Weekly Workouts – November 10 – November 16


Sunday November 10 – Wilson Bridge Half Marathon – 13.1 miles – 2:17:11 – 1879 Calories Burned (23 APs)
You can read my full recap here - but the short of it was that I PR’d, had fun, and can’t wait till next year.  The course is gorgeous.
Monday November 11 – Rest Day
I ate everything that was put near me today.  I was insatiable.  I think it’s because when I went to sleep the night before, I was still in the hole by about 1000 calories.  I had obviously not eaten enough (which is odd) to fill me up.  Oh well.
Tuesday November 12 – 3.1 Mile – 31’33″ – 401 Calories Burned (5 APs)
First run back out there, it was painful, hard, and I was slow.  I had to stop a few times and stretch.  My calves were screaming, and my breathing was off, and I pretty much wanted to shoot myself.  I couldn’t believe that a week before I was running sub 30 minute 5ks and now, I am like limping to my house.  I know I know.  I just came off a long race with a hard route, I’ll bounce back.  But for now – compression socks. 
Wednesday November 13 – 3.1 Mile Run – 31’21″ – 400 Calories Burned (5 APs)
This one was slightly easier than yesterday’s run.  I did something during the run to my hip – either stepping off a curb wrong, or pushing too hard too quickly – and now it’s in pain.  Actually so much so that turning over in bed was a challenge.  YAY.  I’m going to take Thursday off and see how it goes, and then see on Friday if I can run.  If it’s still screaming, I will take Friday off and then try again Saturday and Sunday. 
Thursday November 14 – Rest Day
Oh my hip hurts something fierce today.  I hope it’s just a warning to slow down.  I really hope I haven’t screwed it up again.  I have too many plans!  Silly hip.  I wish it would just not hurt.  Or I wish it would hurt and then stop hurting.  I don’t get what it’s problem is.  JEEZE.
Friday November 15 –  Rest Day Part Deux
I had two excuses today…I had no time because I had to leave work and immediately take the dogs to the vet for their shots and checkups.  By the time I got home, Jason was only like 10 minutes away and I was hungry.  I felt like if I had gone for a run I would have felt better, but then my hip would have been screaming.  Excuse 2 – my hip.  MY DAMN LEFT HIP.  
Saturday November 16 – 5.2 Miles (Running) – 52’08″ & 1 mile (Walk home) – 18’04″ = 729 Calories Burned (9 APs)
So I decided I would run.  I WOULD RUN DARN IT.  I set out with the intention of at least 5 miles.  I wanted to do the full 10K once I was out there so I saw that as a good sign.  But alas, after eating less than 2 hours before, I was feeling pretty gross and my hip was being a B again so I walked a lot.  A LOT.  Then I decided at 5.2 to just give up.  I made it that far, right?  I was good.  I walked the mile home and called it a day.
 My goal this week is 15 – 20 Miles.  I just need to get back into running, and stop having these set backs.  My plan is as follows:
  • Sunday – Rest Day – I woke up sick as crap, and was sneezing and congested all day.
  • Monday – 3.1 Mile run
  • Tuesday – Strength training
  • Wednesday – 4 mile run
  • Thursday – 30 minutes of Sprints and recovery on treadmill
  • Friday – 3.1 mile run
  • Saturday – MCM Turkey Trot 10K
  • Total Mileage – 16.4 plus whatever the sprints are.

Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon Recap

I will preface this by saying I am still in shock that I ran a half marathon yesterday.  CRAZY.

So morning start:  3:30 am came really quick and Jason and I were not amused.  I got up fed the dogs and decided to document how I looked:

Oh 3:30 am does not look good on me

Oh 3:30 am does not look good on me

I prepped my table of things: Race Bib, Water Belt, iPod and headphones.  I had all of my clothes upstairs but this was the rest of the importance.  Then I went upstairs, washed my face, attempted to go to the bathroom, and then I got dressed.

I decided to take a page out of BitchCakes book and wear makeup

20131110-041817.jpgNot too shabby (Not much better, but still better).

Then we were off, coffee in tow, we left for the race.  Jason was dropping me off at Mount Vernon (Sup George!) where the start line was.  Then he was driving to National Harbor in Maryland, where the finish line was.  Yep, I’d be running from Virginia to Maryland – which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but at 5:30 am when we said goodbye, it was kind of blowing my mind.

I arrived at the start at 5:30 and was like “Okay, now what?” I stood around for a few moments, before realizing the generator that was powering the big lights on the field, was emitting heat through the fan in the back.  Well, guess where I stood?  YEP.

I quickly made friends.  An older guy who was running his first half, a woman in her 30′s who was running this for the first time (but not her first half), two middle aged men who were running it, and very anxious and scared, and then a younger guy (most likely younger than me) who this was his first race period.  He had volunteered last year for this race and then decided to train and run it.  Kudos to him.  We all hunkered down near the generator and waited the next hour and half.  At this point I was cold, and hungry.  The younger first timer kept my attention with random questions and anecdotes, until he left for the bathroom about 20 minutes before the start.  I ended up walking with one of the middle aged men to the corral, and there was no consoling him. He was scared.  I tried to assure him that all he had to do was get to point B, and that was it, but I think it fell on deaf ears.

After a horrible rendition on the National Anthem, we were off.  The elite runners tore off like they were on fire, and we never saw them again.

Then it was me, running, alone.  Yes there were people around me, but I find it easier to forget about them and just run.  I got through the first mile (without knowing it, because there was no mile marker sign) and then hit mile 2.  I was feeling awesome.  Nothing hurt.  Mile 3, 4, 5, nothing to comment on.  I was still going on.  I was talking to a couple of people around me at this point, and then 6, 7, 8 came and went.  We were now on the Wilson Bridge path to the side of the road.  It’s blocked by a massive wall, so there was no need to close down the lanes, and it was kind of awesome that we didn’t ruin 495′s day by having to do that.  Then suddenly Mile 9 appeared.  I looked at my garmin and it had only been 8.69 miles… I was calling bullcrap on that.  But then it took forever to find mile 10.  They had simply place the marker wrong.  Which isn’t that big of a deal unless your entire well being and speed is relying on the mile markers, and my it was that point when I crashed.  It was mentally damaging.

I look so happy... If I only I knew what would be coming.

I look so happy… If I only I knew what would be coming.

I reached for a gu, that was not there.  I had left them in the mug on the counter.  I cursed outloud and then saw the damn hill I had to do next.  The entire way up I am asking Jesus to not let my hamstrings shred like I am sure they were doing.  I was in a lot of pain, I had no energy, and my pace had dropped from sub 10’00″ miles to 11’12″.  I was so mad.  HOW HAD I LET THIS HAPPEN.  At this point I just wanted to finish.  Mile 11 came and I was crying.  The girl next to me said “Read your shirt.  Let that push you.”  It was my TEAM 413 shirt.  I fully threw everything I had at that point on God and said ‘Just get me across that finish line.  Mile 12 – and there was a water stop.  I didn’t grab water because I knew if I stopped running I would not start again.  I waved at the kids and my face looked like a horror film villian, so children, I apologize if I scarred you for life.  We were on loose gravel at this point, which is never fun, and frankly, dangerous when you have the balance of a weeble-wobble like I do.  I made it back to the side walk and saw people cheering.

At this point I knew I was close.  THEN BAM.  The Mile 13 sign.  just 0.10 left, right?  THAT WAS THE LONGEST 0.10 OF MY LIFE. MY WHOLE LIFE.

I saw Jason, and he was the exact umph I needed.  He snapped a bunch of – I’m sure – horrible pictures of me in pain, not smiling, and dying.  At this point I was like “WHERE THE EFF IS THE FINISH LINE.”  I came around the next turn and there is was.  Normally I can sprint at this point, but my legs wouldn’t do it.  They just couldn’t

From WWGHM Video

From WWGHM Video

I’m shocked that I did it.  I immediately began to weave and wobble, and until a nice Race Volunteer named Steve grabbed my shoulders from behind me and led me to the medals, water, gatorade, and bagels.  He gave me a towel and told me I did great and then asked if I could walk.  I blankly and I’m sure almost robotically said “Yes?” and he smiled and walked away.  Thanks Steve!

I made my way over to the gate and found Jason.  I was like “Wanna leave, I’m done.”  He smiled and we began walking to the car.  As I was walking away with him I said “I ran the first 9 miles without stopping.”  and this woman turned around and said “You are my hero for that.  Thank you so much.  That is amazing.”  I was floored.  A complete stranger.

I saw the first timer walking with his family and thought about saying hi, but he was so excited, he was telling his mom he ran it in under 2 hours.  Good for him.  I decided to let our little conversations end on the route.  Good luck with your next race, where ever you are!

We had to walk up stairs or a ramp – I decided to run up the stairs because I am annoying.  Jason was not amused. We got into the elevator, and then into the car and it all hit me.  “I just ran a half marathon”  and Jason said “Yes you did.”



Although it is my fourth race, I felt like this was the most awesome.  I had a blast, felt strong through most of it, and just really showed myself what I can do if I try.  It reinforced my want to run outside and forget the treadmill for a while, and I am sure in doing so I’ll be able to crush my time from this race come March when I run the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon.


Oh yeah, and I PR’d this time.  I shaved 2 minutes and 44 seconds off of my best time which was at the Annapolis Half Marathon last December.

I’ve got the bug again, and I want to sign up for every race possible, but I am hanging tight.  I have a 10K in a couple of weeks, and a 5K in December.  I’m relaxing with races till March, and then we’ll see where the course map takes me.

Thank you for all the kind words, ‘likes’ and applause for me yesterday.  It was truly an epic event.




Oh Monday – How you Plague Me

Just to get this out of the way, based on my best time running a half marathon – I would have arrived at work 6 minutes earlier this morning, than how long it too me to drive here. Ridiculous Virginia.  The traffic here blows.


Friday I went for my 9 miler.

c626363c431e11e3b83422000a1f9e4c_8That didn’t work out so well.  I am not sure what happened.  I went for the first 4.3 miles and was slow.  I stopped off at home and refilled my water bottle, and then set out for the last 4.7 miles and that just sucked.  I didn’t finish.  I went 3.53 more and gave up, walking the last mile home.  I stopped at this lake to rest for a moment, and cry, and be mad at myself, and just wallow in the misery that is being me.  I know #WhitePeopleProblems.

At least the view was nice.

At least the view was nice.

I got home and just was all pissed off.  I’m running a half marathon on the 10th (This Sunday) and this was supposed to be my last long run, and I felt like a failure.

I took Saturday off and did yard work, raking leaves, cleaning up the yard, so Jason could mow (most likely the last time this year) and fertilize the yard.

I was in better spirits

I was in better spirits

We went to Merrifield Garden Center (The Mecca of Yard Improvement) and bought bulbs which I will be planting this coming weekend since I can’t run on Saturday with the race the next day and all.

Then it was the Caps game that night!  It was great – except Ovi was scratched due to injury, and there were a bunch of fights, and a couple of major penalties and then of course injuries making people leave the ice and all (Lots of Pucks to Faces).




My curse is over!  It seems like every game I go to, the home team loses, so I am happy to see that it is no longer the case, for at least this game!

Sunday, I decided to run again, but not until I took full advantage of sleeping in with my extra hour and all – THANKS CLOCK CHANGE! – We didn’t get out of bed till 10 and even then we were reluctant.  We got up, I made breakfast, and then from there I laced up my shoes, threw on my running tights (it’s cold, yo) and then headed out for at least 3 miles.


I ran the first 1.5 miles without pain, incident, or feeling of failure.  The first mile was sub 10’00″.  Then the second and third miles were 10’11″ and 10’08″.  I ran a total of 3.2 miles in 32’04″.  NOT TOO BAD.  I was so happy after that run, that all the negativity of Friday’s run was gone.  Much to the dismay of Jason who then had to listen to me allllllll day talk about “I love running” “I can’t wait to do the marathon” “I rock!”  I’m pretty sure he started tuning me out, which is fine.  Most people do.

We met our friends, Alex and Lisette, for coffee and then we headed to the grocery store.  We had a pretty relaxed evening, watching TV before crashing into bed around 10.  I didn’t sleep well which didn’t bode well for my hair this morning, but a better pic of how it looked yesterday is here:



It’s long, yo.

Today is another 3.1 miles – most likely the same route – and then Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce. MMMMM.


I was way too indulgent with my food this weekend, but the halloween candy is gone, and my kitchen it stocked with great options!  Onward!




Weekly Weigh In – @Weightwatchers – Week 1 & Friday!

  • Week: 1
  • Difference: -4.8
  • Total Pounds Lost: -4.8
  • Emotion: Elated


I technically started on Monday, so I was going into this weigh in with the thought that it wasn’t a whole week, and don’t get discouraged, and you did great these past 4 days.

I hopped on the scale and BAM.

-4.8 pounds lost since Monday.

I feel like I am on the biggest loser and Jillian is happy I lost anything.

I’m so incredibly ready this time, and so incredibly driven this time.  I’ve got this.  I’ve totally got this.  I know this is first week honeymoon period talk, but really, the idea of this working out, is something I can visualize now and not mere think about in a dream like state.

I’m so incredibly excited – and thankful for my husband for telling me to try it again (not because he wants to me lose weight, but because he knows when I work the plan of WW, I am successful, and he knows that me losing weight will be a step in the right direction of me becoming healthier inside and out.)

IT’S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I’ve needed this day.  I’m a bit nervous about today because I am running 9 miles outside.  It’s my last long run before the Half next weekend, and while I’m like “I ran 12 miles a month ago” that was a month ago, and I am pretty sure all that endurance is gone.  At least the mental portion.

Plus that 12 miler was on the treadmill – YES THE TREADMILL.

This 9 miler HAS TO BE OUTSIDE.  I don’t know where my love of running outside went, I mean yeah after my safety was questioned it kind of sucked, but I think it’s because I’ve gained weight.  I think I am self conscious and don’t want to be seen by others when exercising.  This is why I need to run reallllllly early or realllllllly late.

I wish I could go out this very moment, but I have a ton of work to get done and I already ‘scheduled’ my run for noonish today.  That is before school lets out, and people start coming home from work.  Given my recent running paces this should take me around 1.5 hours to complete (I’m slow) and then I can move on with my day (I see something naughty in my future).

  • Did you survive halloween and all the candy?  There is a TON left at house.  MOST of it is going with Jason to work.
  • What is your workout looking like today?
  • Plans for the weekend?


MCM Race Review – I’m Back! – Monday

MCM 10k Recap

Yesterday I laced up my running shoes at 4:00 am and headed down to the DC National Mall for the Marine Corps Marathon 10k!

It’s a great course, mostly flat, and it’s filled with marines – very attractive marines – ALL CHEERING FOR YOU.  I don’t trust my balance with my camera phone whilst running so I didn’t bother trying to take it out and snap any pictures.  May be next year…



Here is the course map.  It starts on the National Mall and then weaves through DC to the Memorial Bridge.  You “BEAT THE BRIDGE” and then wind into Crystal City.  I didn’t think the Bridge was a big deal, gradual incline and then decline, but then I realized that the bridge was the middle of mile 20 and the beginning of mile 21 for the marathon… so for them, those runners it was beating the bridge.  For us, 10Ker’s it was mile 2… no biggie.  Once in Crystal city we wove around the “downtown” area of it and then under an over pass and then over the same over pass we just went under – if that makes sense.  Then we hit Washington Blvd.  MY FAVORITE part of the race because you pass 3 sides of the Pentagon.  It’s beautiful, and the sun was right behind it so it almost glowed.  This is also where the concentration of Marines were Screaming for us.  I had a group of marines see what my shirt said, and they broke through the crowd to run with me for a few minutes -Scaring me that I was about to get tackled for some reason – but really they just wanted to pat me on the back and say that Jesus was pushing me, and that he would get me through to the end.  This was around mile 5, and my lack of running over the past few weeks was eating at my hamstrings, so I needed that.  Once they were done ‘lifting me up’ symbolically, they jumped off the course and continued to scream for me until their screams melding in with everyone else.  For those of you who couldn’t read my shirt in the above photo – I found these images online to show you what it says.

This is the front


This is the back

I knew what was coming as I saw the mile 6 poster.  I knew that this god forsaken hill would be there in just mere moments.  What I didn’t remember from the previous year, was how long it was.  I remember it being steep, but not long.  I was gunning it but everyone else was slowing down which made for me sprinting to the finish impossible.  Oh well.

After crossing the finish line another woman came up to me and said that my shirt got her through the last mile.  This happens at every race I wear it to – which means I will wear it at every race now.

We muddled through the finish area, where really all I wanted was my medal and my new cold water that they had – I’ve gotten over the whole finish line picture thing – and then I wanted to find Jason.

Jason is amazing. He got up at 4:00 am with me, drove me to the metro, went with me to the race to stand in the freezing cold for like 2 hours and then hung around until my slow butt got across the finish line.

Never complained once.

We left and then once we got home I showered, we got Jimmy Johns for lunch, and then went grocery shopping for the week.  We dropped everything at home and then headed to Barrel Oak Winery for a few hours with my parents for a Belated Celebration of Jason’s Birthday.  Tipsy off wine and the high of racing, we headed home where we didn’t eat dinner, and just had a beer before heading to bed at 9:15 pm.

All in all it was a great day.  Getting up at 4:00 am seems like nothing in comparison to what those Marines go through.  Running 6.2 miles was a trip in the park – almost literally – compared to what they have to endure.  All the men and women who serve our country on a daily basis and put their lives on the line so that I can run free in these races should be held on a higher stage than any of us civilians.  The soldiers I saw throughout the race, running with prosthetic limbs and battle scars were so incredibly heartbreaking and inspirational.

MCM 10K 2013 – 1:07:46 (PR of 9 seconds from last year, but not my fastest 10k time ever)

I’m Back!!

After much discussion, thought, and failures, I’ve rejoined Weight Watchers as of this morning.  The number on the scale is terrifying and I am done playing games.  I’ve pre-tracked today and tomorrow, giving me an advantage to simply look at what I have planned and go from there.  I’m incorporating the Drop 2 Sizes Workouts and my running with this, and I think – I KNOW – this time I will be successful.

I’m looking forward to seeing the changes and feeling the effects of taking care of myself.  I dropped my old username and started new.  I don’t think I’ll jump back on the message boards, because they don’t serve a purpose to me anymore, but I have my group of ladies who keep me supported and inspired.


It’s Monday.  What more needs to be said?  I’m working then heading home to work out and then heading to Ikea.  Fun times.

Give It To Me:

1.) Did you Race this Weekend?

2.) Do you have inspirational shirts you wear to race in?

3.) Ikea?

Tuesday Things – Finding the Positives

  • So I am most likely going to sign up for the Praxis II one more time this year for December.  It’s after the cut off date for the internship, so even if I pass there is no way I can start in January – WHICH IS FINE.  If I keep telling myself that it will be true.  But I think that if I prepare – LIKE REALLY PREPARE – and go in with the right mind set, I can pass this bitch once and for all, and be done with this part of my life.
  • I had a great 8 miler yesterday.  I didn’t ever think to do longer runs on the weekdays because of how slow I am and how much time it takes but actually it wasn’t too bad.  I might consider doing this more frequently in the future.  I felt great and slept well too!
  • We went to IKEA last night and bought a kitchen Island and I’m in love.

GROLAND Kitchen island IKEA Gives you extra storage, utility and work space.

Isn’t she pretty?  My kitchen looks so good now, like an actual kitchen.  I want to get a woven rug to put underneath it as well.  We need to stain the legs and bottom of it and treat the top of it with some sort of wax before we can actually use it, but it’s solid Birch wood, and looks sooooooo good in our kitchen.  For Thanksgiving it will be the bar of drinks in our set up – Which I am excited for as well!

  • It’s Tuesday and Today is Week 2 of Phase 1 for D2S.  I am ready for this strength workout.  I love how I feel like death afterward because I know I killed it during my workout, even if it is kind of short.  I need to break the mentality that a workout has to be long and drawn out for it to be worth it.  It can be short and intense and still kick ass.
  • We are having dinner with Jason’s parents tonight at Monza in Manassas, which is like a bar with pizza, panini, and stuff.  Looks delicious, and Jason has wanted to go forever, so we are using this as his Birthday Dinner.
  • Tomorrow we are heading out for the first Hockey Game for us this season!  My company got a box, so we will be in the lap of luxury while watching the Capitals play (be beaten by) the NY Rangers.
  • Then Friday we leave for NYC!

This week is shaping up to be monumentally better than the last, so I am thankful for that.  I have to work on my paper, Unit Plan, and MGRP this week and next to get my big projects out of the way, and hopefully that won’t cause immense stress.

Give It To Me:

  • What is the longest run you have done on a workday/school day?
  • How do you feel about standardized tests?
  • Strength Training – What is your favorite Program?

News Worthy:

Motivation for Not Letting Yourself Wallow

I failed my Praxis II test for the third time on Saturday.  I then promptly ate my feelings, and drank them as well, waking up Sunday feeling sad, and unable to really move much.  Talk about hungover and bloated.

I skipped my 8 miler on Sunday meaning I have to do it today, but after all the wallowing and sadness, I am picking myself up.

So my plans changed.  So it didn’t go as I expected.  I can sit here and whine, bitch and complain, and be miserable thus alienating everyone and thing around me to the point of where I am more alone than I feel I am now, or….

I can get the eff over it.

Yeah life sucks.  I failed the test.

It’s not a death sentence.  

I’m going to have to delay my internship.

It’s not terminal cancer.

I have to stay in a job I hate.

You’re employed.

I hear complaining from everyone – because it’s natural and human to be disappointed at times, but really what it comes down to is, in the grand scheme… It ain’t all that bad.

Positives of Today (so Far):

  • Traffic was LIGHT.  Thanks Federal Holiday during a Government shut down!
  • I bought an egg poacher you put in the microwave so I could have eggs at work, and whoa there – IT WORKS.  Talk about filling awesome breakfast on the daily now!
  • Although I didn’t sleep much last night, what ever I got was good sleep, because I don’t really feel groggy.
  • I had an amazing conversation yesterday with my friends Alex and Lisette, who completely put everything into perspective.  They are awesome, and made me realize this isn’t the end.  It will work out.
  • I have the most amazing supportive husband.  Hands down.
  • I’m more motivated now to cut the crap and finish my weight loss journey and start into maintenance mode.  I’m done with the emotional eating and the feeling like crap.
  • The Blogess’ Book is being optioned for a TV show.
  • I’m alive

You have to step back.  You have to look at all your blessings.  Yes there are let downs, but that is not life.  That is what you are choosing to focus on.  I am instead choosing to focus on the great electives I get to take in the Spring.  The new relationships I will cultivate by doing so.  The fact that I get to take next summer off from school and actually just work and be with my husband, family, and friends.  I might get a vacation next year.

I am done taking the blessings in my life for granted.  I have an amazing life here, and I want for nothing.

So begins the studying again, and next time – This January/February time frame… I am kicking that test’s ass.

Hunter Boots on Sunday for the Rain that has now passed.

My Rock, My Strength, My Guy.