Worry About It Why Don’t You

Happy Wednesday Guys!  I left class a little after 9:00pm last night because my neck/shoulders/head were all in massive amounts of pain.  That and I am sure I am getting sick.

I am still going to run AT LEAST 2 miles.  Aiming for 3.5 on treadmill (run 3 minutes walk 30 seconds).

I feel better about my Weigh In Day being on Fridays.  It’s where I am at my happiest frankly.  It sets me up to have a lot more wiggle room on the weekends, and then I have the whole week to get better.

It may be cheating, so what.

Song of the moment guys.  I am listening to it on repeat and attempting not to jump off a bridge in the process.  This was, you guessed it, on the V for Vendetta Soundtrack.  I should thank that movie for how much it has opened up my eyes and ears to new music and books.  It reaffirmed my love of the play The Twelfth Night, and gave me a sick fascination with Guy Fawkes.  And Hugo Weaving.  I apologize to Hugo for the fangirl actions I have been experiencing by tweeting him and pretty much coming across as a psycho.  I realize I am 7 years late to this movie, but your LOTR role also had a profound affect on me as well.  I’m sure you will not disappoint in the Hobbit films either.

Frankly, this is what happens when I look for an escape in my own life.  I watch/read/hear/whatever something and then become enthralled in the fantasy world of it.  This usually happens when I am stressed out (now) or depressed (also now).  I am that person after finishing a book that can’t immediately jump into another one because my heart is broken for the first one.  If that makes sense.

I am sure all of you think I am a bit cray cray right now, and frankly you’d be right.

Especially since there will most likely be NO HOCKEY this year…

*heart breaks*

Did I mention I have a 5k on Sunday?  Yeah I am actually super nervous about it.  :-/

Nothing brought me more joy than googling a girl that was mean to me right now (because I cyber stalk bullies) and having her announcement of having an STD on facebook pop up.  Oh people.  Don’t put that ish online.

Tonight’s Plan:

  • Run upon getting home (outside or in depending on feeling and weather)
  • Dinner
  • PJ’s and couch meld
  • Get in Bed Early

Let’s see if I can get up tomorrow morning and knock out my workout!

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