Tuesday Things

  • It took me 2 hours and 15 minutes to go 16 miles this morning to work.  An accident involving a box truck and another vehicle happened right before my normal exit.  I can’t confirm with a news article, but apparently a man was checking the back of his truck on the shoulder when he was hit by another vehicle, severing his legs.  He was medivac’d to the hospital, which is why 66 had to be shut down east bound.  Prayers to him and his family at this time. 
  • I started the 100 Days To Healthy Challenge over, because frankly, this past weekend was untrackable.  I can’t tell you what I ate or drank or how much.  It was a blur.  So YAY!  Day 2 is today!
  • Being back at work feels odd.  Driving this morning felt odd.  Not having a blue drink in my hand this morning felt odd.
  • I’m hosting my Sister In Laws Baby Shower this weekend, and while I am uber excited to do so ( I love Parties) I hate the fact that like 4 people on my husband’s side of the family know how to RSVP.  It’s kind of dumb.  How hard is it to pick up the phone y’all?
  • I am almost done with my Graduate School Application.  I just need to finalize my entrance essay, and send in my forms and hit submit online.  Scary eh?  I’m actually starting to get the jitters about applying.  Like I am so excited about the prospect of getting out of a career that while I enjoy I know I can’t do this long term, but the idea of a risk scares me.  Like big time.
  • My bruises from my night of beating up the floor (the floor won) in the Dominican Republic, are finally fading.  It was awesome walking around the rest of the weekend like I had been hit by a truck.
  • Plan of the day:
    • Breakfast: English muffin, cream cheese, egg & Coffee w/ protein powder and cream
    • Snack: Apple and Coffee with Cream
    • Lunch: Turkey and spinach hummus wrap, yogurt, grapes, carrots and snap peas
    • Snack: 100 Calorie pack of pretzels
    • Dinner: Chicken Stir Fry with Asian Slaw
    • Activity: 3.1 Miles and some upper body work
  • Yesterday’s 3.1 mile run was insanely hard.  I didn’t realize taking 4 days off to eat what I wanted and not move around really would take such a toll on me. But ERMAHGUD it did.  My ankles and knees are swollen today, so I am not expecting 3.1 miles of awesomeness this afternoon, but I am sure as hell gonna run it.  I need to start training seriously because I have 3 months till my half marathon and that scares the bejesus out of me.  But not as much as having 7 months till my full.  EEP.
  • 60 days till England!  I am really looking forward to this for obvious reasons.  Like the fact I’ll be in England.  We’re taking a day trip to Paris.  Pictures of things.  Harrods.  Bubble and Squeak! Crepes. Fish and Chips! Pubs! Good Beer! Outdoor Markets! THE FACT I WILL BE IN THE SAME COUNTRY AS DUCHESS CATHERINE (unless she is on tour in Asia at that time, which is totally plausible, but still!).  That and there is something beautifully romantic about going to Europe.  I love travelling with TPWSNBN anyways, but we look so much better in Europe.
  • I am already looking forward to another stamp in my passport when Lisa, Ghost Friend For Life, moves abroad to teach.
  • TPWSNBN just told me he is most likely working late tonight because his work is demanding and they hate me.  Or his project just requires him to be there because he is the “Man, The Myth, and The Legend.”
  • Yogurt sucks unless it’s greek.
  • I’m pretty sure after this weekend, I just shouldn’t drink liquor.  My liver hurts.
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