn: 2778 Calories
  • Monthly Miles (so Far): 29 Miles
  • Year to Date Miles: 585.1 Miles

Thursday Things

  • Well today has to be a good day because I just beat level 91 of Candy Crush.  I hadn’t been able to beat this thing in weeks, and then bam.  First game this morning and I beat it.  WAHOO.  It’s the little things.  Shut up.
  • Yesterday’s 5 Mile Run was great!  I got my new Ghost 5s in the mail the day before so I was ready to break them in with a 5 miler.  It felt like I was a new runner.  My legs were supported, my feet didn’t hurt.  It was amazing.  Since I have like 3 pairs of old shoes that I don’t wear, I am wondering if there is some sort of donation program where I can send or drop off my worn out shoes?  Anyone know of a place?  I know some races do this, but since mine isn’t until the end of September, and it’s not for sure that there will be a donation area, I’d like to drop them off sooner.  Let me know!

  • I have my second class tonight – Of which I am really looking forward to, but also nervous about, because I haven’t seen some of these people in a few months, and well, I’ve gained weight since then, and that’s always nerve wracking.  Luckily I don’t think anyone gives a crap, because this isn’t high school.
  • I need to figure out a way to stock up on sleep so that if I miss a good night’s rest, I can just be like “That’s cool.  I slept 17 hours on Saturday night so I’ll just take some of that reserve.”  Oh, that’s not possible?
  • I never will get tired of crazy shirts on Snorg Tees, Busted Tees, or any other nerdy website like Think Geek.  I love the fact that my Husband wears them pretty much everyday, because everywhere we go, we get people laughing and loving his shirts.  It’s nice that he is such a cartoon regardless, and this just adds to his personality.
  • Plus he let me sleep in an extra 10 minutes this morning.  He’s a keeper.
  • I am one month out exactly from my next race – The Perfect 10 with Potomac River Running.  10 Miles!  I think it’s a 8:00am start – which means about this time (9:35) I’ll be done or have been done.  HOT DAMN.
  • Tomorrow is my long run – 9 Miles!  I’m jumping up there guys!  I’m looking forward to this.  I’m also looking forward to my 12 mile training run that is not a race – because I have never actually done one.  It’s always been a race.  I wonder how I will pass the time?  There will be no one cheering me on.  Frankly I am not sure where I am going to run in the first place.  I can’t imagine running around my neighborhood looking for roads to complete 12 miles on – so it looks like I’ll be driving somewhere.  Ugh.  Any ideas?

Plan of the Day:

  • Breakfast: Yogurt w/ Blueberries, Coffee w/ Protein
  • Snack: Tea & Banana
  • Lunch: Broccoli, Kielbasa, Quinoa & Mustard; Yogurt, Applesauce, Diet Coke
  • Snack: Apple & Vitacake
  • Dinner: Shakeology Shake – 1 scoop Shakeology, 1% Milk, Strawberries, Banana

Activity: Strength Training and Intervals


Give it to me:

  • What is your activity looking like today?
  • Are you taking tomorrow off for a longer long weekend?
  • What are you looking forward to in September?


What Day Is It?

I’m sorry, I know that was tragic.  But I had to.

How is everyone’s Wednesday?  Mine is not off to an amazing start.  I am currently looking for a safety pin because the zipper on my pants decided to just up and fail.  How did this happen you ask?  Well it’s not because the pants don’t fit, as I simply unzipped my pants to use the facilities, and well, it zipped to far and just came out of the Doo-hickey that makes the zipper, well zip.

I asked my husband to bring me new pants, but then decided to tough it out, because well, my shirt covers it, and I don’t have the ability to leave work in search of safety pins at the moment or new clothes.

I’m a trooper.  I guess I should just be happy that I still have the button at the top and my shirt is long enough to cover the pants issue completely.

My husband could have brought me pants, but I didn’t want him to be late for work, and oh well.

**UPDATE** Coworker had Safety Pin!  YAY

Today’s Plan:

  • Breakfast: Coffee w/ Protein Powder, Yogurt w/ Blue Berries
  • Snack: Tea & Apple
  • Lunch: Chipotle! (Salad w/ Veggies, Pinto beans, Barbacoa, mild, medium and corn salsa, little bit of cheese)
  • Snack: Vitacake
  • Dinner: Fish Tacos!
  • Activity : 5 MILES

I’m putting that out there.  I’m doing 5 miles today.  5.  YES. CINCO (Spanish), FEM (Swedish), Πέντε (Greek), Vijf (Dutch), Пять (Russian), Cúig (Irish).  In any language, there will be 5 miles done today.

I am excited about this because mainly, I need to up my mileage if I am not going to be running everyday, on the days that I do run.   I think this overhaul of adding strength and eating healthy mixed with the cardio and the fact that on days that I have class I am too stressed to eat – I will be healthier in no time!  I kid, I kid.

I am happy with the progression of the scale.  It hasn’t been easy – not by any means.  There are days where I am still pissed that I can’t have Pizza (or rather a whole medium pizza), or hamburgers from Five Guys, or and entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s – but in the long run, when I am able to actually finish my long run and finish it strong, I’ll be happy I didn’t have those things.

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