The Wall

I think I hit that point last night when I was watching the end of ‘Live and Let Die” with TPWSNBN.  I was looking an Jane Seymour and how incredibly thin she was and how clothes just looked amazing on her.  I then looked down at myself and my pudgy tummy, my thighs, and my general sense of flubness, and thought, I bet Jane Seymour, even in her, what 60’s? Doesn’t scavenge the kitchen at random hours for random snacks.

Where is my shut off button?

I thought about the things I am in control of:

  1. What and how much food I put in my body
  2. How often I decide to exercise
  3. My Mentality

So That is what I am focusing on.  I am focusing on my food intake.  I can’t have treats for a while.  Because I never treat them as treats.  My goal this evening is to not have any halloween candy.  There is no point.  I will make myself tea, and hangout while TPWSNBN does the handouts.  I will pre-track meals, and weigh and measure.

I can always find an excuse not to work out.  This week I’ll only be active 4/7 days.  I’d rather that be at 5 days personally, but this week was a hard one.  There is my excuse.  From now on, I will make at least 30 minutes 5 days a week available to myself.  I plan on either taking advantage of the gym at work or waking up early and getting it done.

I’d rather wake up early and get it done because this waking up at 6:40 am every morning is really throwing me for a loop.

My mentality is getting better.  The race on Sunday helped a lot.  Something I never thought I would be able to do – run 6.2 miles without stopping – came true, and all I had to do is push myself.  It truly wasn’t that hard.  Wasn’t as hard as say, going to war and defending my country.  Wasn’t as hard as going through chemo.  Wasn’t as hard as any of the other million important difficult tasks people do on a daily basis. I just had to tell myself to suck it up.

Run Happy.

Today’s Plan:

  • Track Everything – DONE
  • Run 3.1 Miles – This afternoon, either outside or in.  Would rather outside, since the temps have dropped this shouldn’t be too hard to convince myself.  Plus, more layers means more hiding of the flub.
  • 100 ounces of water

I always set up a goal date that I would like to have the weight gone by, well, I realize that is when I usually get in trouble.  As it stands right now as of this morning I need to lose 25.6 pounds to be at my goal.  I would like this to be gone by my birthday 2013.  Start my last year of my 20’s off right and set the tone for my 30’s.

Rest of Week Plan:

  • Wednesday (Today): Run 3.1 miles
  • Thursday: Circuit training before work (30 minutes)
  • Friday: Run 2.5 Miles
  • Saturday: 8 Mile Long Run
  • Sunday: Rest/Stretching

I can’t believe tomorrow is November. It’s almost Thanksgiving!  Then Christmas!

What are your workout plans this week?  Do you have any good circuit training workouts? What advice would you give me right now in my current crazy state?  What is your favorite Thanksgiving Dish?

My nephew, Julian, as Harry Potter.  Because he is the coolest.

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5 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. Girrllll… start with some small goals and rock those, then try and move onto the harder ones! Like rather than focusing on “I need to lose 25 lbs”, be like ” I need to lose 3lbs this month”.. break it into pieces.. and throw out all the junk food in the house ;)
    Meal plan, girl! Take Sunday to pack all your breakfast/lunches/snacks for work.. and don’t bring your debit card/cash into work so you can’t buy any snacks/junk/lunch. Just a tip.. I’m not trying to lose, but it makes sticking to a goal a bit easier when you’re forcing yourself into only being able to eat the good stuff!

    • Thank you! I am trying to think of things in perspective, and being more mindful. I am actually too lazy now a days to get up and walk to the cafe to buy anything to eat at work, so I am left with the fruit I bring with me. But the smaller goal thing you spoke of seems like a good thing to do.

      • Can I suggest a goals list on your blog? I have a page on mine.. Just write out all sorts of things. Big or small. Like “reach 1xxlbs” or whatever. Then copy that a few times, each time cutting out 5lbs or something. So then you have 5 smaller, more attainable goals without stressing out about the big one.
        Then maybe like Run 15 miles in a week. Run 20 miles in a week.
        Just a bunch of things so you can prove to yourself that you are making progress, even if you’re not hitting the ultimate end goals just yet. And maybe set yourself rewards for crossing things off.
        Like if you follow your food/workout plan for the week, THEN you can buy those new shoes, or jacket or whatever. Push yourself and then reward ;)

  2. Keep drinking the water. I always have a 32oz bottle on my desk at work. Before I leave the office at night I fill it half-way and put it in the freezer. That way it has ice in it and I can drink ice water all day. If the ice gets low or runs out I just re-load and stick the bottle back in the freezer. I just use a Powerade bottle, nothing fancy or expensive. It also seems to hold up to repeated freezing better than a Nalgene bottle.
    Cold water is supposed to burn an extra 10 calories an hour. Not bad for doing almost nothing.

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