Menu Monday

  • Monday – Tacos – Turkey
  • Tuesday – Spaghetti Squash with Meat and sauce
  • Wednesday – Waldorf Salad
  • Thursday – Mahi Mahi Tacos
  • Friday – Dinner Cruise
  • Saturday – Most likely Chipotle
  • Sunday – TBD

I am dragging like something fierce today.  I am hoping the Extra Strength 5-hour energy I just took kicks in soon.  I could literally go back to sleep now, with no issue.

I think it’s totally because I fell asleep around 1:30 am last night.  I just couldn’t shut my mind off.

Stupid mind.

This Happened

I love this girl.  We don’t hang out nearly enough.

I also right before this picture, smacked my head on that column behind us.  YAY for pitchers of pink tequila.

I have nothing else really to say except:

  • I’m taking today and tomorrow off from exercise.  I need to reset myself
  • I’m not following Paleo even slightly
  • I’m having a hard time being happy again
  • I ran 7 miles last saturday and felt good until it was over
  • I need a nap


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4 thoughts on “Menu Monday

  1. Have you heard of the Whole30 ( It follows the paleo premise, but the science behind it is incredible. They have a book that backs up everything that they talk about, “It Starts With Food.” I’m in no way affiliated with them, but I’m going to try out for September. You can look up any sort of ailment, and there are testimonials of people that went through the 30 day program: cravings, depression, allergies, pain, etc. All relieved from just taking 30 days to give your body a reset.
    It’s going to be freaking HARD (giving up cheese and wine!?) for a month.. but I’m looking forward to seeing what it can do! Maybe something you should read about?

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