Thursday Things


TPWSNBN got home at like 9:45pm last night.  We ate dinner then.  I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck.  I blame this on the fact I watched 6 episodes of The Tudors and didn’t eat for like 6 hours except for some granola and a diet pepsi.

One week from today I will be sitting in an airport waiting to leave for Punta Cana with Lisa!  I am kind of psyched.  I am really psyched.

Plan of the Day:

  • Breakfast: bagel, cream cheese, coffee
  • Snack: Coffee
  • Lunch: Turkey wrap with veggies, yogurt, grapes, diet pepsi
  • Snack: Water, 1/2 Kashi Bar
  • Dinner: Waldorf Salad

Activity: Nike Training Club App – looking for upper and lower body workout

This week has gone by quickly.  It feels like yesterday was Monday and I was pissed about having to wake up early.  Now it’s Thursday and I am pissed about having to take the Praxis on Saturday.  Ugh.  I am so incredibly scared of Math it’s kind of stereotypical.  I am that Barbie doll that says “Math is hard.” with a giggle.

I stopped at starbucks this morning because I needed more iced coffee.  Like NEEDED.

I think I am not a summer skirt person.  I think this comes from the fact that I am covered in scars from various things on my legs, and stockings in the summer are impossible.   I love wearing skirts with tights in the fall and winter, so I think my week of skirts/dresses will have to be then.  That and not to mention the fact that big girls have chub rub that’s uncomfortable.

I really need to stop online shopping.

Saturday = 6 Miler.  Gotta do it.  Gotta up the mileage again.  These races coming up won’t train themselves.

Re: KSTEW and RPATTZ – Trouble in the land of Sparkle Vamp.  So she cheated.  I made comments on twitter, that were the obvious, and I was called out by some KSTEW fan in Scotland for being a cow.  Heh.  I immediately did what any other person would do and retweeted them so all of my friends could make comments.  Which they did.  I love my twitter peeps.

Stupid Kstew.  You don’t even know how to cheat right.  You don’t sleep with a married director out in the open.  You go to some seedy hotel, or another country that doesn’t have cameras.  You don’t let him give you special kisses in the back of your car.  A CAR THAT THE PAPS KNOW IS YOURS.  Unless you wanted to get caught.  What, was your life too perfect?  Wanted some street cred?  Good for you.  Now you, LeAnn, and Sienna Miller can all sit at a cafe and talk about how similar you all are.

Day 02/100 #100daysToHealthy

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Have you ever read anything about not losing weight because you’re not eating ENOUGH? There’s a group on MFP and they’re on FB, too:

    Maybe you need to stop thinking of it as what you can’t eat, and embrace what you can and load up on the good stuff! You do so much running, your body needs all the food!

    I saw you didn’t log in for a few days so I can’t see what your calories have been like, but just what you listed above doesn’t look like nearly the 2000 calories you probably should be consuming on a run day!

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