Weigh In Wednesday

WI: -1.4
Total Lost: -44.2
Emotion: Excited

Let’s see if I can continue this trend over vacation! I am doing my part by bringing exercise clothes, whether they will actually be used or not, who knows.

Plan of the Day:

  • Breakfast: Cream Cheese, Fried Egg and English Muffin, Coffee with Cream and Protein Powder
  • Snack: Water (gotta get the liver nice and clean before this weekend)
  • Lunch: Turkey Hummus Wrap, yogurt, grapes, apple
  • Snack: Even MORE water
  • Dinner: Katerina’s Greek Restaurant – so most likely a big plate of hummus, bread and chicken
  • Activity : If it kills me I need to get in 2.5 miles AT LEAST.  I’d rather 3.5 – 4 – we’ll see.

Other than that, it’s packing, double checking things, and then getting pedicures done (possibly also manicures) – then Greek Food to send us on our way!  I am so exited I can’t even tell you.

I plan on still blogging when I can, even if it is only pictures of drinks with umbrellas and the sunset via the beach, but I will still blog.  I am also planning on still tracking to the best of my ability while at an all inclusive stuff your face resort.

May be I’ll be really good on food choices and only slightly good on drink choices.

22 hours till I leave the US of A for the tropics.

Goals for Vacation

  • Eat till satisfied, and make healthier choices (i.e. steak and salad, pasta with veggies, lean fish)
  • Workout twice (this does not count walking to and from the bar) – Preferably once running on the beach
  • Enjoy Myself
  • Come back Relaxed/Less emo-angsty
  • Do not get eaten by a shark, a large jelly fish, some jungle creature, or by more unrelenting fear of the unknown

I am really looking forward to this guys.

Just in case there was some confusion.

Could be me

Day 08/100 #100daystohealthy

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