Oh, That’s Right. I Have a Blog.

Sorry for not posting at all.  I was under the assumption that there would be Wifi at the resort, and well, there was not.

Thursday night was filled with debauchery – All inclusive resorts will do this to you – and I will leave it at that to protect the innocent (obviously not me).

Friday was recovery, and Hibachi.  Saturday was beach going, Lethal Beauty Watching, good food eating, and talking with Adolf from New York – Great conversation with a Dominican.

Sunday we awoke at 5 am, left for the airport to begin our travel homeward… but before that, some pictures?

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Punta Cana Airport

View from our Room

Our Room

Beach Outfit



Dinner Dress

Caribbean Toes

In The Sun

Last Night In Paradise

Waiting At The Airport

This is where the story gets fun.  So we get loaded on to the plane, and then we are delayed because of other flights.  Then after getting over to the runway, we are delayed for another hour and 40 minutes due to weather.

This is for a 20 minute flight from Philly to DC.

Obviously Lisa and I were not amused.

But we amused ourselves.

Senor Mustachio

Rider’s on The Storm


Is it me you’re looking for?

So after an eventful, unforgettable, beautiful, relaxing, friendship filled weekend, We get back to Washington DC, go back to our lives, with a few more stories under our belts, and a new found appreciation for airlines that are not US Airways (Never flying you all again.  UNITED FOR LIFE.)

xoxo Lisa!

Needless to day I am starting the 100 days to Healthy Challenge over today!

01/100 – 100daystohealthy!

I have a 3.1 mile run planned on the treadmill – as I have no run since Wednesday.  Gotta start back somewhere.













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