Weigh In Wednesday

WI: -3.4
Total Lost:-47.6
Emotion: It’s an All Inclusive Miracle – Or a tape worm.. you decide

Wow.  I was expecting a massive gain.  I exercised twice last WW week.  I ate and drank what I wanted.  Granted I wasn’t shoving food down my throat (alcohol may be), but I wasn’t tracking either.  Like TPWSNBN said “You know how there are flukes when you gain?  There are also flukes when you lose.  Make this week the week you track everything.”  Onward sir.  Onward.

I also lost a point.  Oh well.  One point ain’t gonna kill me.

Plan of the Day:

  • Breakfast: Egg, English Muffin, Cream Cheese, Coffee w/ Protein powder and cream
  • Snack: Banana or Apple
  • Lunch: Rice (1/4 cup), Kielbasa (2 oz), Red pepper and Onion; Yogurt, Diet Pepsi, Grapes and Pineapple
  • Snack: Banana or Apple
  • Dinner: TACOS!
  • Activity: Running 3.5 miles (which I am actually going to do.)

I didn’t end up running yesterday because TPWSNBN came home from work  ON TIME and I wanted to spend time with him off the treadmill.  So I made dinner, which was amazing, and then we went to Party Co and Target to prepare for the baby shower this weekend.

What crazy person let me loose with a Helium tank?

Oh well.

I need to still buy individually wrapped blue candy for the one game I am having – which is “Guess how many pieces of candy are in this baby bottle?”

I’m such a stick in the mud.

I need to make an appointment with an Eye Doctor as my peripheral vision in my left eye is basically gone.  Well I mean it’s there, but it’s useless.  It’s fuzzy, static-y, or wave like.  Almost blurred with static, if that makes sense.  Sometimes that impairment goes across my entire field of vision, and it’s worrisome.  It’s been going on for a while, and it comes and goes, but the peripheral problem has been a constant for about 3 weeks now.

So we’ll see what the doctor says this afternoon.

Hopefully it’s nothing.  I need to stay off of WEBMD that’s for damn sure.  Because I typed in all of my symptoms and the following came up:

  1. MS
  2. Cancer
  3. Brain aneurysm


I am sure I’m fine – I’m sure it’s some random fluke.

Who knows how in God’s name they are going to test this.  As I am typing my vision is normalizing again, and this makes me wonder if it’s stress induced.

Darn  you stress!

I’ve decided that I will be running outside – breaking my Garmin Virginity – on Friday.  I have to run 6 miles, and the idea of being stuck on a treadmill for that makes me sick.  So I am going to run outside, regardless of heat, I don’t care.  The only thing that would keep me inside would be thunder and lightning… which they are calling for on Friday.  OH WELL.

Keep on Keeping on.


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