MCM in 3 days!

I’m crazy terrified but trying to think of it as just a long run that I’m sharing with a lot of people.

Any suggestions?

Oh hello!


It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?


That’s what I looked like post Hokie Half Marathon. It rained the whole time. It was about 50 degrees, high winds, and miserable.

After the initial ‘I feel like crap’ I actually felt like the ultimate bad mother shut your mouth!


Blacksburg was nice, Jason was happy to be back. There was even talk of moving there so I could do my PhD. We’ll see about that.


That’s my next milestone. I’m 10 days out and hate running. Great right? After it’s done it will be a while before I jump back on the pavement. I need a break.

How are you all?

Tuesday and everything else

It’s been a good week!

I feel like the days are going by so fast, but still slow – if that makes sense.


I ran outside for 5 miles on Sunday and it was great.

I have a half marathon in Blacksburg this weekend and I’m super nervous!

Wish me luck!


So excited!

So tired.


I miss y’all


Hello lovelies

I miss you all like crazy. This blog has kinda fallen off the radar, and for that I’m sorry. I plan on a post this week, and I hope you all stick with me!

I’m trying some new things with my weight loss and when I weigh in on Saturday I hope it shows!

Love you all!

Shake it Off

I’m obsessed with the new Taylor Swift song.

It’s pretty pathetic.


Happy Friday y’all!

I have to stay late so a student can make up an in class essay which I’m like ugh about.

I went out last night which was fun, but I found out something kinda crappy about my last job, so I’m a bit upset about that.

Such is life, right? It’s in the past so that’s what matters. I’m done with them now :-)

Missing in Action

Teaching doesn’t leave a lot if time to do much. It’s been an interesting ride so far.

Getting through the first unit has had it’s ups and downs but it’s ok. I’m getting myself more than ready for the next unit which is my unit for the internship. This means that this work with be graded and will determine my licensure.


So I’m spending my time really getting into the Revolution of America. Let’s go Benjamin Franklin. Meet me at the bar Thomas Jefferson. Let’s dance Patrick Henry.

Let’s do this.