Whole30 – Days That Is

So – have you heard of the Whole9 Group?

It’s pretty much Paleo – but they focus on so much more than just food.

Stress reduction, Nutrition, Sleep, Fun and Play, Exercise, Active Rest, Temperance, Personal Growth, Injury Rehab


It’s pretty much a program that says Food should be satisfying, but not only in one way:

Melissa and Dallas believe the food we eat should meet four criteria:

  • Promote a healthy psychological response
  • Promote a healthy hormonal response
  • Support a healthy gut
  • Support immune function and minimize inflammation

Wow.  Heavy.  I’d have to say 99% of the time, my food doesn’t hit all of this.  Let alone the other 8 factors in this lifestyle.  I was very intrigued when Jennifer told me about this a few days ago on another blog post I wrote.  I thought “But I screwed up Paleo, how can I do paleo and change all this other stuff?” EASY.  Tie it into a competition.

Some other friends of mine are doing a “Back on Track” Challenge starting September 1.  September has 30 days.  For 30 days, I plan on limiting if not completely getting rid of all grains, dairy, sugars, processed food, etc. (I’m not following it 100% – sue me.) I plan on taking time each day, even if only 1/2 an hour, to be still with myself and think.  I will not make excuses for missing workouts, but I will also take rest days if needed.  I will go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Can I do it?  I know I can.  Will I do it?  We’ll see come October 1.

I will still be tracking via Weight Watchers, and monitoring points values, but most veggies and fruits are Zero anyways, so – I’ll binge away on those.


Me + Whole9 / 30 Days = A New Me



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One thought on “Whole30 – Days That Is

  1. Bebe. Girl! I’m super excited that you read about it? There is so much info out there, that regardless of how freaking impossible this thing seems, it seems too good NOT to at least try it! And if you read the testimonials from people, it’s like the miracle lifestyle lol. People at work think I’m crazy for trying it, and my sister called me ridiculous and said I can’t do it.. but it’s 30 days of your life. We’re young, we have plenty of years to mess up and try new things. but 30 days? You can do it!!!!

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