Weigh In Wednesday

WI: -1.2
Total Lost: – 45.6
Emotion: Shocked

Who loses weight their birthday week?  Wow.

Plan of the Day

  • Breakfast: Smoothie, Coffee, English Muffin with Jelly
  • Snack: Apple
  • Lunch: Turkey Wrap with Bell pepper, Munster; Yogurt, baby Carrots, Diet Pepsi
  • Snack: Banana
  • Dinner: Tacos!
  • Activity: Run 3.5 miles

I ran last night, which wasn’t planned, but my new Mizuno’s came in so I wanted to test them out.  I’m ruined for all other running shoes.  Seriously.  These shoes are amazing.  I told TPWSNBN that it felt as if these shoes were perfectly made for my feet, and that although they are not heavy, they are padded nicely, and almost felt like minimalist shoes!  It’s the closest I’ll ever be to barefoot running.

After yesterday’s ‘heavy’ post – which I received some emails about “not sharing so much” online – I realized that through the past 5 or 6 years that I have actually tried to be somewhat proactive with my mental health (on and off really) I haven’t had so much success with working through things, until I started being so “bare” and “vulnerable” as I am on here.  I don’t sugarcoat things.  I’m not a mean person either, well to anyone really other than myself.  I only have the comments on here set up to need my approval, because the spammer client I use, doesn’t catch everything, and frankly, if I find a good add for some dwarf porn, I don’t think I’ll want to share :-)

That being said, I have decided to stop communicating with certain people about these problems.  My dad said it best, I have to own the fact that I go to the same person expecting them to act differently, when I know they won’t.  That’s my fault.  They need to own the fact that they respond to me in this manner.  That’s on them.  So it’s easier to just step back and find a different outlet to these issues.  Regardless of if I overreact when upset, I know that every comment means something, otherwise, why say it, you know?  Oh I’m being cryptic.  :-)

After a pretty good evening last night, thanks to TPWSNBN for taking me to return an ill thought out purchase from the Gap (I just can’t wear their Chevron Print things), and a cup of coffee, I felt a little less foggy, a little less like I was at the start line of an Ironman Triathlon wearing 5 inch heels and a tutu.

I had a dream last night that I was running barefoot down the beach at sunrise.  That was all that happened.  Just me running.  I didn’t have a perfect body, nor did I resemble Bo Derek in ‘Ten”, it was just quiet, I could hear the waves, and feel the warmth of the sun on my face.  I woke up and it was actually Blarney, one of my dogs, lying on my face (that’s where the warmth came from) and it was 3:00am.  Whatever works, you know?

Wednesday Wants

Too bad we don’t have a tree with branches strong enough to support the swing let alone me on it.  Darn you Silver Maples.  DARN YOU.

It’s gorgeous.  It looks inviting.  It looks comfy.  I really wish I was still in bed.  Like above all else.  I wish I was in bed asleep, or about to be asleep with the dogs, and I guess TPWSNBN.  But he likes going to work, so may be he is happier where he is.

I mean seriously.  I am sure there will be someone offended, but this shouldn’t offend as much as the movie “Titanic” coming back to theaters in 3D did.  Nothing like seeing carnage and tragedy popping out from the screen at your face.

See anything online recently that you want but obviously aren’t going to buy for one reason or another?  Do you like Mizuno Shoes?  Are you Cray Cray like me?  Are you dieting and did you lose this week?


5 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday

  1. I’ve seen plenty of clothes & things for my house online, but I need to save moneys to fix my car first :-/ I’ve been running in Mizuno Wave Alchemys for 2 years and love them! I’m also ‘cray cray’ but in different ways, for different reasons ;-) And on Weight Watchers I lost 2.8 this week (not sure how…) and will be purchasing a new pair of running shorts to celebrate my first 5 lbs down.

    • HOLLA! I don’t know how I ran without these shoes before. I really don’t! They are amazing. Congrats on the loss! That is amazing! YAY 5 pounds down! I think it helps me now that I don’t ‘reward’ myself with food. Like “I just ran 5 miles I’m going to get 5 guys for dinner!” I never understood why the weight loss didn’t add up. :-) Congrats again!

  2. 1) I want those shoes now.
    2) Going to the store tonight to pick up the 4 pairs of pant I have on hold. (1 pair are lavender capris, another are salmon jeans). Can I tell you that I will NEVER get tired of saying “I need a size 6, but can you also grab a 4 just in case?”
    3) I love you.
    4) So proud of you for your loss this week! Looks like your body gave you an extra birthday prezzie!

  3. 1.) They are Truly AMAZING.
    2.) AHHHH I can’t wait to say that, and your pants sound adorable.
    3.) I love you too.
    4.) Thanks!! I was really shocked. I mean like weighed myself 6 times to make sure, shocked.

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