But, But, Rye?

I am so happy it’s Friday.  Actually this week seemed to fly by, oddly enough.

  • We booked the day trip to Paris.  I am really excited about this.  Mainly because I doubt we’ll be leaving the country next year (or possibly even a few years after this trip due to my school) so getting two countries in is amazing.  Plus who doesn’t want to go to Paris if given the chance?  I wonder if they are really mean to American’s or if that is just because one person had a bad experience.  Because my hairstylist is off the boat French, and the nicest person ever.
  • I have already posted the assignment for the week of November 11, 2012 for my World Literature Class. I feel oddly relieved that I am rocking this class.  Mainly because the choices the teacher has for reading are, well, kind of out there.  I was worried that 1.) I wouldn’t understand the readings, 2.) I wouldn’t be capable of coming up with strong view points for the more than 10 assignments (3 exams), or 3.) I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the flow of work.
    • Either everyone else is really slow, or I’m just awesome.  I’ve received 100% on everything I have turned in.
  • I did Nike Training Club last night – Sweat and Shape – I think is it what it was called.  Man those workouts get touch towards like the last 5 minutes.  We’ll see how bad it is today when I do Insanity Cardio DVD.  My thighs hurt from the 5 million squats I did yesterday, so that’s a good thing.  Thighs, Upper Arms, Abs = Problem areas.  When I say Problem Area I mean – area to which grossness resides on my body.
  • I really am ready to see some muscle definition, so that can come on whenever.
  • TPWSNBN loves Banana Republic Pants.  He has come to the dark side, and is dressing nicely.  He even said “I can’t wear t-shirts forever.”
  • Today will be a chug water type of day.  I am really thirsty and not sure why, but obviously my body is telling me something.  The idea of drinking anything other than water seems disgusting.  Great I’m sure I’m bloated.
  • There are some days where the act of being present and positive in the situation is almost impossible.
  • I have the sudden urge to run this afternoon.  Should I?  I mean my long run is tomorrow, but would it be so bad to switch to day, and do insanity tomorrow?  thoughts?  (by long run I mean 6 miles.)
  • I am getting really excited about the fall.  I am also getting really excited because I am getting closer to the day my application is reviewed by GMU – like 18 days away.  All this hard work is coming to it’s final test.  The application review and then the interview.  I need to buy a suit…
  • I am not looking at the nude pictures of Duchess Catherine on principle.  That and we all know she has a rocking body.  Leave something to the imagination.  That photographer should be bitch slapped.
  • I’m taking my second exam after work – YAY – I’m actually excited about these exams because I am good with the material.  Something I never thought I would be.  It’s amazing when things click and everything falls into place.  I am really looking forward to continuing this journey.  REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.

Fall Outfits (Haves and Wants)

via Target – Newest Purchase for Fall!

via Gap – Color Block Cardigan

via Banana Republic – Orange Pointe Blouse

via Banana Republic – Jeweled Button Cardigan

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