Friday Things

  • Better n’ Peanut Butter Chocolate is amazing.  I know to some it’s not as good as real peanut butter, and I get that.  But to satisfy my sweet tooth, and give me *some* protein, I’ll take it.  Love it.  Cherish it forever. 
  • I’m slowly transitioning back to real food in smaller quantities over ‘low fat food’ in higher quantities.  It’s about quality right?  Quality food actually feeds  you, not just fills you up.  I remember when my parents would take us to the Sizzler in Arlington, which was basically a higher standard buffet than say Golden Corral.  I would eat and eat and eat until I felt sick, but that was it.  I never got the full feeling because it wasn’t sustaining me.  It was just making me feel gross.
  • TPWSNBN and I went to Trader Joe’s randomly last night.  I wish he would let me do some of our grocery shopping there on the regular.  I would love to dive into their fresh ingredients.  But sadly their food ends up being an after thought of “Oh I’d love some Banana Chips,” or “I’d love to try their fresh pasta” never “Let’s buy their organic sustainable meat and produce.” Sigh.
  • I’m taking my first exam today after work for my online World Literature course.  My thesis is “The loss of innocence in humanity is clearly demonstrated two different ways in the stories of the Fall from the Hebrew Bible and Enkidu’s rise to humanity in The Epic of Gilgamesh.  Although both stories show loss of innocence, they both have completely different outcomes.”  I’m kind of excited about it.  I am also excited about an exam where I can choose my own topic and thesis.  It’s like another paper.  WE CAN EVEN BRING NOTES.
  • I need to stop snacking on banana chips – i.e. if I finish the potion I brought with me, I have to stop as in there are no more to snack on.
  • I think anyone who gets married after I post this post needs to have one of their wedding favors be a soundtrack of the couples favorite music, with the last song being their first dance song.  I am very passionate about this idea, because man, if Pinterest had been around when my wedding was being planned, I would have done everything on those damn wedding boards.
  • I am sore from yesterdays workout.  I did Nike Training Club Adrenaline 30 minute workout – which I believe was the entire body.  I think we worked everything.  Then I did a Sculpted Arm workout as well.  45 minutes total.  While running will always be my favorite, I am really liking this change.  It is keeping things interesting, that’s for sure.  Let’s hope some results come from it, so in 6 months when I devote my life to Insanity for 60 days I don’t die.
  • I also have the next two assignments completed for my world lit class as well.  I like being a couple of weeks ahead, because you never know what could spring up at work, or life.  Or I could just stop caring.  There is always that.
  • Is there a yoga pose to make you wake up?
  • My achilles tendon is amazingly better.  I think the strength training is helping it.  I know if I strengthen my legs that injuries won’t happen so often, and I think my main problem was not having enough strength training involved in my routine.  I would get gung ho about a workout and then go back to running.  It was as if I didn’t feel the need to repeat the process.  Silly me.
  • This weekend is filled with family fun, and hopefully 6.5 miles tomorrow.  I’m aiming lower than I have been, because I have time to build my mileage.  I need to focus on getting stronger as I build up the distance.

Happy Friday!


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