Thursday Happenings

  • So I cooked my first spaghetti squash last night.  OH MY LORDIE.  YUM.  I am so excited to eat my lunch today.  SO VERY EXCITED.  That and it’s zero points.  ZERO.  I could eat an entire squash and nothing.  I am very happy about this because it’s yummified.  I’m excited because it’s nice to have something new to cook for dinners and lunches.
  • I stopped and got iced coffee this morning because I slept in till about 7:00am when I should have been leaving the house then.  Whoops.
  • I’m most likely skipping my workout today, and will just go on the dog walk this evening instead.  I am really tired, and coming down with a cold, if it hasn’t already hit.  I’m achey, but at least I slept through the night last night.
  • I really want the iphone 5
  • TPWSNBN rubbed my back and shoulders last night for like 15 minutes and it was glorious.  We were watching the two hour episode of Law and Order SVU and he sat there trying to get rid of the knots in my back and I am a lot better now.  Not perfect, but better.
  • Coffee is not working yet this morning.  I am not sure why.  Second cup down the hatch and it feels like I just woke up.
  • I can’t believe I leave for England in 9 days.  9 DAYS.  We need this vacation.  Desperately.  We need some glamour and some romance.  What better place to do this in than Europe?
  • Speaking of travel, I need to go shopping.
  • I didn’t win the dinner with Obama which was really sad.  I was so hoping that I would.  Mainly because how awesome would that be?  I’m just going to go have dinner with Obama.  Wahoo!
  • My mouth feels funny.
  • I need to come up with a thesis for my final essay for my World Literature Class, but I am having a really hard time figuring out one.  I am planning on taking the final the Friday after I return from England, so i can just be done with that class, so that gives me like 3 weeks to come up with a topic.
  • PetsMart Sells turtles now.  I want one.
  •  – THIS.

Any Plans for the weekend?  Do you like SkinnyGirl Cocktails or wine?  What are you dressing up as for Halloween?  Where should I go when I get to England?

You’re Welcome.

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