Tuesday Things

  • I have come to the conclusion, that unless I have been up for days on end, sleeping without my sleep aids in conjunction with my other medications is impossible.  I can’t go through last night ever again.
  • My run yesterday was fantastic.  The weather was a breezy 75 degrees and although I had some lingering pain in my leg I was able to do 4 minutes running 30 seconds walking for the full time giving me a 10’29” pace.  I am excited about my 10’29” pace.  I’m frankly excited that I have stuck with running this long to get from my old 13’40” pace to now.
  • I have class tonight.  I have a test as well.  One I am not so sure I am prepared for.  I’ll be studying on my lunch and dinner breaks.
  • I’ve been rocking my other class though.  So far 100% on everything.  I am shocked at my awesomeness with school.
  • Today is officially Free Hug Day.


  • I’m going to aim for 100 oz of water today.  I think that is why my skin is acting like I’m 14 again.  YAY ADULT ACNE.
  • It was 46 degrees when I left the house this morning.  You will not believe how happy this made me.  I was literally jumping for joy as I dug out my jacket to wear on the ride in.  I also realized I need to get my weight back to my happy place because some jackets I bought are too tight.  UGH.
  • H&M refunded all of my money – YAY – on store credit – BIGGER YAY – and I have 40 bucks in Gap/Banana Republic Dollars to use!  I’m going to wait until I drop 10 pounds to do any shopping with these items because I reallllllly would like to buy some smaller clothes.brenna-fall-colored-necklace-big.jpg
  • I just bought this necklace and I am uber excited about it.  Buy your very own here
  • If TPWSNBN is reading this – I used my own money on the necklace.. so there.

My Sister Cece

  • “it’s not so cool when you’re beating college freshmen and retired old people who are bored.”

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