Thursday Things

  • Everything I have turned in for my World Literature Class I’ve received an A on.  I am pretty much ecstatic at this point.  So far so good.  I’m planning on taking the first exam next week – possibly before my next Tuesday Class – that would be stellar to get it all done on one day.  I might leave work a bit early that day to accomplish that.
  • I was completely in control and tracked yesterday.  I worked out, and I tracked EVERYTHING.
  • I was down 3 pounds this morning – just proves most of that gain yesterday was just bloat
  • I really want some compression socks.  So if anyone works for a company that sells compression socks, and wants me to try out a pair, I’LL DO IT.  I can’t afford the price tag though :-(
  • I am starting to feel drained.  After not sleeping last night I am kind of feeling the twitchy eyes coming on
    • Side Bar: there was a time when I did not like chipotle.  I got sick a couple of times after eating there so I was pretty much deterred by the thought of going there.  But TPWSNBN was so in love with the food I agreed (about 2 years ago) to go back.  It was glorious.
  • I spilled soda all over myself and my office upon returning from lunch.


Day 10/100 -100 days to Healthy

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