Wednesday Wallop #Skinnysnowman

  • I am supposed to give blood today at 9:15 am and as long as my iron levels are up to par, I will be.  I was supposed to give platelets, but that donor option was removed as the facility couldn’t function today (whatever that means) so I got a phone call on my way to work asking if I could donate blood and the blood donor mobile in our parking lot.  I said sure, why not.  We’ll see if I am able though.  So if I am able, today becomes a rest day, if not I’ll be running 3.1 miles at home and then doing ab work.
    • 30 crunches
    • 1 minute plank
    • 30 bicycles
    • 30 russian twists
  • My Linguistics teacher isn’t posting grades until the 19th of December because that is when they are ‘due’.  I find this to be unacceptable.  I turned in all of my stuff early – which she asked for – and she can’t even return the favor by giving us our grades early?  UGH.
  • I look really cute today though.  I should have had TPWSNBN take a picture of me before I left for work, but I didn’t.  I am wearing purple mary-jane heels, grey tights, a blueish pencil skirt, and a grey cardigan with little sparkles on it.  I feel pretty.  I also kind of feel a bit like a fashionista, because I am sure in most circles this outfit would be judged.  Only because I am not my normal monochromatic self of black and a base color, but nonetheless, I like it.  I also like wearing skirts.
  • I don’t own nearly enough girly clothes.
  • I am so unmotivated in the mornings.  I made myself breakfast and felt like I deserved an award for it.  I was like “I SCRAMBLED EGGS!” I took some food advice and ditched the English muffin today and had half a sweet potato baked with salt and pepper, and then two scrambled eggs on the side.  So far so good.
    • Breakfast: 1/2 Sweet Potato, 2 scrambled eggs, coffee
    • Snack: Trutein Vanilla Protein Drink
    • Lunch: Spinach Salad with veggies and hard boiled eggs, yogurt, carrots
    • Snack: Banana
    • Dinner: Chicken Breast with baked Sweet Potato (I may put mine over spinach and skip the sweet potato.. depends how I feel)
  • Is it bad I kind of hope that they can’t take blood, so I can workout today?  That is horrible right?
  • I just remembered I have a merchandise credit at H&M.  This will solve my need of pencil skirts.
  • I am sorry for my haphazardness.

That's about right.

  • I am so ready for time off work.  SO READY.  I am just at the point where I couldn’t give less of a crap about the project.  I need to not care for 8 days.  I need to sit back and relax and sleep, and run, and lift, and eat right and start the new year off refreshed. 

  • I concur pictogram. I concur. 

WODs To Choose From #SkinnySnowman

On non-running days I struggle (without adequate planning) on what to do.  I’d like to be active at least 5 days a week, 3 running 2 strength training (with a mixture of the two sometimes on each day), but sometimes I end up being so “BLAH” because I don’t have a plan that I end up skipping workouts.

Here is my way of trying to keep myself accountable by keeping this post of random WODs handy so when I feel blah, I can grab and go to my little gym and get it going.

Crossfit WOD


CrossFit WOD "Warm UP"

Travel WOD


Looking for more?  Check out Pinterest and search for WOD or CrossFit.  All above images via Pinterest.

Tuesday Things #SkinnySnowman

  • I am not awake.  Not really at least.  I am so ready for time off at this point.  I know I just had Thanksgiving off, and that week in October, but the idea of a break where nothing is expected of me except to just be alive, is amazing.  I am looking forward to just being awake. 
  • Since I do not have school today (WHOO HOOO) I am celebrating with a CrossFit Workout at Home that I made up myself.  4 Rounds, 10 reps of each exercise each round, 1 minute rest in between.



  • I think I will be significantly tired and sore after this one.  Which is what I am aiming for! 
  • What is it about circuit training that is effective?  Would it be less effective if I did each move 40 times? These are valid questions people.

  • I need to stop checking my grades on NVCC’s student system.  She is obviously not going to post them until the last freaking moment.  UGH.
  • 9 Days till vacation.  I know that number went up.  I am working in office on the 20th but working from home on the 21st on account that Blarney is having his teeth cleaned, and I’ll need to go pick him up, etc.  Plus I don’t want to go in on a Friday that no one else will be here for.
  • I am struggling to be myself today.  My head is kind of in a fog, and it hurts a bit.  I am tired of feeling heavy and gross.  I was really hoping that I would start seeing results but after 1 week it’s dumb to think that, I know.  I am just hoping to start the new year on the right track.
  • This weekend is my company Holiday Party at Mon Ami Gabi in Reston.  I liked the place last year just fine, though other reviews would state otherwise.  I think as long as the bar is open and the food isn’t moldy I’ll be fine.  It doesn’t take much now a days.
  • 25 Things That Are Keeping You Overweight  they might seem like common sense, but they are common mistakes made. (i.e. Overeating healthy foods, skipping breakfast.)  Slide 19 was me up until last week.  Cardio only is not going to work.
  • last night while grocery shopping I got into this fit in my mind that I wasn’t buying enough food.  This of course was not that case, but I kept thinking I was having some party or something and I had to cook.  Luckily I am just crazy, and that is not that case.
  • Well I think I have bored you enough.. for today…



Monday Wellness: Protein At Every Meal #Skinnysnowman

I had the ability to talk to TPWSNBN’s coworker on Saturday night at the Holiday party and he happens to be like the fitness expert and health guru at TPWSNBN’s office.  I like his approach, because unlike other sources of information I have gotten from people at my work, this guy still eats.  Like a lot.  His girlfriend who was also at the party, has dietary restrictions so she would not be eating the dinner that was being served, so she ordered him a second dinner (basically ordering whatever his second choice entree was and then just switching plates with him when he was done with his first meal).  He didn’t even struggle.  He just casually ate his food, and then drank his Long Island Ice Tea’s.

I asked him what I was doing wrong.

He said “You need more protein.”

He told me to ditch the peanut butter and English muffin in the morning and have eggs.  So that’s what I did.  I kept the English muffin, but I added two soft fried eggs to it making it a sandwich.  This is typically what I have on weekend mornings when I can eat at the table with a knife and fork.  I will just have to force myself to take time in the morning to actually prepare a protein dense breakfast.

This got me thinking…. I know sources for weight loss say that Protein at every meal is essential to staying satisfied and not snacking, so why isn’t this practiced more?  Is protein that hard to get into our daily lives? states:

Protein is an essential nutrient found in animal products, nuts, and beans. The name protein name comes from the Greek word protos, which means “first.” Your body uses proteins in your diet to build new cells, maintain tissues, and synthesize new proteins that make it possible for you to perform basic bodily functions.

Women’s Health Magazine writes:

And if, like most successful dieters, you’re burning calories as well as counting them, protein is doubly essential for making sure you lose fat, not muscle. Your body uses the amino acids in protein to build lean muscle, which not only makes you stronger and more toned but also fries calories even when you’re not active—unlike lazy fat. Ultimately, this keeps your metabolism humming along at high speed so you can burn off the occasional cookie, no problem.

So protein takes longer and more energy to digest and work its way through your system in the first place, so your metabolism is revved to begin with.  Plus it rebuilds muscle, so if you workout/lift weights it repairs the damage from the workout building up your lean muscle mass.

And it keeps you fuller longer.  Seems like a win – win.  I am going to aim to up my protein intake – which will be easier after I grocery shop tonight – with each meal.  This plus my added strength training should equate to me looking awesome eventually.

Plan of the Day:

  • Breakfast: 2 eggs pan fried in EVOO on an English muffin with fat free cream cheese; Coffee
  • Lunch: Flatout wrap with spinach, hummus, deli turkey; baby carrots w/ hummus; chobani 0% apple cinnamon yogurt
  • Snack: Protein Granola Bar
  • Dinner: Garbage Casserole (Clean up of left overs): Brown rice, Channa Masala, onion, ground turkey
  • Activity: 3.1 miles on treadmill & 3 rounds of 10 shoulder presses, 10 bicep curls, 10 rows

8 Work days left till a very much needed 2 weeks of no work (well not really… I’ll be working from home a bit.)


5 Positives

  1. Although it’s Monday, it’s Monday counting down to Christmas, so it can’t be that bad
  2. I finished round 1 of Christmas cards, and ran out, so I need to buy more and then finish up the list
  3. I’m closing out a meeting we had in November today, and it will be so nice to not have to worry about that anymore
  4. I have a great workout planned today
  5. I get to wear my new running shoes today and I am really excited!


Weigh In – Face It Friday #SkinnySnowman

Total Lost: -40.8
Emotion: It’s deserved
Goal for next Week: Stay completely on plan 80% of the time

Yeah I veered a little this week.  I knew after the half marathon my hunger levels would be insane, and they were.  I know what I did wrong, so I know how to fix it.  Now time to put it into action!

Plan of the Day

  • Breakfast: English Muffin w/ PB, Coffee
  • Snack: Apple
  • Lunch: Turkey Wrap with spinach and hummus, Apple with PB, Yogurt
  • Snack: Pria Bar
  • Dinner: Out with the hubs – most likely a salad or fish dish

Activity: I am going to repeat the workout I did yesterday but only do 3 rounds and then I am going to run 1.5 miles on the treadmill.

  • 10 Plank row to burpees
  • 10 Woodchops (Each Side)
  • 10 thrusters
  • 10 Crazy Russian Twists (each side)
  • 10 Sumo Squat with Row
  • 15 Dumb Bell Swings
  • (All from

I am going to attempt to use the 25 pound dumb bell for some of the exercises (Swings, Russian Twists, Squat rows) and then the 10 pounder for the rest.  I need to work on lifting heavy, and this is my starting point.  I am thinking that I will do 3 days running and 3 days strength circuits from now on, because I really enjoy it.  The time goes by so quickly and I really am aiming at toning at this point.  The muscle will help burn the fat and I will get smaller.

The number on the scale has defined me for too long, and while I don’t want it to go up anymore, I want to see it drop significantly, really, I am at a point where cardio alone has stopped helping as much as it used to.

My goal from today – December 7 – till I start classes on January 22, 2013 is to get more toned.  If I sit here and say I want to lose the last 20.2 pounds by then, yes it is humanly possible, but I know I will just set myself up for failure.  So instead, I am aiming on getting more toned.  I want to have definition in my arms.  I want the idea of a beach vacation with my husband to sound alluring, and not frantic of how I am going to find a bathing suit that covers me enough.  I’d like to go into my 29th birthday with hope and happiness.  I’d like to be able to say “Look, I finally did it.”

I am looking into supplements – not diet pills – but vitamin packs that provide recovery and boosters for my workouts.  I have protein shakes, but frankly after a workout, sometimes they are a bit hard to stomach.  Is there a favorite brand or type that anyone uses?  I’ve looked at GenetixHD, Shakeology (Too expensive and kind of like a diet), and others, but I am still kind of at a loss.  I know that I could just compound my workouts with more food, but that gets me into dangerous territory.

So in other news….

My dad and uncle are at my house right now painting, hanging things, and cleaning out gutters.  It’s nice when your Dad’s first job was being a contractor, because when their business (Yup MBM Painting and Decorating) is slow before the holidays, tasks that I have been meaning to do all year, get done and done right the first time.  Plus my Dogs love them, and this means they aren’t alone all day like usual.

I sound horrible.  They aren’t alone.  They have each other to snuggle with.  Brother Love!

I wish I had a coffee maker in my office.  Like on my desk.  It would make things easier.  That and a minifridge under my desk so I can keep fresh cut fruit and creamer and milk and yogurt handy.  Oh how lovely life would be.  We have fridges at work, but it’s communal and apparently there is a food thief.  So I am hesitant to  put anything other than my lunch bag in their.  I would think that if someone went through my lunch bag I wouldn’t want to eat what was left anyways.  But that’s just gross.  Seriously if you can’t afford lunch I’ll buy it for you.  Don’t steal.

Final thought:

Did you know Target has partnered with Neiman Marcus for some designer items?  A lot of them are just “Eh” but there are a few choice things – Oscar de la Renta Tote, Marc Jacobs Scarf – that are worth a second glance.  Well played Target.  Well Played.

Thursday Things


  • I am such a wimp.  I came home from work yesterday and instead of working out I cleaned the master bathroom (top to bottom), cleaned the master bedroom (top to bottom), put away about 2 weeks worth of laundry, did another two loads of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, made lunches, and set up coffee for the morning. Then I made dinner.  I know I wasn’t being ‘lazy’ but it’s insane how if one part of my body (yesterday being my thighs and butt) hurt so much from a workout, the last thing I want to do is workout.  So I skipped it and cleaned.  I needed to clean the bathroom – badly – so it had to be done, and I never have motivation on the weekend.
  • So as a result tonight will be suicide when I workout.  I am keeping with my schedule and doing the HIIT Dumb Bell Workout from


  • She has it set up for timed rounds or sets, but since I lack a timer that is easy to use and move around the house – I know I could use my phone, but it’s annoying to set up – I am going to 5 rounds of 15 of each move.  I think that is a safe bet and a good workout.  It will most likely take me 1/2 an hour to complete since I’ll have to stop and vomit, or cry.
  • I am listening to old school Steven Curtis Chapman music.  For those of you not familiar with this man, he is a Christian Contemporary Adult Singer.  He was one of my first concerts as a child – I believe I was eight – and we saw him with my parents at Patriot Center, and had like 5th row seats.  This set my expectations of where you should sit at a concert very high.  5th row seats for Steven Curtis Chapman are not equal to 5th row seats for secular music.  they aren’t as expensive and frankly, easier to get.  That doesn’t mean this guy doesn’t sell out venues, because he does.  Like all the time.  I loved those concerts.  I knew all the words, I danced, I had a blast watching my parents have a blast.  So I am listening to him today as a reminder of the good times, since I am living in a powerpoint today.  I will be at work forever.
  • I’ve been falling into that dark twisty place again.  I am actually not really sure why, I can only think it’s due to lack of exercise.  I am used to a lot of endorphines and I am just not getting them this week.  It’s been a rough one because of recovering from the Half and then my overdoing it on Monday, I am just feeling weak, tired, and lonely.  I know I shouldn’t because I have a great husband – who actually commented on my BLOG! (I know I see him daily, but that was like so exciting.  I get excited about all comments, and try to respond to them immediately, but when I saw he took time to actually say hi on the blog I got all giddy.) – but sometimes, even in a crowded room I’ve been feeling alone.  I know this is partially because I haven’t been taking good care of myself recently, in various ways, so hopefully I can get back on track in the next few days so I can start feeling better.
  • Taylor Swift is kind of making me mad.  I used to defend her and her cheesy lyrics that are catchy and sometimes (very rarely) deep and kind of say what I am thinking – but now, she is kind of coming across as a little well, trashy.  Boyfriend hopping is fun in high school, but you’re in your 20’s dear.  I’m not saying settle down, but try being single for more than a week between boyfriends. You can go more than 6 months without coming out with an album about your relationships.  Believe me.  There will be enough time to write about every other man in Hollywood.  I promise.
  • There is something about Sara Barielles’ song “Breathe Again” that literally makes me tear up EVERY TIME I hear it.  It’s pretty much like the beginning of a break up and she is obviously the dumpee, and she is liking him to the air that she breathes, and she is hoping that one day she will be able to breathe again.  MY GOD That is depressing.  I have felt that way though.  I was a lot like Taylor Swift in my younger years.  I hopped from boyfriend to boyfriend (With long stretches of being a singlet in between), but man there were a few that just stood out that like simple song you hear during a movie that symbolizes the intense need of two individuals to each other.  Cat Power “I Found A Reason” comes to mind.  It’s simple.  Lasts 2 minutes may be, but it totally captures that moment when you meet that person.  Granted I was so void of male affections at these times in my life, that they weren’t that person in reality.  They were the opposite, actually. But there was one, who tried his hardest to be what he thought he should be, and what I wanted and needed, but his reality, his actual orientation (if you catch my drift) prohibited it.  It was hard, no lie, to accept that.  But the first time I saw him, it hurt me almost.  He was beautiful (should have been a sign RIGHT THERE),and kind.  *sigh* I heard music with him, but not like I do now.  TPWSNBN is every note, every lyric, every chord progression, drum solo, band reunion, or greatest hits album that ever was.  I didn’t know what music was before him.
  • Wow that was a random ramble.  Sorry Guys!
  • Well I am off to live inside a slide set.

Week of Not Running – What the Heck am I Going to Do?

So following the Annapolis Half Marathon – I will not be running until the following Saturday. I’ve decided I need a week of not running to physically and mentally recover from training. I think if you do something to the point of where it no longer feels fun, you need a mental break, and you need to actually miss it, so that you can in a healthy way jump back into it.

So what am I going to do?

Can you tell I like Blonde Pony-Tail? Literally just found her on Pinterest and was like “HEY! I CAN DO THIS!” Oh the things I would miss without Pinterest.


Obviously I will not be able to walk after today’s workout, so it’s good my grocery shopping is done for the week!

Weigh In: Face It Friday #SkinnySnowman

WI: -1.2
Total Lost: -41.6
Emotion: Ready
Goal of Next Week: Continuing this

Man.  It’s amazing what a challenge can do for me isn’t it?  Since starting the Skinny Snowman Challenge I’ve been so determined to hit those points each day that nothing else seems to matter.  Like not wanting to work out – I just have to do 30 minutes to get 5 points.  By the time I hit 30 minutes I forget why I didn’t want to work out.

Granted I took yesterday off, because I was tired, but today I am planning on walking for 30 minutes on the treadmill and then stretching my legs out as much as possible in preparation for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the Annapolis Half Marathon.

I am super psyched.  I am however not super psyched to wake up at 3:45 am to get there in time, but hey.  It’s one day.  The promise of Jimmy John’s and a nap later that day is enough motivation for me.

I am also excited about my outfit – something that I have to complete today on my way home from work.  I need to pick up a base layer long sleeved shirt to wear underneath my teeshirt.  I am a firm believer in layers, and I know I’ll be ditching my jacket/sweatshirt/etc with TPWSNBN when I go to line up so I’ll need something to cover my arms.

The nice thing about cold running is that you have the ability to warm yourself up by moving.  It’s lasting motivation!

I can’t believe the race is already here though.  I remember signing up for it like months ago, almost right after my last one.

  • I have no ‘goals’ per say going into this one.  I just want to do my best, finish and be smiling in my race shots.  Would I like to PR?  HELL YES.  Is it mandatory? no.  There will more half marathons.  I will be able to run these for as long as my legs will let me.  Hell, I have another one in March!  

I’m excited about the following races that have registrations coming up – I want to do them ALL!

  • Reston 10 Miler – March 3, 2013
  • Cherry Blossom 10 Miler – April 7, 2013 – Lottery Entry
  • The Color Run – Washington DC – 5k – May 19, 2013 (Perfect way to end the semester if you ask me!)
  • Marine Corps Historic Half – Fredricksburg, VA – May 19, 2013 (Yes I see the conflict.. it really depends on training ability)

So we shall see how the next few months pan out.  I might be so busy with school that my running and workouts in general will have to take a backseat, which would mean that the races I am currently signed up for will be all I do.  But then again running might just become my only outlet for anything not school related.


I order 2/3 of my books already.  Yeah I am that girl.  I will begin reading the literary criticism books over the holiday break, because well, I see myself needing the most help there.  We shall see!

Have a splendid Friday and a Great Weekend!  Look for a race recap Sunday!

Thursday Things #skinnysnowman

Sorry for not posting anything yesterday.  It was a cray cray day at work, and by the time I got home I didn’t care to share anything, and nothing I had done was entertaining.

  • I signed up for classes for Spring semester and finally decided to take 3 courses.  Some people may think I am crazy, but that is the perk of me.  I am crazy, but I am also a woman with a plan.  The plan requires 3 courses to be taken in Spring.  This is my own fault really – for not taking the correct classes in my undergrad.  So playing catch up is something I have to do.
    • Teaching English in Secondary School
    • Foundations of Secondary Education I
    • Literary Criticism
  • It will be a busy, crazy, hard, but wonderful 16 weeks of me finally being on a path that makes sense.  Last night in the midst of less than supportive responses I asked TPWSNBN what he thought.  Did he think that I was even supposed to go to Grad School or if this was another one of those decisions I made while flying by the seat of my pants in an unhappy moment at work.  He responded with “Last year in the car I remember you stating how unhappy you were with your job.  I said to you ‘At one point you wanted to be a high school teacher.'”  So it does make sense.  Nothing in life that is worth it, is easy.  There are plenty of people who take 3 classes a semester, work full time and have a family.  It’s a fact of life.  It’s not pretty, it’s not ideal, but I don’t have those allowances like some people do.  I have my choices and this is one that I have made and I am happy with.
  • I’m running another half marathon on Saturday and at this point I am kind of ambivalent.  Like I am not really excited, and I am not nervous.  I ran 10 miles last weekend at a good pace, and this week I’ve been hydrating like whoa, and feel pretty confident in myself.  My plan is to run until I need to walk a bit, and then walk 30 seconds only before I start running again.  I also plan to walk through the following watch stops:
      • WS 1 – Mile 2.7 Calvary Church, Rowe Blvd. (water)
      • WS 2 – Mile 3.8 Susan Campbell Park (CIty Dock) (water)
      • WS 3 – Mile 6.5 Rt. 450 at WWII Memorial (water/Gatorade) 
      • WS 4 – Mile 8.2 Head of the B & A Trail (water/GU)
      • WS 5 – Mile 9.4 Rt. 450 at WWII Memorial (water/Gatorade)
      • WS 6 – Mile 11.9 Rt. 450 near Taylor Ave. (water)
  • I figure after mile 9.4 I’ll just be cruising to get to the finish and may – MAY – grab water/gatorade at mile 11.9 but I also may not.  I am a lot more confident this go around than I was in March because I’ve taken better care of my legs before the race.  I ran 2 miles yesterday on the treadmill, I plan on doing 2 – 3 tonight to just keep them loose and then tomorrow stretching and stretching and stretching while studying Phonetics.
  • This week has gone by pretty fast.  Hell this year has gone by pretty fast.  IS IT REALLY ALMOST DECEMBER?
  • I’m excited about starting lifting again next week – like with an actual plan!  Hear that Jennifer??
  • Burn Fat and Boost Lean Muscle!  I’ll be following some of these workouts – I was going to start NROLFW again, but I think I need a whole new plan that I’ve never seen before to jump start my excitement – I’ll totally look like the woman below this time next year (Yeah.. ok….)

  • I’ve been keeping up with my Skinny Snowman challenge and man do I feel just all around better.  I really think the fact I’ve upped my water intake has helped SO MUCH with how ‘hungry’ I get.  Who’d a thunk it?
  • It’s freezing in the conference room I’m in (of course) and I am drinking cold water (of course).
  • I really need to go to bed earlier.  The fact we stayed up last night till well after 11pm watching American Horror Story, was a bad idea.

Plan of the Day

  • Run 2 – 3 miles
  • Arm weight exercises
  • Stay on plan
  • 100 oz of water

Weekend Roll Up #SkinnySnowman

5 Positives for 11/26/2012

  1. Even though it is Monday, this week couldn’t have started with more excitement even if it tried! Between running an awesome 10 miler on Friday, then finding out I was accepted to Grad school, and then an awesome High School Reunion on Saturday night I am still running on fumes of cloud nine
  2. It’s cyber monday and the sales are amazing!  I am trying not to buy everything and anything I want
  3. My house feels like Christmas with the new Yankee Candles we bough in peppermint and red velvet cake.
  4. It’s getting cold enough to warrant fires in the fire place and this makes me realllllly happy, since last year it wasn’t remotely cold enough
  5. Although I am coming off a gain from last week, I am confident that I am doing the right things from this point on and will get back on track.

Thanksgiving Day

It was awesome.  We had family and friends and lots of food.  We drank ate and talked.  It was relaxing and stressful, busy but calm.  I think it is one of the best we’ve had so far. I am looking forward to next year too.

10 Miler on Friday

After sleeping in I got dressed and headed out of the house for 10 miles.  I wasn’t expecting it to be a good run, and since it would be the longest distance I had covered since the half marathon in March, I was preparing myself to be really upset towards the latter half of the mileage.  I was really wrong about myself though.  Yes I grumbled through the first 5 miles.  I was tired, sore, and hungry.  But I pushed through.  I cam up on 9 miles fast than I thought and just kept repeating to myself, 1 more mile.  I do this during races too.  Just 1 more mile and you’ll be done.  It’s not that I hate running, not in the slightest, it’s just I still need to work on my mental negativity, and this notion of 1 more mile works.  If I have a countdown I notice I feel more at ease.  So during the run, if I see that I am at mile 6 of a 10 miler I just say to myself “You are more than half done!  Go You!”  I finished the run faster than I think I have ever done a 10 miler in.

Graduate School

Friday afternoon while lounging on the couch with ice on my legs and Lifetime on my TV, the mailman came and dropped off a package.  Of course this meant that he put letters in the mailbox, so I hopped on down the driveway to retrieve them.  I opened the mail box to reveal a large white envelope from George Mason University.  I immediately started shaking.  I ran inside yelling for TPWSNBN to come and open the letter.  After struggling with the needlessly strong adhesive, (Seriously guys?  As if I haven’t waited long enough) he got the letter opened, read the first line and turned to me smiling.  I immediately cried for like 10 minutes on his shoulder like someone had just shot a unicorn in front of me.  You would think that I DIDN’T get in, with how I was acting.

High School Reunion

Saturday night, Lisa, TPWSNBN and I ventured to Hunan One in Arlington for cheap beer, and blasts from the past.  I of course took no pictures, but I am sure there will be some up on Facebook soon.  It was amazing to see everyone, including people I never spoke to in high school and have them being extremely nice to me.  I guess we all grew up.  I am also happy to report that even though I had a few too many to drink, I didn’t embarrass myself in the slightest.  Well that I can remember.

Skinny Snowman Challenge 

I am participating in the skinny snowman challenge for the next month.  There is no way in hell I will win this thing, but I am hoping to lose weight and gain a healthier perspective in the process.  It started yesterday and so far so good!


Plan of the Day

  • Stick to my already logged food plan
  • 100 oz of water
  • 3.1 – 4 Miles after work – It’s the week of the half marathon, so I am thinking less is more at this point.

Off to fill up my water bottle!