Rest Day

I slept in so late this morning and it was glorious.  I then laid awake in bed for about another half hour before getting up and showering and then finding food and coffee. Although I was dying yesterday after my run, it was incredibly nice to be able to sleep in this morning and take a full ‘Don’t feel Guilty Rest Day’.  I have my first race in a few months tomorrow – luckily just a 5k.  But I am still nervous about it.  I am nervous because I can feel the tightness in my legs and know that there is little I can do between now and then to fix them.

Blogging outside in this glorious weather

I live for days like this.  Where the weather is cool enough for shoes, but for the brave you can still go barefoot.  I love the fact that windows opened in the house brings in the scents of autumn without candles, and the stuffiness of the summer humidity and air conditioning is gone in an hour or so.  The sounds of birds are silencing as the time is moving closure for their migration south and the feeling of acorns beneath your feet is a common practice.  The sun is setting earlier now, and rising just a bit later and the welcome change of time is upon me.

Leaves go golden and maroon showing once again God is Hokie, and football is prominently on the TV whenever possible.  Costumes and candy will soon broach our house, and then times for thanks and prayer.

I am most calm on these days right before the hustle of the holiday season hits.

I am most thankful on these days that I get another chance with every autumn.

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4 thoughts on “Rest Day

    • Well…. I started off badly, and then realized it was a run/walk, so I power walked the rest of it. My legs hurt from my long run on Friday and I was exhausted from not sleeping due to back pain. I decided instead of pushing myself and possibly causing more harm then good I would just walk, let go of my pride and do better next time. Thanks for asking!! :-)

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