Marine Corps Marathon 10k Race Recap

It’s finally here!  This was me on Saturday on the way to the expo.  We made a stop in Rosslyn, where I didn’t realize, but was happy to see, that the Runner’s Village/finish line area (i.e. where you find your family) was right by the Starbucks and Chop’t we frequent.  This point I am a ball of nerves.  I am always a ball of nerves before a race.  I think it’s a slight fear that people will see me fail, but I got to the point this weekend realizing, you can’t fail if you show up.



I was nervous that would be running this race with Sandy (the hurricane) and that I would be barely finishing.  I kept praying and praying that this race would give me the boost I needed to keep training.  I don’t want to give up on my marathon dreams, so I needed to get my mind back where it needed to be, and this race was hopefully going to do that.

I bought this shirt at the expo, and I would like to think that it had something to do with the actual outcome of the race.  I was just really taken with the message and I think it started the whole mentality change when it came to how I was running this race.

On the Mall.  Can you tell how awake, energized, and not nervous I am? Yeah me too.  TPWSNBN had to continuously give me pep talks on how I wasn’t going to come in last, and I wasn’t going to die either. I was very unsure.

I was also very cold.

The Race Started and I was off.  I planned to run until it wasn’t comfortable.  But then something strange happened after the first two miles.  I decided to see if I could run the whole thing.  As each mile plucked by my legs felt heavier, but I wanted to see if I could.  I knew the last mile and especially the last 0.2 would be difficult as it was up hill, but I wanted to go for it. As I neared the final portions of the last full mile, the sides of the route began to fill with marines.  Until that was all I could see.  A sea of marines all screaming and cheering us all on.

I ‘marined up’ and took the hill at a slow run, but I didn’t stop.  I kept on.  Suddenly the finish line was in front of me.  I made it.  As I crossed that threshold I felt something I had never felt before.  I felt like a runner.

I am not sure what about this race made me feel like I had ‘made it’ – surely I should have felt this after my half marathon, but while I felt proud and accomplished then, I didn’t really feel like I had done my best.  I felt like I walked a lot and took a lot of allowances with myself to just finish the race.  The combo of an injury 1 month out and the lack of 3 long training runs I didn’t get to do I think set me up to be in a ‘JUST FINISH IT’ mentality.  I plan on taking a different approach for my half marathon in December, and all races afterwards.  Just because something seems like it may be impossible for me to accomplish, doesn’t mean that it is.

I wasn’t as fast as I have been in the past, but I also wasn’t as consistent.

I had a blast when I didn’t think I would be smiling at the end.  I was smiling, with tears rolling down my face.





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