Tuesday Things #SkinnySnowman

  • Wow yesterday’s workout was hard.  50 squats, 50 push ups, 50 prisoner lunges, 50 flights of stairs?  Just to name a few.  I was begging myself to stop after round 2, but I pushed through.  5 rounds, 10 reps of each exercise.  Whew.  380 calories burned, and not one step run.  I feel good!  My thighs, and but and shoulders are sore, but that’s about it.  Today’s workout is pretty straightforward, but will be brutal.
  • I HATE burpees.  I have like no balance or stability, so the act of jumping and landing in a certain position is scary.  But look at her body!  I want that body.
  • I think this is a little early guys, and kind of creepy.
  • I HATE FILLING OUT TIMESHEETS!  It’s not like I can’t keep track of my hours, but when you have to keep track of which baseline (out of 4) and which variant you were in when you were working – especially when it’s a meeting that covers a gagillion topics, it makes my head spin to have to remember how many minutes we spent on one topic.
  • My water intake – although over 100 oz – felt like not enough yesterday.  Shooting for 150 oz today to see if I can get my body back to feeling normal.  I just feel very – dry.  Not sure what that means or how it equates to anything in your life, but man, I can not keep myself hydrated.
  • TONIGHT IS MY LAST NIGHT OF LINGUISTICS!  I have my Phonetics test first, then group presentations.  I am not remotely nervous about both, which could be good or bad.  I am going to study at lunch and before class again, but I think I am good.  Granted before the other tests I was thinking I was going to fail, so either this time I understand it, or I don’t and I am just arrogant for no reason.
  • There is a chance, that I may in fact, not need to take Literary Criticism (my third class) in the Spring.  This would be amazing.  MORE THAN AMAZING.  It would be less of a burden financially, and it would eliminate a huge mound of stress that I currently have on my back.  I could keep my life semi-normal at this point, which in turn would make TPWSNBN happy as when I am stressed he plays video games to ignore me, and then I yell at him.  This means he can just play video games.
  • Apparently North Korea has found a Unicorn Lair.  Why does this feel like a trap?
  • I heard a disturbing thing on the radio this morning.  Apparently there is some speech or debate or something happening in the next few days that is considered the unofficial ‘kick off’ to the 2016 election?!  AND PAUL RYAN WAS MENTIONED? *Collapse*
  • I got into bed last night at 9:30pm.  I was super happy about this, and thus was able to wake up at 5ish without much drowsiness.  So that’s how people do it.  They go to bed at a reasonable hour.  Interesting.
  • 21 Days Till Christmas!  Are you ready?  I pretty much am.  We have a few gifts left to buy and frankly a trip to like 3 stores will fix that.  I just have to go.  After tonight it will be easier.  The Half Marathon is done, this class will be over, and I will be on break from school till Jan 22.  I will only have to focus on my job, and my personal life.  It will be grand!  By personal life I mean, running, TPWSNBN, and friends.
  • I need these in my life.
  • Last but not least, I joined the 13 in 2013 challenge to run 13 races in 2013. If you click the box on the right menu bar, you can go to the website and sign up yourself or just read what it’s all about! I’m going to update my race calendar for 2013 with races I know I’ll do again next year just to give me something to work with.

Have a Splendid Tuesday!


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