Je Suis Paris

The morning started at 4:00am. We arose – slightly – and then made our way through the motions of waking up. After we were dressed and ready our taxi – which was actually a Mercedes AMG – came and picked us up. We drove to the train station and then realized we forgot our vouchers. Well I forgot the vouchers. We I then freaked out. Well everything worked out – luckily – and we waited for our train that would be leaving at 7:01 am.

Once in the train car we realized that we were sitting across the aisle from each other until a nice lady offered to switch with me. So now we, across from each other get to stare at each other for the whole 2 hour journey. Wahoo!

Once on the train, I bought the worlds worst latte, was seated next to a couple that started fighting – loudly – on the train. To the point where the woman was crying. We are on our way to Paris people. Don’t ruin this for me!

2 hours and 16 minutes later and we are in Paris France. The air is thick with various smells and sounds. Butter, cheese and cigarette smoke dance in the breeze and I take it all in. The hustle and bustle of the streets remind me of many cities I have visited before but not as nicely dressed or carried. The women look something like a runway show and I am in awe.

We aren’t greeted with the nicest if introductions to the city of lights, but with the good there must be the bad.

A polish man tried to scam us by picking up a ring he found and then he tried to give it to me. He then tried to get money from us, because he gave us this ring he found. I have back the ring and he left in a huff. What a dumbass. I may be American and not speak polish (we are in France, why would I know Polish) but I grew up in/near DC. I know scams.

We then went to the Musee D’Orsay which houses the impressionistic paintings. So you have Van Gogh, Manet, Monet, Degas, etc. I come to find out that Van Gogh’s ‘A Starry Night’ is NOT the painting in which I thought existed, but another painting that has a bridge and some street lights in it. Not really Starry if you ask me, and my Art History professor would beg to differ on the explanation given from the curator – (in an jerk face accent) “This is the only Starry Night Van Gogh HAS EVER PAINTED!” I gave him a confused look and he basically ignored me. TPWSNBN and I both think its because the painting I’m thinking of is in America, not France, and this volunteer is bitter about it. Just remember dude you would all be speaking German if it wasn’t for us Americans! Yeesh. Now off my soap box.

We had a lovely lunch there, and I got to see favorites like Water Lillies (Monet) and ‘Dance Class’ (Degas) plus a plethora of works I had never heard of. It was a great visit and totally worth the fare.

We left there and headed in the rain down the street to Notre Dame. Wow. It was amazing. AMAZING. It was an experience, one that I got pictures from as well. The beauty and poise of that place was astounding. I know I was moved. Once leaving Notre Dame we decided to stop and have coffee at this cafe. The waiter came and I began to order and tried my hardest in French but, failed. It annoyed him and his blatant and harsh attitude showed this.

I really felt unwelcome.

We then headed to The Eiffel Tower. This was my highlight. It was beautiful. It was marvelous. It was freaking huge. I was not expecting that size. She was a beauty!

We then decided to head back to The Louvre and upon arriving decided not to try and cram things in the little time we had left. I know, I know. But this just means we’ll be coming back and it will be for the Louvre. We instead had dinner at the mall – McDonalds! I hadn’t had McDonalds in about 3 years. It was marvelous. It was exactly what we needed basically. We then strolled leisurely through the area taking pictures of the courtyard and various landmarks.

At 6:00pm local Paris time we started heading back towards the train station. Their metro is kind of ridiculous. I’ll only say this, if you have to find out where to go by signage on the floor, there is a problem.

Once back at the train station we paid 1€ to pee and then waited for our train. Exhausted, sore, and a little but gross we decided that we love Paris, as a place to visit.

Tomorrow is our last adventure here in the UK. We have Kensington Palace, Abbey Road, and the Jack the Ripper tour.

I must say I am a but sad that this vacation is going at warp speed, but that’s why it’s vacation.

Carry on! Xoxoxo

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