Last Day

Today is my last day at my current job of being a Systems Engineer.  I walked through these doors in December 2009 and didn’t know what to expect or how to be.  I was so afraid of being laid of or not having an idea of how to do my job, that I kept my mouth shut, my filter up, and my head down for the majority of the first few months.

That quickly left.

I grew up here.  I made friends here.  I loved it here.  There were problems along the way – as there always are – and I worked through them.  It wasn’t until I realized that what I am doing is fine for now, but what I want to do is “over there”.  The “over there” is what I wanted to do originally, which is teaching.

I took a chance, grabbed it, and succeeded, not without failures along the way (Don’t get me started on the Praxis II… bitch of a test).  I maintained a 4.0 GPA through the entire program up to this point, I have recommendations from all of my professors that are glowing to say the least.  I have a great mentor teacher that I will be learning under for the next 15 weeks.  I have the world at my fingertips.

But I am sad.

At the Sub in Norfolk, VA. (L-R) Jason, Myself, Shery, Grace, TK.

I learned so much from these people, and formed such beautiful friendships, that now it makes leaving so much harder.  When I started this journey of switching careers, I didn’t really have a person – let alone people – to connect with.

That changed.

I’m desperately trying to convince myself that these people will only vanish if I let them vanish.

I sit here, tears behind my eyes at this point, a lump in my throat, and an unsettled nature in my stomach as I leave this behind.

If you are a coworker and you read this blog, I love everything you have done to mold me into the person I am now.  You have touched my life in such ways that I can’t even begin to form into words.

I love you, I thank you, I admire you.

Goodbye, my friends.

Things I Found On The Internet

Since my job is winding down and I don’t really have much to do at work, I’ve been really going hard (that’s what she said) on scouring the internet for anything that will keep my interest.

First.  Someone buy me this mug:



It’s not only adorable, but functional.  It has TWO handles.

will smith dj jazzy jeff summertime reunion performance las vegas pool party video

Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff REUNITED.  The performed at a Las Vegas party or something, and my life was made.

I actually came upon this quote when I was just looking through pinterest, but it was like the pinterest God’s KNEW I needed to read it, because it popped up on my feed 9 times.  NINE TIMES.  This is what happens when all the people you follow, also follow everyone else.


Twitter Finds:








Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 8

Remy's World - Runner's World

Week 8/18

  • Monday: 4 Miles – 46’34” – 11’39” pace
  • Tuesday: Rest Day
  • Wednesday: Rest Day
  • Thursday: 5.8 Miles – 1:08:37 – 11’55” Pace
  • Friday: 3.1 miles – 34’27” – 11’06” pace
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 5.55 miles – 1:10:14 – 12’39” pace

Mileage Total: 31 Miles

Monday’s 4 Miler – I woke up at 5 am and got this done.  I know.  I’m shocked too.  It was pretty good.  I was actually happy with everything about it – including pace.  I knew I was going to have to slow it down a bit because 26.2 miles is a lot.  s

Tuesday – REST DAY

Wednesday – Unplanned rest day.  Missed morning run, no time this afternoon.

Thursday’s 7 Miler –  5.8 Miler  – ugh

Friday’s 4 Miler – 3.1 – because I suck

Saturday’s Rest Day – because I was hungover

Sunday – 5.5 Miler – because 16 wasn’t going to happen


Bad week.  On to week 9.

Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 7

Week 7/18

  • Monday: 4 Miles – 48’58” – 12’14” pace
  • Tuesday: Rest/Walk
  • Wednesday: 4 Miles – 47’35” – 11’54” pace
  • Thursday: 4 Miles – 48’23” – 12’06” pace
  • Friday:  unscheduled rest day – Donated Blood
  • Saturday: 8.23 Miles – 1:41:46 – 12’22” pace
  • Sunday: Rest

Miles: 20.23 Miles

This week’s training didn’t go as planned.  I missed my mid week “longish” run of 7 miles because my body/heart/feet weren’t into it.  I also came short on my 9 miler long run because I fell down the stairs on Friday and Saturday morning my entire body felt like it had been run over.

Excuses, yes, but I still did something.  Doing less than planned is always better than doing nothing at all.


GIVEAWAY WINNER – Hello There Friday! We’ve Been Missing You!

First things first!

The winner of the Weight Watchers Water Bottle Giveaway is….


Amy, I will be buying it at my next meeting and will ship it out the following day.  Please message me on Facebook your address where you would like it sent.


Thanks to everyone who entered!  I plan on doing more of these soon!


IT’S FINALLY FRIDAY.  Is it just me, or did this week drag on forever?  Yeah it did.

I got to work this morning at 6:15 because I have no desire to stay past 2:30 today.  I obviously don’t have a lot to do at work, so getting in early, and getting the little bits done that I have to is nice.  No distractions, no one here, quiet. It’s awesome.


Well I’m off to get some more stuff done, so I can stop thinking as soon as possible.


Weight Watchers – Week 3 & WW Trick #9 – What About After ‘Moving’?


** Disclaimer:  I’m not getting paid to endorse Weight Watchers™ or any of their products, which means I’m telling you my take from the process and products. Xoxoxoxoxox… )

  • Loss/Gain: +1.4 :-(
  • Meeting Topic: What’s Your Next Move?  Summer Bucket List of Moving

I should have waited to post my “I like to move it, move it” post, but I didn’t mainly because I didn’t know this weeks meeting topic.  Oh well.

“Knowing you’ll be active tomorrow is a good way to make fitness happen.”

While I already talked about fitness yesterday I wanted to take it a step further by discussing what happens after moving is done.  By moving I mean your workout.

I am one of those people that will exercise and then say “I earned X Activity Points, therefor I can eat this here cookie, or ice cream, or hamburger.”  I’m sure on some level we are all like that.  If you’re not, you are so much more disciplined than I.

There is a slight problem with this.  3 reasons why:

  1. You are most likely not burning what you think you are.  I am the queen of this.  Before I had a Heart Rate Monitor I was like “Oh the WW activity list is God” when in fact it is a cruel evil mistress.  Once I got my heart rate monitor I looked at the calories burned and realized that I was burning almost half the Activity Points that I thought I was.  Well crap.  I’m not dissing on the Activity List, but I kind of am.  I have a pretty good heart rate because I run, so if I look up running for 60 minutes, it’s something like 10 APs.  But I am only burning like 600-700 calories (on a good day) – which in no world equates to that many APs.  This is simply my way of looking at it.
  2. Awarding yourself with food after a workout is counter intuitive.  I’m not saying you can’t indulge a little, but burning 600 calories and then eating like crap for the rest of the day is not a prime way to lose weight.  You might, if you’re lucky, maintain, but the numbers won’t change on the scale for the positive.  You have to have a deficit to lose weight.  I suggest indulging with a glass of wine, or a beer.  Or full fat dressing all over your big ass salad.  Possibly dessert.  OR like me – buy shoes.  Shoes are so much better than brownies.  Plus,  you aren’t a dog.
  3. After you work you feel great – eating crap is not only physically, but mentally a way to take that away.  After I run – like last weekend with 14 miles – I was on top of the proverbial world.  I came home and the first thing I thought was “BETHY HUNGRY.  BETHY SMASH.”  So instead of being like “Jason let us go and gorge ourselves on hamburgers and french fries, washed down with a big milkshake.”  I said “I want Chipotle.”  Some might htink that this is no better, but I have perfected the healthy Chipotle exsistence.
    1. Chipotle Bowl – Brown Rice, veggies, chicken, mild/medium salsa & Guac = 12 P+ (Very Filling)
    2. Chipotle Salad – Lettuce, veggies, pinto beans, mild/medium salsa & Cheese = 7 P+ (Verrryyy filling) – you could do any combo of these items and still get a good lunch that is P+ friendly.

I tend to not feel disgusting after Chipotle, and Lord knows I eat it like 2 times a week if not more.  There are healthy-ish options everywhere, you just have to ask for them.

I also need to limit my alcohol because that is a big calorie suck.


Answer the following questions and I will randomly draw someone on Friday – August 8 – for the winner of a new Weight Watchers Water Bottle (24 oz)

With a better straw than my ugly green one

  • What is your go to going out healthy meal?
  • After exercise, do you tend to gorge yourself?
  • What are your thoughts on APs?  Use them?  Leave them?


WW Trick #7 – Simply Filling


** Disclaimer:  I’m not getting paid to endorse Weight Watchers™ or any of their products, which means I’m telling you my take from the process and products. Xoxoxoxoxox… )

When I started WW back in the day, it was Flex/Core.  Flex you counted points, Core you simply ate off a approved list of foods.  Both plans worked if you stuck to them, but with a lot of people sticking with a plan 100% is hard.  They also had weekly points, but not many, and for me personally if I ate any of those, I gained.

So now WW has Simply Filling – the continuation of Simple Start – it’s been around for a while, but I never fully tried it.  I would flirt with the idea but was like “I CAN’T HAVE (X FOOD)”.  It became mental torture.

So now I am more mature (or something) and am trying it again.  My weigh in day is tomorrow, but I decided to start a day early, and then continue with it over the next week and see where that brings me.  I lost 0.4 last week, but I feel like I will have gained this week.  Too much eating out, too much alcohol (not enough to get drunk, but you know), even though I exercised, you can’t out train a bad diet.

So that’s it.

Eating cleaner and with more variety.  I love salads and veggies and fruit anyways, so this will just be binge-fest on those things.  I’m good with that.


Ugh… Morning.

I am thinking about this in the long term, but for now I think it will be a good reset to how I’ve been eating.  It doesn’t hurt that there are some of the really good WW products that are super duper yummy, on the approved list.

I think there will be a crap ton of smoothies and oatmeal in my future.


Answer the following questions and I will randomly draw someone on Friday – August 8 – for the winner of a new Weight Watchers Water Bottle (24 oz)

With a better straw than my ugly green one

With a better straw than my ugly green one

  • Have you ever tried Simply Filling / Simple Start?
  • What is your idea of clean eating?
  • What is your favorite fruit?