Tuesday Things

  • So my plants split up the ass last night at Wegmans.  I think if I needed a sign to get back on track that was it.  Mortified doesn’t begin to explain it.
  • Although I can’t exercise today, because of class and work, I am going to be 100% on par with my eating.  I’ve already tracked everything, including my coffee this afternoon.  If I indulge in anything it will be a fruit cup from Starbucks.  I need to regain control.
  • It took me 1 hour and 47 minutes to get to work this morning.  I hate Rain.  I hate living so far (well only 16 miles) from work, I hate the fact that the DC metro area has the worst traffic ever.
  • I’m aiming for 100 oz of water again today – I made it to 119 yesterday – and I think it’s helping.  I’m stressed so my face is breaking out, but hopefully the water will do some work in that department as well.
  • Speaking of stress, I had all these grand plans yesterday of doing an hour of yoga.  Yeah I got in 10 minutes.  Why?  My back started screaming like it was on fire and being stabbed.  I guess Yoga will have to wait till I am fully healed.  No worry.  Today is an off day, and tomorrow is 4 miles.  Outside.  Unless its a downpour.
  • Speaking of downpour – WE LEAVE IN 3 DAYS (basically) FOR ENGLAND!  We should really pack umbrellas.   I’ll have my trench coat so I’ll be ready!  CAN’T WAIT.
  • My neck is in complete revolt at this point.  It’s now a stinging pain running down the side of my neck into my shoulder.  There isn’t enough bengay in the world at this point.
  • I feel like I am running around with my head cut off.   I haven’t begun packing.  I hung up all of our clothes last night.  I had been living out of laundry baskets, and then decided I was tired of it, and how in God’s name would I pack if all my clothes were wrinkly? Exactly.
    • Gotta look good to impress Kate and Wills.
  • I am way too productive on this Rockstar Energy Drink


  • Breakfast: English muffin with Elderberry Jelly and Coffee w/ Coffeemate
  • Snack: Apple and Tea
  • Lunch: Turkey wrap with lettuce and cabbage and hummus, yogurt, carrots with tzatziki sauce
  • Snack: Banana
  • Dinner: Chicken Sausage with Purple Potatoes
  • Snack: Ice Coffee with Half and Half and fruit

Activity: Getting through today.  I MEAN REALLY.

32 ounces of water – DONE.  68 more to go.

Enjoy your rainy or if your lucky, sunny Tuesday loves.


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