Thursday Things

  • I slept better last night.  Achilles is still acting up.  I have a ice pack pretty much taped to it right now.  We shall see how things go.
  • I think people who don’t blow there noses and just sit there snorting and crap for like hours, are well in fact, out to get me.  It’s like my biggest pet peeve.  TPWSNBN does this CONSTANTLY.  I’m like “Blow your nose.”  He says “I’m Fine.”  I reply with “I’m Not.”  Then we stare at each other.  It’s a loving moment we share.
  • I just randomly found out I’ll be having Chipotle for Lunch.  These are the best kind of revelations.  Or discoveries.  Or whatever.
  • Someday’s it seems I can’t get enough water.  These are also the days that I don’t crave sweets so much.  I am also not ravenous on these days.  May be the key to not overeating and not eating sugar is drinking lots of water.  *Epiphany*
  • I would like to buy some running tops from LuLuLemon.  I have a gift card and have no idea what to buy.  What are your favorites?
  • You know what doesn’t last too long?  Instant Ice Packs.  That’s what.  Having a lukewarm ice bag taped to my leg without a way of taking it off at the moment kind of stinks
  • I was thinking about quitting my job and then working as a waitress.  Why?  Because I am better at customer service and being around people than I am with this job.  I’m feeling more and more pushed away by my coworkers, and I am not seeing a change of this coming anytime soon.
  • I am just wishing things were different in many aspects of my life.  One of the only things I have control over is my school, and right now I am rocking that.  I just wish I could rock the rest of my life.
  • I’m in a slump, which happens.  I just wish I could snap out of it.  I am sure it’s mostly from the weather, the fact I can’t run without pain at the moment, etc.
  • I’m running out of interesting things to say/type.
  • I wish I could take pictures for my blog the way other bloggers take pictures.  I need a camera and not just my phone frankly.
  • Octopus Taco.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. being in a slump is just the way it is sometimes, this too shall pass. Keep your job, insurance and security is more important then fellow employees “pushing you away”. At times we have to change our approach to others to make things go smoothly, ( I have to do this on a daily basis) Not a sermon, just a thougt.
    love you,

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