Can’t Run

After the Fiasco of Saturday, I wanted to still work out.  I took yesterday off completely, and then decided today I wouldn’t run but do something else.  I didn’t think the explosive movements from Insanity would be a good idea, so while thinking about what I could do,  I remembered Julia telling me about the Nike Training App.

I opened it up and scanned through some of the workouts until I found one that looked like it wouldn’t bust my tendon.  It was 30 minutes long and I was set.  I loaded in my playlist and headed to the basement.

I wasn’t bored, or dreading it was over at all.  Every workout is called out over your music and there is no guess work.  It was amazing.  I burned 340 calories, and every muscle group felt worked.  Every muscle.  I feel great.  I found my workouts for days I don’t feel like doing anything.  Because it’s half an hour and the motivation is there for me.

Insanity – honestly – is going to have to wait till after the marathon.  I want to do it so bad, but I can’t do two massive plans at once.  I’ll collapse.  I am not a rock star.  Not in that way.

Breakfast was another success with 2 eggs, english muffin and some fat free cream cheese and of course coffee.

Here’s to another day.

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