Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 12

12/18 week

Monday – walking
Tuesday – 3 miles running
Wednesday – 3 miles running
Thursday – rest
Friday – rest
Saturday – walking food tour
Sunday – Navy/ Air Force half marathon

My week was ruined for training because of an ankle/foot injury. Hoping that it’s getting better, but it’s hard to tell since I’m still sore from the race.

My weight loss is still a huge struggle because I’m still making poor choices, but today is Monday and I’m determined to make good decisions today.

Food is not going to control me, while I’ve let it for so long.

Since 2011 I’ve gained back all the weight I lost originally.

It’s sad, annoying, whatever. But if I continue to look at that as my failure I’ll never move forward.

Weigh in is Wednesday, I would love to maintain from last week, so that is my goal.

My goal for the rest of September is to lose weight, that’s it.

I’m going to be better.

Help if you can, to keep me accountable.

Racing Queen





It was the Navy / Air Force Half Marathon.

Though it was my slowest race ever, it was also the most mentally challenging.

I started.
I ran it.
I finished.

I win.

Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 11


Week 11/18

  • Monday: 4 Miles – 11’32 pace
  • Tuesday: strength & 1.4 miles walking
  • Wednesday: 3 miles – 12’17 pace
  • Thursday: rest day
  • Friday: 3.5 miles – 11’19 pace
  • Saturday:  18 Miles – done – gps died so like 3:45?
  • Sunday: Rest Day

Total mileage: 28.7 miles
<br /

18 miles and Baseball








18 miles sucked – see boot pic – but it’s done!

Baseball was great – though we lost.

Good Saturday.

For Grace

This us for you, Grace!


Miss you bunches office buddy!

Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 10

Week 10/18

  • Monday: 3.1 Mile Run – 36’07” – 11’39” pace
  • Tuesday: 3.1 Mile Run – 34’33” – 11’08” pace
  • Wednesday: 3 Mile Run – 34’33” – 11’18” pace
  • Thursday: 2.1 Mile Run – 24’35” – 11’42” pace
  • & upper body strength training

  • Friday: Rest Day
  • Saturday: 8 Mile Run (With Rosario) – 1:36:15 – 12’01” pace
  • Sunday: rest day

Mileage: 19.3 Miles

Hump Day – Week 1 of Internship

Hey Guys!

Sorry for the silence, but the internship doesn’t allow me much time to actually get to blogging during the day and I am too tired to do it at night.  I know, excuses, excuses.

So I am on day 3 of the first week.  So far there aren’t kids – per say – we had some freshman and then the sports students running around this week, but no ‘teaching’ yet.  I did get to teach some of the staff how to use Office 365 (THANKS GOVERNMENT JOB!!!!) as PWCS are all switching to that this year.

My mentor teacher is AMAZING.  Like.  AMAZING.  I love her.  She is brilliant, kind, nurturing and hilarious.

Today is an inservice where we have to go to another school for training.  I am very lucky that I am starting this semester because I get the low down on the beginning of school, I get training – a lot of training – and the culmination of this experience is Christmas.  I mean hello.  Christmas.

But, it’s August.

So I have 16 weeks of this semester, and I am already almost through week 1.  My teacher is also so nice that she is letting me take Friday off so I can prepare as much as possible.

I take over the class on September 15.  I should say classes.  I will be teaching 1 AP 11th grade English Class, and 2 regular English Classes.  I’m not really nervous about the regular ones, but I am kind of scared about the AP one.  I mean how do you teach kids who are most likely going to be smarter than you?

Also… dress code.  I am going to have to be the skirt and shirt police.  Great.  How am I supposed to tell girls that the skirt is too short, when it’s their cheerleading uniform?  Eep.  I’m sure the words will come – but they won’t be eloquent.

I have a massive unit project I have to do to get through this semester, and while I am going to have more than enough time to prepare, I am worried that it will flop.  Like a belly flop.

I will start out with a pre-assessment, then go through the unit with formative assessments, and then culminate with not a test, but a Multigenre Research Project.  I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS.

Since it is for the Revolutionary Period of Literature this is how I saw it going:

  • Pre-assessment Quiz:
    • 10 questions on the period of the revolution (Historical and Literature)
  • Formative Assessment 1:
    • Create a pamphlet (like Benjamin Franklin did) to persuade others to your side of an issue
  • Formative Assessment 2:
    • Vocabulary Quiz on terms regarding this time period
  • Formative Assessment 3:
    • Research sources, notes, and outline of project
  • Culminating Project
    • Multigenre Research Project and Presentation

Each item will come with a grade, 0-100, holding a certain percentage like this:

  • Pre-assessment Quiz – 0%
  • Formative Assessment 1 – 25%
  • Formative Assessment 2 – 15%
  • Formative Assessment 3 – 25%
  • Culminated Assessment – Project 25%/Presentation 10%

Or something to that effect.  Any teachers our there that would like to give me some advice are more than welcome to!

The running is still going.  I am trying to do something active everyday, whether it be  run or something else.  I ran the past two days, and plan on 4 miles this afternoon, with a Workout DVD tomorrow.  I might run 8 miles today and then 4 miles on Friday to shake out my legs for Saturday’s long run.  We shall see how I feel.

Well that’s all I got folks!