Things I Love Thursday


  • Man I hope the weather stays this way on Sunday for the race.  ‘Possible showers’ is a lot better than ‘Hurricane Sandy is going to run the race with you, and then sprint past you at the finish line to ruin your finish line shot.’
  • Earl Grey Tea.  I am not sure why the fragrance of it scared me off before, but I really do enjoy the taste of it, and I feel instantly cozy when drinking it.  God I miss England.
  • It’s almost the weekend and my body needs the sleep.  Even though on Sunday we’ll be waking up at 4:00am to get to the Smithsonian Metro for my 10k race, I am still looking forward to the nap that will come afterward.
  • I really want to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  Like really want to.
  • My legs feel really sore and painful today.  Which does not make sense at all.  I didn’t run yesterday so that seems a bit odd.  I plan on 4 miles this afternoon (most likely outside since it’s cloudy and cool) and then tomorrow I plan on doing weights/cross training.  Saturday will be a rest day as I will be running around like a crazy person preparing for the next morning.
  • I have no idea what to wear on Sunday morning for the race.  I am resigning to get soaked/wet from the rain, so I am not going to really worry about that.  My Garmin should be okay in the rain, my ipod shuffle should be okay under my clothes/taped to my skin.  I have a visor so I won’t get blinded by rain.  I just have to remind myself I am not running the marathon.  I am running the 10k.  I ran more than that last weekend. This will be okay.
  • Since downgrading from the Marathon to the half, my anxiety has dropped a bit.  This is amazing.  Mainly because I was so worried about being able to do something that I thought I had to do.  I need to be proud of my accomplishments in general, not what I think I should be doing.
  • 2 MONTHS TILL MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY – I am obscene when it comes to Christmas.  I am weird in that it is my favorite holiday but I also suffer from HORRIBLE S.A.D. during the end of November through like February.  Running with all the Christmas lights makes night running amazing though.  I loved that last year.  I am hoping that will help pull me out of my funk as well.
  • American Horror Story – Asylum is by far the weirdest show that I have ever loved.  I will watch that show forever.  I am actually routing for the psychos.
  • I just need to make it through the next two months and I’ll be fine.  This group project in Linguistics is most likely going to kill me.  Waiting to hear from George Mason is giving me panic attacks.  I start to sweat and shake as I head over to the mailbox each day.  I’ve never been so nervous about getting mail before.  Whatever it says though is what should happen.  I need to remind myself that it’s just letting me know if I got an interview or not.  I then get to wait longer to find out if I got in or not.  Then it’s the mad dash to register for classes, get a loan, etc.  It seems daunting but frankly I am in love with that aspect of stress.
  • I think a lot of my problems are stemming from my lack of water intake.
  • 56 Days till my Holiday Time Off From Work – 2 beautiful weeks of not having to do anything but get up and eat food.  CAN’T WAIT.  Of course I’ll be running during this time, but I’ll be running during the time of day I want, not in the constraints of my work day.
  • I am not sure what has made everyone at work today, hate life, but man everyone is in a sour mood.

Carry On Loves!  Nothing can get me down today!

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