I ♥ New York

There are a few (okay may be more than a few) women in my life that over the past few (okay four) years have been essential in my life.  We talk, for the most part, daily, we share just about everything with each other, and there is a comfort and understanding that comes from them that has become something that I depend on.

They also are spread out all over the United States.

The Weight Watchers Message Board started out for me as a daunting spectacle of cliques and redundant questions (mostly from myself), but then, it happened.

Longest Thread Ever (Brought to us by Julia) was born.  It is now affectionately known as a “The Mother Thread”.  It became to large to open (over 20000 posts) so we started a daily one (LTE-{insert day here}) and then we switched to Monthly (I believe this was the progression.) We became protective of those that followed through the thread, we became a closer knit group.  Some of us had been talking to each other before this inception, but now we were the family.

Through the years, people have come and go, and while the group dynamic has changed I think the love and support we have for each other has only become stronger.  We’ve gotten engaged, married, pregnant, and had children.  We’ve broken up, had new relationships, jobs, lay offs, moved, had good/bad relationships with family, fights with each other, and a lot of good food.

“I mean how did we all meet each other?” – Meagan at Max Brenner during one of the many food conversations.

Meeting up became sort of a challenge.  We all lived pretty far from each other excluding the small pockets of us in/near New York or Washington DC (as Adie and I have hung out before this time and the others up north have as well).  But it was something we didn’t see as unattainable. Then late last year, Meagan, told us she was coming to New York in July 2012.  We jumped.

It started off as a chaotic planning mess.  I envisioned taking the weekend to explore NYC and then came to realization that would not work.  The group dwindled on who could actually make it, but it was something that had to happen.

This past Saturday, July 21, 2012, It happened.

TPWSNBN and I woke up at 3:30 and headed to DC’s Union Station to catch THE MEGABUS.  We would call this home for the next 4 hours as we made our way up north, to NYC.

We were the little blue dot and I was completely entertained watching it move up the Turnpike for the majority of the trip.

OMG.  There she is!  NYC!  I hadn’t been since 2004 when Meagan (sister) and I ventured up to New York to see Tori Amos talk about her new book.

I hate Tunnels.  This is the Lincoln Tunnel (right?  Lincoln?) as featured in the Sylvester Stallone movie “Daylight”.  Yeah you know when the tunnel collapses?  Yeah.  I looked like this the entire time.

Off the Bus!  We’re here!  OMG!  WE ARE HERE!  This is when nerves hit.  I was so excited and nervous to meet these women.  That and I was having a sensory overload with where we were.  Omg.  I love New York already!

The Flatiron Building!  Bitch Cakes  talks about this building allllllllll the time, and I finally got to see it!  I was so excited!

We ate lunch at Max Brenner – a Chocolate Infused restaurant.  Well.  Know what happens when you have 10 people ordering drinks in NYC?  That’s right – a $440.00 tab.  It was so worth it! (As modeled by Diana and Kate).

Jamie, Meagan, Me, Adie, Kate, Diana

“We Just Look Better Together.” – Adie

Post lunch picture.  Gosh we are good looking!

What happens when the men keep taking pictures as we think we are finished taking shots.  (via Kate’s Camera)

Via Adie’s Camera

Union Square – right before we started walking to our final destinations.

It was an amazing amazing day.  Though it wasn’t the whole group – which will eventually need to happen – it was still one of the best days ever.  I’ve been touched and changed by every single one of these women in someway and I know that it has been ultimately for the better.  Through ups and downs, thick and thin, we’ve supported each other.

and I love you all for it.


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