The Debate – What did you think?

I thought there were strong and weak points on both sides.  I think both candidates could have used a bit more preparation, and although my decision was not swayed last night, I don’t think that was the point of the debate.  What did you get out of it, if anything?

Were you happy with the results?

Who do you think ‘won’?

via NPR

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3 thoughts on “The Debate – What did you think?

  1. I think Obama is going to take a hit in the polls after last night. He was a mumbling, stuttering mess. While neither really “won” the debate in my opinion, I found Obama awkward and like you said, both were a bit unprepared. I’m one of those 7%-10% undecided and from my couch, Mitt had a lot more to say. I mean really, we are still sinking here after 4 years of “change”. Every time they said the word “trillion” I wanted to puke. I’ll probably vote for whichever candidate’s plan involved the least amount of “borrow” from other countries. It feels like America is a big fat broke joke and that doesn’t sit well with me. I’m looking forward to the vice president debate after last night’s vagueness.

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