Break Down

I weighed myself unofficially this morning and with my past gains and this weekend of pretty much not caring about what I ate or drank, I am up about 10 pounds.

*cringe* yeah that hurt to type.  It’s not because of what plan I’m on, or the fact that I am not eating enough.  I am not sure exactly what the answer is.  There are so many diets/life style changes/things you can do to lose weight and I have honest to God tried them, 100% committed, tried them, and I always fall off the wagon after a couple of weeks.

I am a firm believer in Weight Watchers.  I lost the majority of my weight on this program.  I know it works, if I work it.  But that’s the problem.  I don’t work it.

There is a saying that you are either committed to losing weight or you’re interested in losing weight.  I think up to this point in my journey I’ve flip flopped between the two.  Recently I’ve been all talk.  All plans.  No action.

Yesterday at lunch I had what I thought was a healthy mixture of good food and a bit of splurge.  After entering it into my tracker I realized I had consumed about  30 points.  HOW THE HELL.  I stared at my phone and started to tear up.  How did this happen?

I knew there was no way I could burn enough during a workout to ‘fix’ this lapse in judgement, but I knew I was going to have to workout anyways.  25 minutes of strength training circuits and 2 miles running later, I felt better about myself but I knew the damage of the past two weeks had taken its toll.

My jeans, the ones I prided myself of getting into, my skinny straight legged jeans, did not fit.

I don’t want to hear about how its bloat, or whatever.  It’s not.  And if it is?  It doesn’t matter.  It’s still on me.  It’s still the result of my bad choices and my lack of commitment.  Coddling me has never worked, and I think when I coddle myself that is when I make the worst choices.

I am expecting another gain this week because of it, and while that is depressing and heavy to write, I have to be honest.  All is not well in BeBe land.

I started thinking last night about how to ‘clean up’ my act.  That’s when Paleo came into my head.  It’s the Caveman diet.  This means, lean proteins, veggies, fruits, fungi (still seems odd to say I eat fungus, but whatever).  No grains.  No Dairy.  No Sugars.

HAH.  I know.  I laughed a little.  No Cheese? I’ve decided to give it a shot, with the 80/20 rule.  I am going to go all out 80% of the time with meals and snacks.  Then on the weekends, I plan to cheat on paleo but stay with in my points.

It’s Paleo on Weight Watchers.  This makes the most sense, since in reality Weight Watchers seems to favor the paleo eating habits of lean protein and fruits and veggies, and not so much on the carb front.   I know I won’t be able to 100% give up dairy, or breads for that matter, but it won’t be so bad to remove them from meals at least after I get going.  I made a grocery list last night with dinners for the week and decided salads are the way to go for lunch.  Lots of veggies, with protein.

Is Soy considered okay for Paleo?

Eggs – you will be my breakfast food.  Eggs with peppers and turkey bacon.  Hello filling!

I didn’t start Paleo this morning for breakfast as we are out of most food items, due to today being our grocery shopping day, but tomorrow!  Onward!

Plan of the Day

  • Breakfast: Quick Oats, Better n’Peanut butter, Banana; Coffee with cream and protein powder (8P+)
  • Lunch: Strawberries and bananas with granola and yogurt, celery with Better n’ Peanut butter, vitamin water (7P+)
  • Snack: Pop Chips (3P+) – Say good bye to these!
  • Dinner: Salad at the salad bar at Wegmans
  • Activity: 3.1 miles

I’m going to try and stick with something longer than a few days.  I’m not willing to start the new year like this.

Day 08/100 – 100 days to healthy


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2 thoughts on “Break Down

  1. I love the Paleo guidelines! And even if you can get past eating anything in a package, I think you’d be surprised how easy it is to stick to good things. I follow some awesome paleo blogs, so if you’re interested in some reading material, I’ll share some of my faves!
    I think it’s brave that you can admit your faults and write about the good with the bad, so I hope you can stay optimistic on your next journey :)

  2. paleo is a great way to eat. however, it is a lifestyle change. meaning it is pretty much all or nothing. you will become highly disappointed and frustrated with no weight loss if you can’t stick to it religiously. i speak from experience. paleo also means no legumes….so no soy or peanut products. as for the 80/20 rule you can only really cheat w/ a glass of red wine or really dark (bittersweet) chocolate. grains are never ok. check out primal blueprint & blog mark’s daily apple. it’s a little more forgiving than paleo

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