Random Stream

My body isn’t doing what I want it to.  It’s doing what I am telling it to do.  It’s tired and achy because I don’t rest and recover.  It’s over weight and flabby, because I feed it crap.  It’s confused because I am asking it to use the cap I am feeding it to fuel long runs.  It’s abused and slow because though I quit smoking on the regular, I tend to forget that given the chance to smoke again.

I keep doing the same thing but I am expecting different results.  I’m tracking, completely, but is that enough?  I’m running, and stretching and lifting, but is that enough?  Is it enough for me to do the right things, or do I need to do more than the right things.

I’m debating a complete flip in my eating.  Meatless days, raw food, Paleo?  Who even knows what the best option is anymore.  Why can’t there be an all bread and cheese diet?


I’m trying to find the positives.  I am trying to focus on them.  I am trying to see them for what they are.  This is a process.  It’s a journey.  It’s a lifestyle.  It won’t happen over night.  It won’t happen in a month.  It won’t happen quickly.  Change must be slow to be permanent.  Can’t shock the body into a new way of living.  It will never stick.

I need to incorporate rest.  My muscles can’t heal or build without rest.  My body can’t work harder if I don’t let it recuperate.  If I need it to go 26.2 miles in March 2013, I need it to calm down at times and reflect.

I need to learn to fuel better.

I need to learn to rest.

Tonight I am doing the rest part.  I am taking today off and then back at it tomorrow with a circuit workout and a long run on Saturday.  I will gorge on fruits and veggies.  I will clean out my system, and reset the damage done.

I’m stopping the insanity.

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