100 Days of Healthy Challenge!

I am sure there are many challenges out there with the same premise, but this is mine.  Hell I am probably copying someone else’s idea.  If so – let me know and I’ll totally give you credit.  Promise.


  • Track everything – good, bad, on plan, off plan, regardless of how far off course you go – YOU MUST TRACK
  • Drink water all day every day
  • Exercise at least 5 days a week – 3 of which should be running at the minimum
  • Dessert is a treat, not a nightly occurrence.  Treat it as a treat.
  • Alcohol needs to be counted and tracked.  This will stop from drinking too much which will stop hangovers and weight gain (Win, Win, Win)


  • All food/drinks/activity needs to be tabulated and tracked within 24 hours
  • When on vacation activity can decrease to simple tourist walking, but food must still be tracked
  • When weekly/activity points are gone – they are gone, and you stop eating.
  • No Alcohol Sunday night – Thursday night – Work BeBe will thank you

If any rule is broken, you must start the challenge over.

Today is Day 1.  So far so good!



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4 thoughts on “100 Days of Healthy Challenge!

  1. Awesome! Don’t mess up on day 99.. hehe.

    One other thing that seems to work for me, is I am pretty strict with my eating habits Monday-Friday night (Friday night starts the weekend splurging).. I avoid breads and pasta and sugar during the week, then let myself indulge on the weekends. If you work a day job, it’s easy to get into the routine of packing a lunch/snacks, then only eating what you pack. At least two meals and a snack at work can be solid healthy goodness!

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