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I apologize for my hap hazard horribly short not worth reading post this morning.  I was under the gun and while my stress level has only decreased slightly, I feel more apt to write a longer entry and possibly include a bit more of me in it.

This guy had a birthday yesterday!  He made out pretty well, from me at least.  He got hobbit slippers – slippers that give you hobbit feet – a Tee shirt with some random nintendo reference, and the James Bond 50 Collection.  50 Years of Bond.

Yeah he was pretty stoked.

I also took my first real exam in Linguistics.  I don’t think I did too badly, but I am still worried, as per usual.  I need to spend this evening finishing my outline for my world literature Exam 3 and take that so I can stop having it loom over my head.  I am also waiting still for GMU’s decision on whether to interview me or not.

PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD INTERVIEW ME.  I need to be inside your graduate program.  NEED.

I have to run this afternoon and I am trying to change my attitude to “I get to run this afternoon!”  I’m going to try to talk myself into running outside too.  I have a race on the 28th – MCM 10k – and I should probably try and run outside at least a couple of times before that.  I am really hoping that my last race is not going to repeat itself this go around.

I’m using the 3 minutes running 30 seconds recovery route.  This usually gives me a 10’15” to 10’30” pace.  I am okay with that.  I wish I could do sub 10 minute miles continuously but that doesn’t seem to be a probability for me.  Oh well.

At least this work week is half over.  Saturday is 8.5 miles.  I am trying not be nervous about that.  I’ve run longer than that before. I can do it, easy.  I just have to lace up my shoes, pack a Gu (or two) and go.  I tend to wander when I have long distances because my neighborhood isn’t really runner friendly.  I run cul-de-sacs, through parking lots, etc.  I’m thinking it’s getting to the point that I should be driving to another location to run in.

If I only lived near Hyde Park.

I’m thinking if I can get myself running outside again, on the regular like last fall, I’ll be set.  It isn’t my favorite thing to do – night running that is – but it beats the treadmill.  I just have to remember my reflective tape, to take my headphones out when on secluded roads and to run against traffic.

The nice thing about dark running is that you’re not so ‘out there’ and for my self conscious self, it’s nice to know that I blend in a little more than I would in the day time.  Plus there are more runners outside at night.  Odd I know.

We’ll see how it goes.

Do you run outside at night? Or do you prefer the morning?  Have you tried Lara bars?  I am not a believer in them yet.  How do you handle cravings?


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