Thursday Things

  • I watched “V for Vendetta” yesterday for the first time, and man, it was awesome.  There was something about the strangeness of the movie and the tension between the two lead characters that kept me sucked in.  I actually felt bad for the terrorist (I guess you are supposed to?).  I was all enamored with V until I found out that the actor who played him was the bad guy in the Matrix.  Totally ruined it for me.


  • I felt really horrible last night and pretty much collapsed in bed directly after coming into my bed room.  This made sleeping a breeze.  I am actually somewhat refreshed this morning.  I had a dream about some guy terrorizing Manassas wearing an Obama mask, and people thought it was actually Obama.  Which leads me to think that I don’t have a very high opinion of the intellect of people who live in this area.  (I don’t, fyi.)
  • I am wearing Orange today, and this is so far out of my comfort zone.  I feel like a pumpkin.
  • I ran last night, despite being exhausted.  I am planning on doing Circuit Training tonight, either with Insanity or NTC.  (Most likely NTC because Insanity still scares me and I think I need to lose more weight before combating that.
  • I really want to eat my banana now.. but I need to wait.
  • Now I’m tired.
  • Fitbloggin is this weekend in Baltimore, MD.  It’s not that far from me, but I couldn’t afford the entrance fee, and well, I am not really “fit” nor do I blog only about being “fit” (which I am not) so I didn’t think it would be prudent for me to be there.  Plus I can’t take off work, and TPWSNBN wouldn’t let me pay for another weekend without him.
  • With all this said, I still track-a-lackin’ everything and feeling good about it.  I will lose this weight.  It will be gone by the High School Reunion.  I will not be looked at as the 17 year old girl who used to be an upper parking lot regular.
  • I did not peak in high school!
  • So if I liked “V for Vendetta” what other movies should I see?
  • My first race in about two months is next weekend…

How are you doing with you fitness?  Are you going to FitBloggin’?  Do you know what Fitbloggin’ is?  Do you like creepy futuristic movies with strange men in masks that are somewhat of a turn on too?

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