London Calling: I Would Have Been Imprisoned At The Tower Of London

Day 3!  Rough start of it.  I woke up exhausted (hate that) with a migraine, and extreme nausea.  I persuaded an extra hour of sleep from my husband, and then the loving man walked to the corner store to get me some advil, as my head was only pounding worse.  I was terrified that between my head and stomach we would be losing a precious day here, but TPWSNBN had already prepared himself for that conclusion.  

Luckily about 15 minutes after I took the advil and laid back down I had enough strength to rally the forces and make this day happen.  We left and bought our day passes for the tube and set off to St. Paul’s Cathedral first.  Once getting off the tube, we stopped at a cafe for drinks and a butter croissant.  It was just enough to settle my stomach and give us the energy to climb some 300 steps to the observation deck outside.  The views were breath taking, as was the inside of the cathedral hall.  Again with the detail.  Amazing.  Of course no pictures are allowed inside, which is truly sad, as I would love to share with you a glimpse of what I have seen.

After St. Paul’s we decided to head to the Globe since it wasn’t that far from where we were and it gave us a chance to walk across the pedestrian bridge over the River Thames.  The bridge happens to also be right next to a school in London.  So of course I had TPWSNBN take a picture of me in front of the sign.  We then walked across and went inside The Globe – BUT – had missed the last tour of the day, since their play season is still going on, they had to set up for the 2:00pm showing of The Twelfth Night.  YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THAT PLAY Y’ALL.  I wish we could have stayed for the performance but with standing room only, and me still feeling queasy we decided against it.  We stopped at the Swan restaurant and had lunch instead.  We both had the Globe Ale – which was amazing and very carbonated. From lunch we walked to the tube and took it towards the Tower of London.  We bought tickets and a cool book about the place and then took a tour WITH a Beefeater.  Super cool.  We then saw the Crown Jewels – GORGEOUS – and then the White Tower which houses the armor of the kings – Henry VIII seems to be the most prominent one displayed through out the majority of things we’ve seen.  Then we walked through the Torture Chamber and then it was on to the gift shop. Of course. 

I wanted to buy a replica crown, but TPWSNBN didn’t think it would be a good idea with me walking around wearing that and using my horrible british accent. He’s most likely right.

After the Tower of London we decided to walk across The Tower Bridge which was about as cool as you would expect.  The views, again were amazing, and the hustle of the people was interesting.  The architecture – although newer than most places in London – was still breath taking.  That’s the thing of this trip.  It’s all breath taking. 

After that we decided to call it a day of sight seeing and make our way back through the tube system to our hotel.  We are staying like 2 blocks from the Lancaster Gate Station so the getting around has been very easy.

We are about to head to dinner at Leinster Pub and then have an early night of it, as we will have a 4 am wake up call to head to the train station for our next adventure – PARIS!

Carry on! xoxoxox

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