Face It Friday & Sunday’s Race : Hurricane Sandy Edition

WI: +1.0
Total Lost: -38.6
Daily Points Allowance: 27 P+
Emotion: Let’s get back on it

Last Weeks Goals:

  • Track Everything
    • HAHA FAIL.  I am not sure what the heck is wrong with me.
  • Exercise 5 times
    • FAIL – I Only got in 4 workouts.  I was exhausted this week.  Not an excuse but its a fact.
  • Stay within allotted points
    • Obviously a FAIL.  

This week I am not so much upset as I am pissed off at myself.  I can dictate exactly every time I went off track and screwed up.  It’s bad when you can actually remember each fail.

I am going to keep on keeping on.  I need to actually focus and get this last 22 pounds off.  I’VE COME SO FAR.

Eat a little less, move a little more.  Stop focusing on what I am not, and embrace what I am.

Sound advice, don’t you think?

Speaking of running…

So this 10k on Sunday.  Well it seems at the moment Sandy will be still in route when I am running.  Since I am only doing the 10k portion of this race, I might be done, on  the metro or in the car on my way home by the time this whole shindig gets going.  I am not one for post race parties, well not with a bunch of other runners.  I like going home showering, forcing someone to get me food, and then falling asleep on the couch while watching Law and Order reruns.

You can see how my Sunday will be shaping up.

But rewind to today…

I work in the office till about 11:30-12 and then will be coming home to work from home while I cook stuff in the crock pot and side dishes as well.  This is gonna be like Thanksgiving with random food and random people.  I am not sure how it will turn out but who knows.

I am also about to have a freaking panic attack over this damn group project.  I’ve received like one email back from one person in the group, and no one else is responding.  *Hyperventilating*

I don’t want to be that person, but I am ready to contact the teacher, and ask to work alone.

I hate group projects.  HATE.

Well It’s Friday and that is worth celebrating!

Carry On Loves!


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One thought on “Face It Friday & Sunday’s Race : Hurricane Sandy Edition

  1. 1) Not only is that Rizzle girl super smart & supportive of you…but hot DAMN she is PRETTY!
    2) Call me crazy but wouldn’t hurriane winds make you run faster?…Well, I guess that depends on which direction you are running compared to the wind….
    3) You’re amazing
    4) I love you
    5) Do you realize how many numbers lists I have posted on your blog? Like hundreds. I may need therapy.

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