Face It Friday

WI: + 5.2
Total Lost: -36.4
Emotion: Sh*t Happens

I am not sure I am shocked or not.  I am a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount I gained.  I was pretty sure I would gain, but this much?  Man.  Back on track though.  Today is most likely going to be a rest day, mainly because my back and hip are in ouch mode.  Tomorrow I will run 6 miles, Sunday is the 5k, and then I will be back on my normal workout routine.

I will take the time this afternoon to stretch, lay with a heating pad, and plan out meals for the week.

I think workout wise I am good, it’s the food intake that’s not so amazing.

I’m sore like whoa.  My legs, back, and hip.  Ouchies.

yay for that!

Positive Points Of Today

  • It’s Friday
  • I’ve already tracked Breakfast and Lunch
  • In One week I’ll be preparing to leave for England
  • Other than my sore back and hip area, my legs are healing (i.e. Achilles isn’t so sore anymore)
  • It rained last night, pretty hard, so all of the plants are perky, and the weather is cool
  • It’s almost October – my favorite fall month – and we shopped for halloween decor last night.  Our house looks awesome
  • After my 2 mile run yesterday I became compelled to clean the main level of the house, including dusting the baseboards.   The house looks so good and I’m more comfortable with people coming over than I was before.
  • Although I gained, a lot, of weight this week, I am okay with it.  I needed the kick in the teeth – which this was – to remind myself that just because I think it’s healthy doesn’t mean that it is or that I can eat hoards of it.  Everything has a serving size for a reason.  Sometimes you need that really awful reminder.
  • I posted the following picture last night and got so much encouragement from so many people.  It reminded me that even with the gain of today, I am going in the right direction.  I will never weigh what I weighed in the before picture again.  Never.

2007 and 2012

I am still shocked at times how much of a difference there is.

  • Now for some cute Animals:

Tired tiny horse.

I love labs



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3 thoughts on “Face It Friday

  1. Love the kid on skates. My weight fluctuates all the time and it often seems random. If I watch my diet, nothing happens. If I run I might gain weight.
    I think sometimes my body is retaining water as part of it’s reaction to exercise. I think that is part of the swelling we hear so much about. Just my theory.
    Your photos show that you have made a lot of progress. Take that as encouragement to keep going. You are heading in the right direction, and you are in control of your life!

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I’m paying more attention to the way I look and feel and less in the number on the scale. While it would be nice to hit my goal number I think it’s better for me to be healthy and happy in jeans than to be happy with an arbitrary set of numbers. I’m totally at peace with the gain today and not really upset about it as I know that it doesn’t give an accurate account of the last week :-)

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