When is When



How much can you take before the inevitable ‘uncle’ is yelled?  Are you cool under stress or do you fly off the handle?Do you have buttons that inevitably someone in particular will push to set you off?  Do you let emotion take over and let your personal feelings take the brunt of the criticism blow?

When is your when?

I’m currently trying to figure that out about myself.  I know I have a breaking point, usually when I have pent up the anger and resentment for so long that I snap and fly off the handle at someone who simply asked a question that could be seen as mildly annoying.  I feel bad for those people.

I find that I can be calmed down very easy by crying it out, but that is not always an option at work.

ANYWAYS.  Weird observation this morning.  Totally over it now.

Go here now if you have a dog.  It made my day.

I have class tonight.  I am expecting a gain tomorrow.  Apparently the end of the world is coming in the form of a storm today.  I am not liking the combo here.  If I have to be fat and gain weight can’t I at least have no rain or hurricane strength winds?

My legs itch from the 26 mosquito bites.  Now I am worrying about West Nile.  Oh well.

Bright Side Of Life:

like 17 days till England!!!!!  I can’t freaking wait.  CAN’T WAIT.  But I have to, because I can’t move time.

I took Exam 2 yesterday and have already completed the last two assignments which means I have more than 2 months to prepare a solid outline and research for my final exam/essay.  That and I can focus on Linguistics which I am sure is going to kick my ass.

Things I found while looking around:

  • New Diet Pill FDA Approved (When will people learn?) – CNN 
  • Royals Win First Round of Legal Battle on Topless Kate Pics (GO KATE!!) – FCKWhatYouHeard
  • West Nile Virus Fact Sheet – CDC (Thanks Brittony!)
  • Romney Hates Everyone and Responds – AOL.com
  • Tornado Watch for DC Area – Washington Post (Why is Mother Earth so mad??)

Stay safe those in the path of these storms.



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