London Calling : Knock Knock Kate

Today we took the touristy pictures at Abbey Road, and Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross train station. We then ventured over to Kensington Palace for a tour and tea.

The exhibitions available were Queen Victoria Revealed, the King’s and Queen’s apartments, and 5 of Princess Diana’s dresses on display. It was really well done. Most likely one of the best I’ve ever seen.

From there we went to Tea at the Orangery, which was beautifully done. We finished off the afternoon with cappuccinos and then a walk through the gardens. It’s really a magical place.

With the idea of leaving this beautiful country steadfast in our minds we tried to soak up and savor the last few day lit hours before they would all be gone.

We then had tickets to the Jack the Ripper tour. It was an interesting affair with a Hugh Laurie looking guide discussing the internal organs being removed and put in display inside a victims home. It’s all very intoxicating – this Jack the Ripper. Especially since he’s never been caught.

After the tour we ended up at Sherlock Holmes Pub, where we ordered fish and chips and various ales. It was a fitting end to our time here, although sad.

This trip has been an amazing one, and once I get all the pictures uploaded ill be sure to share links.

Carry on.


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