It’s The Same

Ah Thursday.

  • I am currently listening to Sugarland’s “Just a Kiss” on repeat.  Not sure why exactly, but I imagine singing this as a duet on Glee – you know when I finally catch my big break, and someone is willing to lend their talented singing voice to my lip syncing mouth.  I imagine the man I am singing with to be gay so that the only love we have for each other is our raw talent.  This should make TPWSNBN happy as I am now (hah yeah right, NOW) fantasizing about Gay men.
  • Someone I work with slams his shoulder into the wall every time he walks down the hallway.  On purpose. He put a hole in the wall at one point, and then it was covered with a picture.  Yet, he still does it.  This concludes my non-judgmental observation of the day.
  • I’m running 5 miles this afternoon.  Come hell or high water (PLEASE RAIN) I will be running.

A former co-worker posted this on my wall, saying it reminded him of me.  Best. Compliment. Ever.  Though the heat may keep me inside.  It will depend.  I reallllllly want to use my new Garmin though.

  • I returned, yet more clothes last night.  ANNOYING.  I’m in that weird area of between sizes.  Really most of my clothes fit at this point, but all of my “dressy work clothes” are too big or too small.  How did this happen?
  • Did you know that window washers at London’s Children Hospital dress up like Spiderman?
  • This time in two weeks I’ll be on my way to the Dominican Republic!  Before that it’s a little day trip up North, Rufus Wainwright concert, and of course 1.5 weeks of work.   I also retake the Math portion of the Praxis Exam.  It’s also my sisters 30th birthday.
  • I have come to the realization I can’t wear the Chevron print on my lower half.  As a shirt, I am good.  As a skirt/dress I am not.  I end up looking odd, and TPWSNBN laughs at me.  Maybe if it were upside down, things would be different.
  • After the Dominican Republic, things don’t really slow down.  I have my sister in laws Baby Shower, then a Nationals Game with my Dad, and then School starts back up again.  Wheeeee.  Application for Mason is due October 1, and then we are off to England/Paris for a week.  Upon returning is TPWSNBN’s Birthday, My sister in law will give birth, then Halloween, then it’s me gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This year is easily flying by.
  • But for now, I am trying to focus on the present.  One day at a time is easier than thinking about the big shebang.  Plus if you noticed, I didn’t even mention races in there.  That’s a whole other layer of crazy.
  • I haven’t had a really good corn dog in a really long time.  This needs to remedied.  Like soon.  Like today.  Where do I get a corn dog?  Not a frozen one that I heat up in the microwave.  I want a fresh hot corn dog.

Plan of the Day:

  • Breakfast: English Muffin, Smoothie, Coffee & Closed minded idiot screaming at me from his car about my Obama Sticker
  • Snack: Water, Banana
  • Lunch: Peanut butter and Jelly wrap, yogurt, Apple, Grapes
  • Snack: Apple?  (Is this too many apples?)
  • Dinner: Waldorf Salad
  • Activity: 5 miles running (most likely on treadmill)

Re: Closed Minded idiot – I was driving to work and at a Stop sign I was screamed at and flicked off.  Without any knowledge to what I did to this person, when I pulled up at the next light he started up again, and when I asked why, he said “Obama is a *&$@#% Idiot”.  At first I was really upset, now I just feel bad for this person.  While this is abbreviated to what occurred, I am not letting it get to me as it initially did.  He is a sad individual who doesn’t understand what it means to be an American.  He can vote for whom ever he wants, without the fear of persecution or judgement, so can I.  I am totally fine if he votes for Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, etc.  I don’t care.  The fact that he felt the need to verbally assault me, a young woman, from his throne on the “High Horse Parade” is pathetic.

But it also made me think.  He most likely hit hard times in the past 4 years.  He most likely hasn’t had it easy.  May be he is looking for someone to blame.  May  be he is in too deep and this is his way of coping.  While it’s inappropriate, I can understand the emotion.

Or maybe he is just a horrible racist.  There is always that.

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