Waiting For Rain

Prayers to those who lives were turned upside down last night in Colorado at the Theater Shooting.  My heart goes out to all of you.

It’s finally Friday.  Did it take a long time to get to today for everyone else too?  It felt like torture.  TPWSNBN and I are dropping the dogs off at Doggy Camp this afternoon, then grabbing dinner before heading to bed early.  I’m exhausted so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Plan of the Day

  • Breakfast: Smoothie, Coffee, Yogurt, Grapes
  • Snack: Banana
  • Lunch: CHIPOTDAY
  • Snack: Apple
  • Dinner: Chop’t
  • Activity: REST

It stormed last night but it was a big old tease.  Mostly thunder and heat lightning.  Very little rain.  WE NEED RAIN.  It’s pretty gloomy out now, but my hopes aren’t up for it actually raining.  Knowing my luck it will rain like no other when I need to have sunshine.

So, Universe, it would be great if it DID NOT rain today.  While I am in side all day.  :-)

I think the one thing I am most excited about with regards to school is School Supplies.

Yes.  I love school and office supplies.  Pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, folders, planners, book bags, erasers, high lighters post its, labels, white out, tape, elmers glue.  Sigh.  I love it all.  Though I will only need a small subset of the aforementioned list this fall, I am still overly excited about it.  I plan on going to Staples and having a grand old evening by myself, and shopping to my hearts (wallets) content.

Someone find me knee high heeled black or brown boots that have no buckles or metal detailing like that on them, that are zip up and are under $150.00.  I give up.

Bon Iver is on my playlist, and making me depressed.  I just want to hug him.  Like “It’s okay, little Bon Bon.  Let me rub your back.  Then you can sing me a happy song.”

I am realizing that I am more enamored with musicians and singers that aren’t the classic “Hot” – i.e. boy band-ish.  But even Matt Nathanson.  I mean we can all agree that man is good looking.

Bon Iver?  I find him immensely attractive.  I get weird looks when I say this to people.  But I do.  I think it’s because of his talent.  I am drawn to his words, his music.  The same goes for Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol – I showed a picture of him to a friend and I got the “WTF?” face.  COME ON.  Listen to “the Planets Bend Between Us” or “Run” or “The President” or “Chocolate” and tell me you don’t want to lie on his couch as he plays clumsily on his guitar, with his messy curly hair obscuring his face just enough for you not to know he smiling at you.


He may or may not have been added to my list of people I must meet and profess my love to as TPWSNBN stands in the background rolling his eyes and securing the bail money needed to get me out of jail once I am arrested for “harassment” (Really Gary?  I thought we had something.).

Apparently KISS and Motley Crew are going to be at The Lube tonight, which means traffic will be insane.  Thanks Guys.  No Really.  THANKS.

12 Days till the Dominican Republic, and I don’t look like Heidi Klum.  I would feel bad, but I am 100% sure that there will be others who are wearing less than I who can’t rock the pale skin like I can.

Plus I have cover ups and dresses.  I am not sure exactly how long I plan to spend in the water, but I do know that Lisa and I will be dancing in a cave.  All alcohol is included.  Yes I am bringing my camera.  Yes I am sure I will get lots of mortifying shots.  Yes I am sure the threat of being arrested is large.

TPWSNBN doesn’t want me to get injured and go to the hospital because obviously if I need a transfusion it will be monkey blood.  Because that’s just OBVIOUS.  (p.s.com he was joking.  Don’t hate on the Mister because he tries to be funny.)

This year is really going by fast.  I’m incredibly excited about tomorrow. Almost too excited.  I choke up a bit when I think about it, and how long it’s been in the making.  4 years at least for some.  I remember feeling like I had finally found the place I belonged and somehow, someday it would come to fruition.  Sorry to get all types of sappy.  DON’T WANT TO GET TOO EMOTIONAL.


I’m tired, already hungry for lunch, and for an odd reason really wishing I had Frozen Yogurt.

Wait that’s not odd.



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