Weigh In Wednesday

WI: -2.4
Total Lost: -43.8
Emotion: Whooooosaaaa
Day 16/100 – 100 days to Healthy

I am exhausted this morning.  I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open at my desk.  I got home late, went to bed late, and then couldn’t shut off my brain.  I’ll be taking my sleep aid tonight, even though right now it doesn’t feel like I’ll need it.

Where’s my energy drink?

I might need to bust out some coffee… my stomach is gonna hate me for how much I will need to get through today.

Speaking of things to get through – MCM 10K is in 52 days.  I’ve run a 5k, 8k, and a half marathon.  But, I have never run a 10k distance for a race.  I am interested to see how I do.  I am not hoping to break a personal record for me, but it would be nice to finish strong.

Course Map It looks awesome.  Running past some memorials, and then over a bridge (not my favorite, but eh).  All to end with the marathoners at the Iwo Jima Memorial.  How patriotic and American.  I am not being snide or condescending there, but I can understand how you would think I am because I am so incredibly exhausted.


I’m having one of those days where parts of my body are hurting more than they should for me trying to function at least at 60% normalcy.  I did a Nike Training Workout on Monday, and apparently I need to lunge more because those things killed my legs.  I took yesterday off from everything, and now my Achilles tendon on both legs are pain free.  Thank God.  I am going to ease out a 3 mile run or so tonight on the treadmill.  This is so I can regulate the speed and the terrain while I ease back into it.  I’ll run outside for my long run this week on Saturday.


  • Wednesday: 3 miles on treadmill
  • Thursday: Nike Training App
  • Friday: Upper body & walking on treadmill
  • Saturday: Long Run – 7 Miles
  • Sunday: Strength Training or Rest (Depends on how I feel)
  • Monday: 3 Miles (outside or in, depending)
  • Tuesday: Rest

We’ll see if I stick to it, or if I spark up another injury.  I am really negative today despite my weight loss.  It doesn’t help when the morning starts with your dog making as much noise as possible when he wakes up, your husband yelling at you about the dishwasher not working, and then not agreeing with your method of fixing it, traffic sucking hardcore, your coffee being broken, and now you have a stomach ache that isn’t nausea but horrible horrible pain.

I also have a zit – painful one – forming next to my nose.  I win for craptastic day.  Don’t even try.

I complain a lot sure, but I rarely – IF EVER- actually play the bitch card in every facet of my life.  I’ll put on a smile at work and be the doormat.  I’ll ignore the issues I have when talking to my friends and be the sympathetic confidant.  Today I am not sure I can muster it.

I know my privileged life is letting me down ever so slightly today.  It could always be worse.  I get that.  There are just days that hit me when I literally don’t care that it could be worse, because this is my ‘worse’.  This is my low point.

This picture brings me Joy.

I am sorry for coming across bitchy.  I am not going to keep saying I need a nap, because that will just make it worse.  Really right now if my stomach would stop turning itself in knots that would be lovely.

I am going to try and have some semblance of a good day, or at least not a bad one.  An Ambivalent one is my aim.

ta ta





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