Cody’s Crew 5k/Rest/Monday

I ran a race on Sunday called “Cody’s Crew 5k” – it benefits Neuroblastoma research and was started by the family of Cody who suffered from this cancer.  Well I woke up not being ready for this race.  I got dressed feeling horrible, my back hurt, my lungs felt gross, and my entire body was achey.  I was not only getting sick, I was getting the flu.  I begged TPWSNBN to tell me not to run the race, and he wouldn’t – he kept saying “You’ll feel better once your there.”

Well that never happened.

I ended up after the first 0.58 miles walking most of it.  I said “Screw it” to my Garmin and just kept it running so I could get the calorie burn to convert to WW points later.  I saw my pace go from 10’22” to 14’38”.  I was so upset but my legs felt like they were three times the size that they are and weighed just as much.    I ran bits and pieces in between and then the last 0.40 to the finish line.  I wanted to come in running. I was shocked when I got my pace though for the entire race: 12’12” finishing at 37’50”.  That – with all of my walking – is still faster than the first 5k I ever did.

So I am still happy that I did it.  But what made it really worth while was:


Yup I got a medal.  I was super excited about this.  I was not excited about the 4 hills on the 5k course.


Resting.  Normally Monday’s I run.  I am supposed to run 3.1 miles today.  Instead I am planning on doing 1 hour of yoga.  Why?  Because I ran yesterday, I need to stretch more, and frankly my body is asking for rest.  This is considered active rest.  If I want to be a better runner I need to listen to my body, and this is me attempting to do that.  Plus my legs still feel like they weigh 800 pounds each.


It’s Monday!  I leave for England in 5 days!  I can’t believe it’s finally here!  I am so excited.  I plan on preliminary packing tonight – along with laundry and putting away clothes – after we go grocery shopping.  I’m dressed up today at work – as in nice pants and heels – because I am washing all of my casual clothes for the trip.  I am not planning on wearing much other than jeans – albeit nice ones – on the trip excluding some dinners in which I will have brought a skirt, wedges and nice top- TPWSNBN is bringing khakis.

We’ll see how two American’s in the UK fare with not being used to dressing up except for weddings, funerals, and the occasional work party.

Being at work feels weird today, but I’m not dreading it like usual.  It’s odd.  I think its because I am taking this new “Once I leave the office I no longer care” approach.  I am also trying to sit with better posture so my doesn’t ache.

I’m starting the 100 oz a day water challenge today as well, mainly because I need to flush out the nastiness in my system from this weekend (Cheese Fondue, Burgers, Pizza OH MY).  I had points for all of it, and tracked it like a champ, so I’m still in the green – so to speak.  I’d like the leave the 16 WP’s I have untouched.  I don’t need to eat that much.  Oh wait, I had a beer last night.  11 WP’s I have left.

32 ounces – DONE.

I know that one way I can help myself stay on track is not buy anything ‘snack worthy’.  By that I mean anything that I can just grab.  All food should take preparation.  It should take care.  It needs to be something that is savored, not woofed down.  Apples and Peanut Butter, seems simple, but you have to scoop out the PB, apples need to be washed, cored, and cut, then you can eat.  That’s a process.  Chips in a bag, regardless of how healthy, require opening the bag.  That is not a ‘process’.  That’s where I get in trouble.

Banana ‘soft serve’ requires a food processor.  Frozen yogurt from the store, requires removing the lid.  Get the point?  I’m going to try to remove the items of food that require nothing more than opening a container, and replace them with snacks and food that require thought.

We’ll see if my random epiphany of an idea works.  It will surely make eating cleaner a priority.


Have a great Monday!


I’ve updated my Race Page to include a picture and my time from the race yesterday!

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