Thursday Things

  • It’s Thursday!  One more day till the weekend.  Not that this weekend will be light in load by any means, but it’s a nice thought.  Not having to drive to work will be a major bonus.
  • I had a dream last night that I was working back at Starbucks.  The sheer joy this dream gave me was a bit weird.  I made about 1/4 of what I do now when I worked there, but man was I happy.  I loved the job, the customers, the coworkers (for the most part).  Too bad really.  Well it’s their loss.
  • I am in an all morning meeting in which I take notes, and frankly I can’t follow the side conversations because I have no idea what all the acronyms mean.
  • My world lit professor is leaving for the UK for like a week on Friday, which is cool, because I plan on submitting all of my open assignments while she is gone.  I’m totally going to finish the semester before October.  :-D
  • I just bought shoes (hounds tooth!) and I am uber excited

Image 1 of ASOS PARIS Pointed High Heels

  • Today is a Nike Training Club Day.  I think I will do a 45 minute workout and see how long I last.  Those workouts are no joke – I am literally gasping for air.  I might also just do the cardio dvd for Insanity.  I watched it last week when I was running and man it not only looks intense, but it looks like every move I have ever hated in a workout DVD were compiled into one workout.  I think I deserve a good beating.
  • I am liking this whole buckling down thing and tracking.  I feel more in control than before.  I like it.
  • I however, am concerned for my dog – Cocker Spaniel Blarney Man – who is 37 pounds.  He needs to lose like 4-6 pounds.  I’m aiming for 5 for him so he doesn’t become uber thin.  But he needs to lose weight.  So nightly walks, less treats and mindful portions for food are what we are doing.  Just like mommy.  Except I don’t wear a leash (HEYO!).
  • 22 Days till England!  Oh I can’t wait.
  • Has this year flown by for anyone else?  It feels like just yesterday I was preparing to a run a half marathon.  Now I am planning on running another Half and a full 3 months later.  I’m crazy pants.
  • Beer Cheese Soup OMG.  Yes.  I am going to make this like every week this winter.  It just sounds comforting.. Plus there’s BEER AND CHEESE TOGETHER.  It’s like God was thinking of how he  could make me the most happy, and then he said “Oh.  OF COURSE.”  And here we are.
  • I was at REI last night looking at North Face Jackets, and somehow, I found myself checking out and getting excited about not just a singular running stroller, but one for two children.  Like I am going to have twins or something.. Like I’m pregnant or something.  I’M NOT.  WHERE ARE THESE EMOTIONS COMING FROM.
  • I hate when I have nothing to write in my planner for a certain day.


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