Weight Watchers – Week 3 & WW Trick #9 – What About After ‘Moving’?


** Disclaimer:  I’m not getting paid to endorse Weight Watchers™ or any of their products, which means I’m telling you my take from the process and products. Xoxoxoxoxox… )

  • Loss/Gain: +1.4 :-(
  • Meeting Topic: What’s Your Next Move?  Summer Bucket List of Moving

I should have waited to post my “I like to move it, move it” post, but I didn’t mainly because I didn’t know this weeks meeting topic.  Oh well.

“Knowing you’ll be active tomorrow is a good way to make fitness happen.”

While I already talked about fitness yesterday I wanted to take it a step further by discussing what happens after moving is done.  By moving I mean your workout.

I am one of those people that will exercise and then say “I earned X Activity Points, therefor I can eat this here cookie, or ice cream, or hamburger.”  I’m sure on some level we are all like that.  If you’re not, you are so much more disciplined than I.

There is a slight problem with this.  3 reasons why:

  1. You are most likely not burning what you think you are.  I am the queen of this.  Before I had a Heart Rate Monitor I was like “Oh the WW activity list is God” when in fact it is a cruel evil mistress.  Once I got my heart rate monitor I looked at the calories burned and realized that I was burning almost half the Activity Points that I thought I was.  Well crap.  I’m not dissing on the Activity List, but I kind of am.  I have a pretty good heart rate because I run, so if I look up running for 60 minutes, it’s something like 10 APs.  But I am only burning like 600-700 calories (on a good day) – which in no world equates to that many APs.  This is simply my way of looking at it.
  2. Awarding yourself with food after a workout is counter intuitive.  I’m not saying you can’t indulge a little, but burning 600 calories and then eating like crap for the rest of the day is not a prime way to lose weight.  You might, if you’re lucky, maintain, but the numbers won’t change on the scale for the positive.  You have to have a deficit to lose weight.  I suggest indulging with a glass of wine, or a beer.  Or full fat dressing all over your big ass salad.  Possibly dessert.  OR like me – buy shoes.  Shoes are so much better than brownies.  Plus,  you aren’t a dog.
  3. After you work you feel great – eating crap is not only physically, but mentally a way to take that away.  After I run – like last weekend with 14 miles – I was on top of the proverbial world.  I came home and the first thing I thought was “BETHY HUNGRY.  BETHY SMASH.”  So instead of being like “Jason let us go and gorge ourselves on hamburgers and french fries, washed down with a big milkshake.”  I said “I want Chipotle.”  Some might htink that this is no better, but I have perfected the healthy Chipotle exsistence.
    1. Chipotle Bowl – Brown Rice, veggies, chicken, mild/medium salsa & Guac = 12 P+ (Very Filling)
    2. Chipotle Salad – Lettuce, veggies, pinto beans, mild/medium salsa & Cheese = 7 P+ (Verrryyy filling) – you could do any combo of these items and still get a good lunch that is P+ friendly.

I tend to not feel disgusting after Chipotle, and Lord knows I eat it like 2 times a week if not more.  There are healthy-ish options everywhere, you just have to ask for them.

I also need to limit my alcohol because that is a big calorie suck.


Answer the following questions and I will randomly draw someone on Friday – August 8 – for the winner of a new Weight Watchers Water Bottle (24 oz)

With a better straw than my ugly green one

  • What is your go to going out healthy meal?
  • After exercise, do you tend to gorge yourself?
  • What are your thoughts on APs?  Use them?  Leave them?


WW Trick #7 – Simply Filling


** Disclaimer:  I’m not getting paid to endorse Weight Watchers™ or any of their products, which means I’m telling you my take from the process and products. Xoxoxoxoxox… )

When I started WW back in the day, it was Flex/Core.  Flex you counted points, Core you simply ate off a approved list of foods.  Both plans worked if you stuck to them, but with a lot of people sticking with a plan 100% is hard.  They also had weekly points, but not many, and for me personally if I ate any of those, I gained.

So now WW has Simply Filling – the continuation of Simple Start – it’s been around for a while, but I never fully tried it.  I would flirt with the idea but was like “I CAN’T HAVE (X FOOD)”.  It became mental torture.

So now I am more mature (or something) and am trying it again.  My weigh in day is tomorrow, but I decided to start a day early, and then continue with it over the next week and see where that brings me.  I lost 0.4 last week, but I feel like I will have gained this week.  Too much eating out, too much alcohol (not enough to get drunk, but you know), even though I exercised, you can’t out train a bad diet.

So that’s it.

Eating cleaner and with more variety.  I love salads and veggies and fruit anyways, so this will just be binge-fest on those things.  I’m good with that.


Ugh… Morning.

I am thinking about this in the long term, but for now I think it will be a good reset to how I’ve been eating.  It doesn’t hurt that there are some of the really good WW products that are super duper yummy, on the approved list.

I think there will be a crap ton of smoothies and oatmeal in my future.


Answer the following questions and I will randomly draw someone on Friday – August 8 – for the winner of a new Weight Watchers Water Bottle (24 oz)

With a better straw than my ugly green one

With a better straw than my ugly green one

  • Have you ever tried Simply Filling / Simple Start?
  • What is your idea of clean eating?
  • What is your favorite fruit?

Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 6

I'm going long!

I’m going long!

Week 6/18

  • Monday: REST
  • Tuesday: 3 miles (PM) – 34’00” – 11’20” pace
  • Wednesday: 6 miles (PM) – 1:10:02 – 11’40” pace
  • Thursday: REST
  • Friday: 3 miles (PM) – 35’30” – 11’50” pace
  • Saturday: 14 miles (AM with group) – 2:50:38 – 12’11” pace
  • Sunday: Rest

Weekly Mileage : 26 Miles Running

We randomly decided to do more miles on Saturday than we had planned.


It was a hard run.  I think stopping and walking and then standing, is hard on me mentally.  I don’t want to start running again if I am comfortable walking, ya know?

This coming Saturday it’s a step back to 9 Miles, which is welcomed because the miles are just getting more and more difficult, and if I am going to pass this finish line, I have to do it.

I broke my toe – or at least I am sure it’s broken… it might not be?  – on Saturday’s run.  So it’s slightly painful, but the most pain I have are in my ankles and calves.

Stretching is in my future.

WW Week 2 & Life?

It was a good meeting last night.  My leader form last week abruptly had to leave the company due to some personal life changes, which was sad, but our new leader seems pretty awesome.  I also think she is hilarious and uplifting.  I am looking forward to having her walk me through my journey.

I lost 0.4 pounds last night, and even though it was a small loss, I am still pretty happy with it.  I lost, that is all that matters.  Next week it will be more, because I am ready to get this losing part over with, and on to the maintaining part.

I know I have a long way to go, but still.

Well, the cat is out of the bag.

I’ve quit my job.  I will be leaving the Systems Engineering world and venturing into the teaching world.  I’ll be student teaching this fall for a high school in Prince William county, for 11th grade English.

It’s scary, and exciting.  I’ve told my job and everyone seems to be finding out slowly at work, which is hard.  I don’t know who knows and who doesn’t so when I nonchalantly talk about it, some people are like “WHAT?”

I’ve wanted to be a teacher as long as I can remember, and the fact that it is all coming to fruition is amazing.  This is the next step in my journey.  I’m excited because after this, I have one last hurdle and then I have my license and masters.  MY MASTERS.  WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT.

Seriously.  Annoying brat of a girl who did everything wrong and skipped all of her classes in school would turn out to be a teacher herself with a Masters and a 4.0 GPA.

Yes I am entertaining a Phd.  Yes I will most likely get it.

Well that’s what I have.  21 days till my life changes.

WW Trick #2 – Mental Talk Through and Physical Action

One of my biggest problems is night eating.  We are watching TV or doing something that is relaxing and all I want is popcorn, ice cream, candy, chips, etc.  Last night was no different.  This is how I now navigate it:

  • Don’t have the stuff in the house.
    • This is a big one.  I don’t have chips, ice cream, etc. in my house because I know what will happen.  I will eat them, all, in one sitting.  It’s a lot easier to not have it in the house because you have to make the effort to go out and get something.  I know for me, that when it means getting up, putting on shoes (and let’s be honest, a bra) and driving somewhere, I can usually talk myself out of it.  Now, if Jason wants to go, that’s a different story.
  • Track it before you Snack it.
    • If I desperately want something I look it up in the tracker and decide if it’s worth the points.  Now if I have no daily points left over, I weigh that in as well.  I don’t like just using Weekly Points or Activity points on unplanned things because that is a slippery slope to go down.  So if I have the points and I really want it, I’ll get it.
  • Are you Thirsty?
    • A lot of the time I am just thirsty and not hungry.  It’s hard to tell this since I am constantly craving sweets, but alas, most of the time a big glass of water does the trick.  Also, take a bit of a walk.  I went for a walk during work yesterday and it completely fixed my craving.  I just wanted to get up from my desk, not eat a candy bar.
  • Find humor In All things
    Weight loss humor~
  • Exercise is Important
    • You need to move.  I don’t care what you do.  You could do Yoga on a treadmill while punch a bag (I don’t suggest this, but you get the point) as long as you are moving.  Yes you can lose weight by just changing your eating habits, but exercise is good not only for the body, but the soul.  Sweating is therapy.  Being sore is working through things.  The elation afterward is your reward.  Do I like exercising?  When I’m done, I do.  I like the idea of running, but when I am running I hate life.
  • ….but eating is importanter
    • Yes I know that is not a word.  You can’t out-train a bad diet.  You can’t eat crap and then workout and expect to lose weight.  AT BEST you will maintain (Hello, I’m this person over the last year).  You have to do things in moderation.  If you don’t follow Weight Watchers, use your own program.  BUT FOLLOW IT.  this doesn’t mean you can’t indulge.  You just can indulge 100% of the time.

These are some of my “breakthroughs” over the past week – something that has been building over the past years of trying to lose weight, only now, I’m actually listening.

WW Trick #1: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

One thing I have noticed a lot with my issues in losing weight is that I fail to plan.  With this new go around, I have begun pre-planning my weeks, just to know what’s up.

Yesterday I had planned my lunch meticulously, and then was invited out by a friend at work.  It was too good to pass up, so I looked at the menu, picked the least bad for you thing (Salad w/ Chicken) and tracked every bit.  I had worked out that morning, so it wasn’t too bad of a meal.

Last night we went to Flight Night at BadWolf Brewing Company, and shared a flight.  I have about 2 beers total, so I tracked.  I dipped into my weeklies by 5 P+, but it was worth the indulgence.

This is how things have to be.  I have to weigh what is more important.

  • Having numerous beers and feeling like crap in the morning vs. having a small amount of beer and having a slight headache but not feeling weighed down
  • Having a large piece of cake and shaming myself later vs. having a tiny piece of cake and staying in control
  • Beating myself up vs. Forgiving myself

I know these seem like a no-brainer, but there are so many times where I have simply chosen the bad route because it was easier.  I was searching for comfort and found it in food.

I need to find comfort in other things, like myself.  I need to learn to process emotions and feelings without stuffing my face with food.  Mainly because it never helps.  It makes me feel worse.

This song was something that I listened to on repeat because it actually made me feel better.  It made is seem like I wasn’t alone in my self hatred.  The heavier girl in the video is how I saw myself.  I would hide food, take an ice cream carton and go into the bathroom to eat it.  Buy numerous baked good from bake sales, and just chow down.  I always felt full afterwards, but sick.

I remember being about 7 years old and going to the Sizzler with my family, which is essentially a huge buffet (well it is a huge buffet) with really good food.  I loaded up my plate 3 times, and then had ice cream.  I felt so sick, and so horrible.  I couldn’t sleep that night because of the pain.

Or having to shop in the adult section of Caldor because the cute clothes of the juniors didn’t fit.  Wearing my dads pants to school because they did fit, and saying they were ‘vintage’ made the bigger size ok.

Having a friend of mine in the 3rd grade tell me that her mother said I should lose some weight.

These are the moments that stick out in my childhood.

I didn’t have a lot of friends, and those I did have pretty much were friends out of obligation of their parents.  I was socially awkward but outgoing – which is a horrible combo.

I never felt in control.

Now, with planning my food, and planning my weeks out, I feel in control.  I feel in control of what goes into my body, and the exercise I do.  I feel in control of my choices.

Preparing = being in control


Weight Watchers Meeting Week 1

So I walked into my meeting last night and I was pleasantly surprised.

Name tags!

The leader was really nice, the orientation afterward was great, and the people seemed to be really supportive.

This whole process seems new and exciting even though I have done weight watchers before.  I never did it like this, and I never felt the entirety of the weight I have on my bones now.

I weighed in.


That is 2.2 pounds away from 200.

That is 23.2 pounds away from my highest recorded weight.

It breaks my heart to know that not that long ago I was 10 pounds away from goal.  TEN.  Now I am 37.8.

I shouldn’t focus on this, because it’s going to get better.  I took the first step.  I walked in the building.  The rest is up to me.

I am taking this feeling as well with my mental health.  I have to be patient.

With my running.  I have to be patient.

Patience is the lesson of the day.



  • B – Coffee, WW Oatmeal, WW smoothie
    S: diet coke
    L: Salad w/ zucchini, bell pepper, onion, cheese; yogurt, apple
    S: apple
    D: Homemade Pizza