Beyond Tired

I’m not sure exercise is going to happen today.  My body is in a full on revolt.

I had a dentist appointment, but it was just cancelled – thank God.  So I am planning on leaving work early (Again) to go home and catch up.

My timesheet is littered with 1.25 hours here and .50 hours there of vacation time being used to cover these days when I just have to leave, but I am so very thankful for it. I don’t take much time off normally, so when I can use it for leaving early for mental health and physical health purposes I’m very much happy to do it.

So Friday I ran 5.0 miles instead of my 6.5.  I was a bit discouraged, because I need my mileage to start building so when the Half and then the Full come around I am not freaking out.  So Saturday I did strength training and then yesterday, I went OUTSIDE and ran 6.23 miles.  I wanted to do 6.5 but I was feeling a bit nauseated and I was already like 10 feet from my doorstep at that point so I decided to cut my losses and just go home.

I still considered this a major win because frankly, I didn’t have to do anything but I did two longish runs (for me) in one weekend.

I guess I am becoming one of those crazy runners.

There is an icepack on my left calve/ankle to prove it.

Halloween Party Looks Like It MAY actually be happening…  Nervous like whoa to have people in my house from work.  I come from humbleness in my home and well, compared to others houses it kind of looks like a shanty.  But frankly my dogs are better than their dogs so there.  That and our house looks lived in, and homey.

I just got signed up for 2 meetings to last alllllllll day.  Thanks Life!

I have my first race in a few months this coming weekend.  I’m glad I signed up for this 5k because it benefits childhood cancer research.  Which let’s face it, is one of the shittiest things that can happen to a child.  I get a kick butt medal too for running!

Well off to chug this Pepsi Max and then Meetings!


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