I pretty much need to have this tattooed to my forehead at all times.  I am currently downing a sugar free AMP energy drink so I wouldn’t have to mosey across the street to Starbucks.

I’m wearing stripes today too.

And my hair is down.  I’m taking advantage of the fact I don’t need to blow dry it for it to look half way decent.  I still might put it up before class tonight, not sure yet.  Oh the decisions of my existence.

I have now submitted 3 out of 10 activities for one class.  When I take the exam this Friday I will officially be two weeks ahead.   This makes me happy.  I asked the professor if I could submit activities like WAY in advance and she said as long as I don’t skip ahead to anything then that’s fine.  I’m really liking this teacher.  I love online courses.  I hope my linguistics class ends up being awesome too, but sadly with all the people in class that know SO MUCH MORE than I do on the subject already, I doubt I’ll participate much.  Which leads me to my next question… If you know so much already why are you taking a 200 level intro class?  To boost your ego?  Ugh.

Blue Moon… You Saw Me Standing Alone… Without a Dream in My Heart… Without a Love Of My Own

This weekend, and all weekends long or normal sized, was no long enough.  I even had Friday off, and still.. blah.  I think it’s because I stayed up past 1:00am every night and woke up around 10 or 11 everyday.  Thus making this morning’s alarm at 6:00am worse than most days.  I didn’t emerge from bed till about 6:35 am and then I was already late, so I took my damn time.

I had a dream that I was able to quit my job and go to school full time.  This also must have meant that I got into the Grad Program in the first place.  This made me uber happy. I woke up to my reality as it is now, and fear and anxiety took over.  I am only applying to one program.  I am only giving it one shot.  I don’t know how I could do any better.  I could I guess apply for a program at another school?  But Where?  How would I even afford it?


I just get so confused sometimes

I just hope all of this hard work I am putting into this pays off.  I mean I could be focusing all of my energy into discovering the cure for something that would benefit someone other than me, so I hope GMU realizes that.  My time is precious yo.

This AMP energy drink needs to freaking kick in already.

So Summer is over, right?  Is it Autumn then?  Or is it unofficially the end of Summer with Autumn still weeks away?  My calendar is no help.  It says nothing on the topic.  This year, regardless is going by tooooo fast. I am not sure how to relish every moment if the majority of the things I have been looking forward to have passed.  Luckily there is still England in 31 days!  31 DAYS!  I could get through one flavor a day at Baskin Robbins and never repeat.  But I won’t.  Because I’d like to lose 10 pounds in those 31 days.  Think it’s doable?  We’ll see.  I’d like to at least be smaller than I am now.  We’ll put it that way.

I’d also like to be close friends with Duchess Catherine when this all over as well.  I doubt that one will be as easy.

I have “Mario Kart Love Song” stuck in my head.

Trying not to be BeBe in a Boot ver. 2.0

I am not sure if the compression sleeves did anything, but I will continue to wear them after long runs.  People swear by them, so I guess there is something to them.  May be it’s a long term thing.

Sorry for the pale legs.





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