London Calling : Westminster Abbey & British Museum

Today involved a lot of tube travel.  We bought day passes and then proceeded to make it pay for itself in the first hour.  Mainly because we had no idea where we were going, then we got rained on profusely (THANK YOU to the British War Museum Gift Shop for selling me two black umbrellas instead of forcing the Union Jack ones on me – Still trying to not look like a tourist.) and our feet were hurting majorly.  SO we tubed it back (is that the right verb?) and changed socks, etc.  Then off we were. 

We covered Westminster Abbey this morning, and that so far has been the highlight for me.  I know, it’s day 1.  But I was able to see Geoffrey Chaucer’s tomb.  I actually teared up.  Someone I fell in love with in my undergrad was buried beneath that stone, and it was a lot to take in.  The walls and structure of the Abbey itself was breath taking.  It really makes churches of today’s architecture look a bit pedestrian.  I am not sure when we lost the passion for intricacy and detail.  Streamline is not always the best people.

Then we decided to hit up the British Museum, because it’s free and it’s filled with ‘a bunch of stuff England stole from other countries.’ TPWSNBN’s words, not mine.  The fact that we were able to stand 2.5 feet away from the marble works of the Parthenon was amazing.  It was humbling.  It was extraordinary.  It was a life making moment.  To be surrounded by over 20 mummies at one time was a bit out of the ordinary as well.  Again with the details and the delicate nature other cultures honor their dead.  It was amazing.  I was pretty much gaped mouthed the entire time.  Everything was absolutely beautiful.  It was things that I had read about and never thought of again.  It was entire cultures I had no real idea of and here I was looking at their relics and reading about their history.  It was items found from 1450 BC that made me think about the history of our world in general.

It was the Rosetta Stone.  It was statues of Venus.  It was a class of Art Students not older than 12 years drawing these figures for the first time, and being just as taken with them as me.

It was an amazing day.  It’s a day I want to never end.

It’s time for a pint.


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