It’s Almost Here!

I’ve decided to modify the rules a bit – no Alcohol on work nights?  Gone.  I should be allowed to have a beer or a glass of wine if I have the points, which I did last night.  So whatever.  Onward!

Plan of the Day

  • Breakfast: Coffee w/ Half and Half 1/2 scoop protein, Chobani with 3/4 cup rice chex cereal
  • Snack: Diet coke and banana
  • Lunch: Turkey Hummus Wrap, grapes and strawberries, baby carrots, yogurt
  • Snack: Water?
  • Dinner: Baked Chicken with Potato
  • Activity: 3.1 miles

I slept like 2 hours total last night.  Tell me why I couldn’t get comfortable?  I also convinced myself that my alarm clock (TPWSNBN’s old cell phone) was suddenly upgraded to a new flip phone, and that I was back in the Renaissance Period married to Henry VIII.  I need to stop watching Tudors right before bed.

It was a restless night.  I felt horrible going to sleep and then tossed and turned for hours on end.  Needless to say me getting up at 5:00am to run was not happening.  I’ll run this afternoon.  I don’t even care.

Speaking of running – Post 6 mile run on Friday

I also passed/Got a High Enough Score that it doesn’t matter to the state of Virginia – My Praxis TEST THIS WEEKEND!  I needed a 169 for the combined score of 532 and I got a 177 – bringing my score to 540.  HOLLLA.

I like doing the thumbs up approach on everything

I tried to look like a female today with my pencil skirt and long brightly colored cardigan…



I still kind of feel frumptastic, but it’s okay.

I’ve fallen in love with Forever 21 and their prices.  I can afford everything in the store and some of it even looks good on me.  WINNING!

Well After 3 slices of pizza and two huge pieces of cake last night – today I detox with veggies and water.

Dominican Republic – 2 days 21 hours 25 minutes (GET HERE FASTER)

Day 06/100 #100DaysToHealthyLiving

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